Alias Smith and Jones

ABC (ended 1973)





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  • Last of the Great American Western tv shows. But not the least of what is probably the best ever made.

    In the end of the Classic American Western tv shows during the early '70s came this gem. In the history of wild west tv shows this could rate along with Cimarron Strip as the best ever made. Cimarron Strip more action drama this show had style and humor. A very hip show for young people at the time. It brought the long hair generation back to westerns. I was a little grasshopper at the time but could watch this with my big sister in high school. Mom and dad had Gunsmoke we had Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry. Two outlaws of the ole west trying to set things right but to no evail. A laugh every week with the adventure they are on you can't wait for next time to bring them into your home. Very slick comedy with action and well written plots. I have never believed that Pete Duel killed himself. The chemistry between the two really made the show click. Now in Feb 2007 1st season dvds will be released to main stream video stores. Brisco County Jr one of the few westerns produced since then is great but more like a Wild Wild West with more humor. I think the scifi cult show Firefly picks up the style like Smith and Jones. Firefly has the feel of Alias Smith and Jones. Good guy outlaws who help folk in need when they can with humor and action. In the os Battlestar Gallactica I always thought that Apollo and Starbuck had the same chemistry as Heyes and Curry. Great American heroes of the Ole West who never shot anyone.