Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Season 3 Episode 3

The Perfect Crime

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Oct 20, 1957 on CBS



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    • Alfred Hitchcock: [closing narration]
      (walks into Courtney's living room, the furniture covered in tarps) I regret to inform you that Courtney did not retain his last trophy very long. He was caught. A charwoman knocked over the precious vase, breaking it into pieces, a few of them identifiable as, ah, bits of Mr. Gregory. You see, the gold fillings of his teeth had resisted the heat of the kiln, but all the good doctors and all the good police couldn't put Mr. Gregory together again. As for the charwoman, she became "the pride of the press." Here is where the real historical significance of the case lies: ever since, cleaning women the world over have been knocking over vases, trying to emulate her success. That's all until next time when we shall be back with another, though imperfect, crime. Good night.

    • [Opening Narration]
      Alfred Hitchcock: (wearing a Sherlock Holmes-style plaid cap and "smoking" a pipe, which produces confetti) Good evening, ladies and gentlemen...and Dr. Watson, wherever you are. Tonight's case is called...(thinks for a moment)tonight's case is called "The Perfect Crime." (bubbles begin pouring out from off-screen) I'm not sure who it was who said, "A perfect crime is like a perfect marriage - they're being perfect depends on your not being caught." Tonight we plan- (furiously swats at bubbles) This is why I never take my pipe to bed - if you fall asleep, you could be bubbled to death! And now join me if you will, as we contemplate "The Perfect Crime."

    • Gregory: Mr. Courtney, I haven't held that gun have I?
      Courtney: I don't follow you.
      Gregory: Since I've been here tonight, I haven't seen the gun except for the barrel. Isn't that correct, I mean I haven't seen the handle? No don't keep it covered, but tell me is the handle slightly chipped on the right side and does a crack run up all the way on the left side.
      Courtney: Why yes it does, but ah how did you know?
      Gregory: Harrington did not kill West. You caught the wrong person. The wrong man died in the electric chair. Harrington was innocent.
      Courtney: How can you say such a thing?
      Gregory: I not only can say it, Mr. Courtney, I can prove it.

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