Alias Smith and Jones

Season 1 Episode 1

Alias Smith and Jones - Pilot

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 05, 1971 on ABC
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Alias Smith and Jones - Pilot

Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry are successful bank and train robbers. Due to the influences of modern technology, they decide that they need to start over. During a train robbery, Curry is given a flyer discussing a new program that the governor is sponsoring. The premise is that wanted men will turn themselves in and depending on their crimes maybe granted amnesty. Heyes and Curry seek out an old friend to reach out to the governor to see if they qualify for amnesty. In the meantime they end up in the same town as their old acquaintances, the "Devil's Hole Gang" and the local bank is in jeopardy.


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  • The introduction to Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry, alias Smith and Jones. The 2 most successful outlaws in the west, who decide to give up their lives of crime and pursue amnesty.moreless

    This is a pretty decent pilot and a good episode of the show. A great supporting cast enhances the festivities, as usual, including James Drury, Forrest Tucker and Earl Holliman as "Wheat".

    "Alias Smith and Jones" was TV's version of "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid". But instead of being a cheap knock-off, it quickly established itself here as perhaps the last of the great TV westerns, with the creative team that brought us "Maverick" and the great chemistry between its stars, Pete Duel and Ben Murphy.

    There are one or two plot holes to this episode, the one that bugs me most is how Wheat and the gang are able to dig such a long tunnel, with wooden support beams no less, in such a brief period of time. But, to truly enjoy TV, isn't it better to suspend one's belief once in a while?

    That aside, this is a great beginning to a great, if sadly brief, classic TV series. One of my favorites.moreless
  • Fun entertainment

    There are some major plotholes but the one I can't get past: Why would anyone be intimidated by Hannible Hayes or Kid Curry as outlaws when they don't shoot anyone? Pointing the gun seems kind of laughable.

    It seems the writers overcompensated Kid Curry in his role playing opposite the exceedingly good-looking and overshadower Hannibal Hayes (Duel) because everytime they were in a fix, Kid Curry was the quick-thinker that got them out. As I remember, Hannibal Hayes is supposed to be the brains and Curry is the skill (fast on the gun). But Hayes didn't have one idea that worked (i.e., dropping the safe down a mountain didn't work) nor any skill (couldn't open either of the two safes). Meanwhile Curry saved one or both of them each time, such as when the sheriff attempted to arrest Hayes (Curry went through the back and held up the sheriff), when they escaped jail (Curry had the keys) and at the bar, interestingly enough, the gunmen recognized Curry, not Hayes, as a fellow bad guy. On top of that the girl went after Curry for the date (isn't that Hayes' territory?). And Curry is the one who utters that famous line "Outta this business!"

    Yet even after all that, the one I remember most is Hannibal Hayes!moreless
Pete Duel

Pete Duel

Joshua Smith / Hannibal Heyes

Ben Murphy

Ben Murphy

Thaddeus Jones / Jed "Kid" Curry

Forrest Tucker

Forrest Tucker

Deputy Harker

Susan Saint James

Susan Saint James

Miss Porter

James Drury

James Drury

Sheriff Lom Trevors

Jeanette Nolan

Jeanette Nolan

Miss Birdie Pickett

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Right after Heyes and Curry leave the rest of the gang at the lake, they are chased by a posse. If you watch the very top of the screen when they show a long shot of the posse, you can see part of the crew wandering around and the last part of the posse waiting their turn to start riding.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Birdie Pickett: (Watching as Heyes and Curry fail to open a safe) If you don't mind an opinion, I don't think that you and your friend are cut out for this sort of thing.
      Curry: Now wait a minute, ma'am--now, this ain't been our best day.


      Birdie Pickett: You had better get back to work because I see your friends are frowning.

    • Kid: There's one thing we've got to get, Heyes!!!
      Heyes: What's that!!!
      Kid: Out of this business!!

    • Narrator: Into the West came many men. Some were good men and some were bad men. Some were good men with some bad in them. And some were bad men with some good in them. This is the story of two pretty good bad men: Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry.

      Together these gentlemen substantially altered the course of America's frontier. They did a lot to change railroad schedules, too. And in all the trains and banks they robbed they never shot anyone. This made our two latter-day Robin Hoods very popular with everyone but the railroads and the banks. Because, unlike Robin Hood, Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry robbed from the rich and kept the money for themselves. It was a good life.

      But times were changing. Safes were getting better, posses were getting bigger, sheriffs were getting smarter. And modern communications made it only a matter of time until they would be captured and maybe even killed.

    • Narrator: So, for the next twelve months the West's two most wanted men would lead model lives, lives of temperance, moderation and tranquility. Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry would cease to exist - in their places would ride two men of peace - alias Smith and Jones!

    • Miss Porter: Mr. Smith, given your choice, would you pick a Brooker safe or a Magna lock?
      Heyes(grinning): I'd pick either one!

    • Heyes: Better go check your fuse, Kyle.
      Kyle: I ain't goin' in there!
      Heyes (to Curry): Listen, when the leader of the gang tells them to do something, don't they have to do it?
      Curry: Yeah, it's my understanding.
      Kyle: But what makes you such a great leader, Heyes, is that you never tell no man to do a thing you wouldn't do yourself!!
      Heyes(to Curry): You want to be leader?
      Curry: After you!!!

  • NOTES (1)

    • This extended 90-minute pilot episode was released on home video in the 1990s. In February 2007, the entire first season was released on DVD; this episode includes commentary from series creator Glen A. Larson, who notes that AS&J was his first series and is still his favorite.


    • The series 'Alias Smith & Jones' was modelled after the successful film 'Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid'. One of the factors which contributed to Ben Murphy's choice as one of the leads was his physical resemblance to Paul Newman, who had starred in the above film.

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