Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Season 7 Episode 38

Where Beauty Lies

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Jun 26, 1962 on CBS

Episode Recap

Caroline Hardy is a plain-looking woman of 37 years with no marital prospects nor direction in life. Her brother is handsome, generous, and kind to her, but he is an actor with a promising career and an exciting life. When he prevents Caroline from being used by a colleague, she reacts in anger to being treated like a child. She accuses him of being selfish and egocentric. In response, her brother cancels a date with his girlfriend and takes Caroline out to dinner instead, in order to cheer her up. Later, when the glamorous girlfriend, Joan, shows up at the restaurant, Caroline is jealous of her.

When Collin leaves for a performance in Boston, Caroline snoops around like a spurned wife and finds out that his girlfriend is accompanying him. Poisoned with envy, Caroline hits upon a plan to ruin the relationship. While having the house painted, she takes some of the contractor's chemicals and throws them on the fireplace before Collin returns home. Leaving a meal out for him, she writes a note saying that she was tired and went to bed. Then, she waits.

Collin arrives home, rolls his eyes at the maternal display of food, and then strikes a match to light the fireplace. Instantly, he is badly burned as the fire erupts in his face.

Weeks later, he is home and in Caroline's care. Blind, he must rely on her to nurse him. Worst of all, he laments how terrible his face looks, and how he'll never act nor attract anyone again. He says, "I'm almost glad I'm blind so I don't have to see myself." Caroline fusses over him and patronizes him and tells him he doesn't look so bad, all the while lending the impression that he is gruesome. When Collin turns to face the camera, it is evident that he is as stunningly handsome as ever - his morbidly jealous sister has not only caused his blindness, but she has even allowed him to believe that he's a monster.