Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Season 3 Episode 23

The Right Kind of House

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Mar 09, 1958 on CBS

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  • An out of town salesman decides to possibly buy an old house that is in need of repair but the woman who owns the house wants an enormous amount of money for the house. Why?

    This is probably the 2nd best episode I have ever seen on Hitchcock Presents and Ive seen all 200+ episodes over the years. It is so cleverly done you never expect what will happen. Nothing makes sense at the beginning when you learn about an old lady, who is selling her house, wants an enormous amount of money (five times the price of its actual worth)for an old, poor condition house. The house has been on the market over five years and falling apart with no takers. A retired traveling salesman, from another state, decides to give this old lady the amount she is asking for the house. Why? You later hear the story, from the old lady to the traveling salesman of the secrets behind the house, and more importantly, the reason behind her high price. Extremely likable characters including Robert Emhardt who plays in many of the Hitchcock episodes plays the traveling salesman. Unbelievable Hitchcock ending with a great twist. A TRUE CLASSIC.
  • Good ironic ending.

    Another in a long run of great shows. Like the Twilgith Zone, Hitchcock enjoyed great plots and great stories.

    Again, why isn't this show on television anymore?

    This is one of the reasons why I like to watch ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS.
    It's too bad the show isn't on a leading TV network anymore, now that the so-called "classic" TV LAND network decided to ditch most of the "oldies" and play mostly a crappy blend of 70s and 80s TV shows.
    Bring back the good times, TV LAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Reminds you of just how valuable good writing is to a show.

    It may lack the fast paced action and special effects of most programming today. It doesn't even have much for scenery, most of the episode taking place in the living room of a house. But it goes to show you that a very well written plot can carry a program without all of the added fanfare. One of those special episodes that will regularly pop up in conversations about the series and will most likely be one of the ones you will remember when you think back on your favorites. Wish Alfred was around to write some more like this one.
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