Alias Smith and Jones

Season 2 Episode 17

The Man Who Broke the Bank at Red Gap

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 20, 1972 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Powers asks Collins what happens if Fletcher lied about Powers robbing the bank. Collins says that Fletcher has immunity. However, someone receiving immunity wouldn't be allowed to keep it if their testimony turned out to be false.

  • Quotes

    • Hannibal: Oh, it's all right, Mr. Powers. See, I was tempted to go into the banking business once, but I caught it just in time.

    • Powers: But let me ask you a question. Why do you call yourselves Smith and Jones? Isn't that lacking in... imagination?
      Hannibal: Oh, we have, uh, sort of a mentor. A man who wants to be able to find us if he needs us. He gave us those names, told us to use them.
      Kid Curry: And there's a lot of people called Smith and Jones around. It works.

    • Kid Curry: Well, I think we ought to tell you now our desperate ways are over. We're straighter than a pair of yardsticks and twice as honest.

    • Hannibal: (as Kid Curry checks his sore feet) How are they?
      Kid Curry: I'd say "tender," but you'd feel called upon to say something clever and I'd have to kill you.

    • Hannibal: (after being framed for bank robbery) You leave anything of sentimental value in our hotel room?
      Kid Curry: No. Suppose that train's going our way?
      Hannibal: Couldn't possibly not be.

    • Kid Curry: (deciphering a train schedule) According to this, the 8:08 for Yuma leaves here at exactly ten-oh-seven. See asterisk. Except Wednesdays, when it don't leave at all. Except in December. I never could decipher these things, even when were holding them up.

    • Powers: In case you men don't know it, there's been a financial panic going on for the last six months.
      Hannibal: Yes, uh, even pickpockets are touched by panics.

    • Hannibal: Will you shut up and let me scheme?
      Kid Curry: You got a scheme?
      Hannibal: No. But there's one out there somewhere, and I think I like it.

    • Hannibal: What are you sweating for, Kid? I've handled nitroglycerine before, you know.
      Kid Curry: Yeah, I know, Hayes. There's always a last time.

    • Collins: The name's Collins. Assistant Territorial District Attorney General.
      Powers: That's a very impressive title, Mr. Collins. Why don't you bring it in out of the cold?

    • Kid Curry: You know, Hayes, there's one basic business principle old Chester E. Powers never learned.
      Hannibal: Crime doesn't pay.
      Kid Curry: Nope. Never get involved in another man's game.

  • Notes

    • The opening narration changes, referring to Hannibal and Kid Curry as "Kansas cousins" rather than "latter-day Robin Hoods."

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