Alfred J. Kwak

VARA (ended 1991)



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Alfred J. Kwak

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Alfred Jodocus Kwak is the titular character in a European-Japanese cartoon about an orphaned duck. The series is based on a Dutch theater show by Herman van Veen. While the show is designed ostensibly for children, it deals with unusually mature and dark themes. Alfred's family is killed by a car in the first episode. Bigotry, political zeal, and social justice are topics that the series touches on frequently. The character of Alfred Jodocus Kwak originated in the midst of the seventies, after Herman van Veen ran over a duck in the polder; the next day he saw a duck with seven ducklings waddling through his garden. The same time he was asked to write a theatre production about a fairy tale. He chose the yellow duck as the main character. The theatre production lead to a children's musical which was first presented in 1976.
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  • Prepared kids for the real world Alfred J. Kwak is one series that has influence me slightly on who I have become and who I am now.

    As a child I always enjoyed watching the show over and over again, my Mum taped the better part of the series so I could watch it over and over again. Even when I was older that the average AJK viewer I remained a huge fan. It was later when I started to realize that some of the episodes are simple versions of what happens in real life. Examples enough: Dolf, his roots and his 'kraaienpartij' refer to the Nazi's and the Second World War; the poverty in Africa is also a subject, as well as the ever-raging conflict in Isreal (nowadays it is still the same as when Herman van Veen described it, except for the invasion) and many other subjects. I think this is one of the few shows that I, as a cheap Dutch Girl, and others in my county can be PROUD of. It makes me feel good about education through television and learning kids something about the fearful grown-up world.

    For once, Holland has with some help delivered a masterpiece!moreless