Alias Smith and Jones

ABC (ended 1973)





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  • I love this show, I watched it from the very first episode to his (Duel's)last, but couldn't make myself watch more than a couple with Roger Davis. Pete Duel was a great actor, and to this day has many fans, many new ones after the DVD came out in 2007.

    Watching this show with my family was the
    greatest joy and I for one have not seen
    many shows on TV today that had the same
    quality as this one did. It had comedy,
    drama and action, without having to screen
    your children from watching. With the death of
    Pete Duel the show had to scramble to do
    something with the series and made the decision of using Roger Davis in the coming seasons but
    Pete's fans didn't really take to the change.
    We felt sorry for Davis because he is a very good actor himself but Pete had such a following that no one gave him much of a
    chance. The series ended but fans for years
    kept Pete alive by having meetings (alot online)
    and writing the networks until they put the
    series back on, on such sites as TV Land and
    then finally in 2007 put it on DVD. I hope everyone
    has a chance to see this great show.
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