Alias Smith and Jones

ABC (ended 1973)





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  • The perfect show--fabulous acting, engaging stories, comedy, drama, wit, and charm. This show has it all and is not the least bit dated even 30+ years later. A must see!

    Alias Smith and Jones is my favorite TV show of all time. It's a wonderful mix of comedy, drama, action, wit, and charm. The chemistry between the two initial lead actors Pete Duel and Ben Murphy is unmatched in television history. When replacing Duel after his death, Roger Davis performed admirably in an extraordinarily difficult situation. And, all three actors were not only talented but also great to look at.

    Alias Smith and Jones also had strong semi-regular characters (in particular,Kyle Murty and Harry Briscoe as played by the wonderful Dennis Fimple and J. D. Cannon, respectively) and talented guest stars. Roy Huggins, the show's executive producer and primary writer (as John Thomas James), was one of the best talents in television. The scripts are a strong point of the show. There are witty lines and great stories and through-out it all our heroes remain as "pretty good bad men."