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Sydney Bristow was recruited as an undergrad to work for SD-6, which she thought was a government agency. However, when her fiancé is killed by SD-6 agents, she finds out that SD-6 is actually a counter-government agency. Sydney approaches the CIA and becomes a double agent, which means that she goes on SD-6 missions, but passes the information about her missions to her CIA handler, Vaughn. Sydney's father, Jack Bristow, is also an double agent. Both had a distant relationship for years, but their present situation brings them closer together. Sydney and her father spend the first season trying to foil SD-6's missions and preventing them from getting their hands on what they are determined to get. For years SD-6 has fought against FTL and K-Directorate, two crime organizations that are also in the pursue of various artifacts build by the 15th century scientist and prophet, Milo Rambaldi. However, when a new player referred to as "The Man" comes to town, FTL and K-Directorate are put out of business and SD-6 engages in the pursue of this new mysterious opponent. After eliminating SD-6 and all of the other SD cells, Sydney, Marshall, Dixon, Jack, and Vaughn are now fully working for the CIA.moreless

    News Briefs: J.J. Abrams Sells a Weird Undercover Cop Drama to The CW

    Plus: Barack Obama will sit down with Jon Stewart, and Robot Chicken isn't done but The Great Escape is.


    Fairly Legal: Watch an Exclusive Clip from This Week's Episode (VIDEO)

    In "Shine a Light," Kate must deal with a particularly sensitive arbitration surrounding a aeronautics engineer who's just been pink-slipped.

  • Jennifer Garner

    Jennifer Garner

    Sydney Anne Bristow

    Victor Garber

    Victor Garber

    Jonathan 'Jack' Donahue Bristow

    Michael Vartan

    Michael Vartan

    Michael C. Vaughn

    Ron Rifkin

    Ron Rifkin

    Arvin Sloane

    Carl Lumbly

    Carl Lumbly

    Marcus R. Dixon

    Greg Grunberg

    Greg Grunberg

    Eric Weiss

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    Fan Reviews (449)

    • JJ Abrams, the man!

      What word come to mind when it comes to JJ Abrams? LOST! Ok, Lost is a good show despite the lame ending (to say the least). But it all started with Alias, one of the best action series of this new century. Good plot, good acting and Jennifer Garner... Jennifer (sigh)!
    • compelling and oh so tight

      I just discovered "Alias" and really love the show. Jennifer Garner is hot, dangerous and so capable at walking the line between CIA and the rogue DS6 operation... tight script and great editing... I almost want to talk with Ben Affleck and tell him he is a lucky man to be married to such a great actress and total babe
    • I'm glad the madness is over

      I am not sure why this show is rated an 8.8 but I guess there are awfully a lot of clueless people in this world. I like action movies and shows. I was recently introduced to the show and since I got far to like season two I felt like I had to watch the rest but I must of admit the show was really pathetic and predictable. It's just not realistic. I hate the fact that Sidney always wins every fights. I hate the fact that Sidney talks to her superiors as if she's in charge. Like in real life agents don't have any of the authorities they portrait her to have. And for a computer engineer I feel stupid when they are in missions and they coming with these weird technologies. Their tech can hack to any system. He is do brilliant that he is knowledgeable in basically anything known to man kind. On top of that why can't no one of these people died. They get shot or stab but wake up in recovering. The bad guy gets shot but wakes up in the morgue. Next time as a producer you have some nonesense imaginary crap such as this fairy tail, please keep to yourself.

      GPS tracker in form of liquid. Transmit data over laser. Really? And please can someone tell me how Sydney found Vaungh and Anna in the basement when no one knew where they were. Please can someone tell me how Anna has an unloaded gun in her hands and about to shoot Vaughn and then realized it was empty. She's an agent. There is a weight differences between a loaded gun and an unloaded gun. This show was just a joke.

      If you someone like me who are into these kind of shows, check out Homeland.moreless
    • ALIAS

      this is my favourite show in the world you should make another season or even a hole different series with her kids or maybe even a completely different serious sort of the same but different people you should mack one about a kid double agent that would be so good.


      this show is based on a double agent this tv show is great cause theres love and action and some times scary. you fall in love with the characters.

      i told all my friends about this show and now its there favourite show you should really watch ALIASmoreless
    • Well...

      ...the first season was the best, for sure! Sydney's connection to her father, SD-6, and the death of her husband-to-be. Then the second season with the whole mother-story. Then the cliffhanger of the second season was mean! Sydney's all alone in an asian city! Then the fact, that she was passed out for about two years. Vaughn's married now and yeah..Then the third season wasn't as good as the 1st or 2nd. But the story with Lauren was interesting. Then the fourth season kinda started to bore me! The mission's were always interesting and cool to watch! But now it's annyoing! OK, the story with Nadia was okaay! Not more, not less. And I didn't even watch the fifth season, because I was soooo BORED! Maybe, I'm gonna watch the end at some other time! But for now, I'm through with ALIAS, which was great in its beginnings!moreless
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