Season 5 Episode 13

30 Seconds

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 03, 2006 on ABC

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  • This is what u call unexpected plot twists...for better or worse

    ok to begin with I would have liked to have seen more Reene through out the season or perhaps they could have done her better justice instead of (spoilers alert) just killing her off like that I thought she was a strong and beutiful charater, now same goes for Nadia with out going into to much detail she (spoilers) she dies too,or should i say gets killed :(.. the woman just woken up from her coma barly had time to meet her nice and get some quality time in with sister sidney.... it was a shock and yea it was sad they will be missed two strong charaters who were beutiful and had there part in the soap life of sidney , personaly hey could have had a better send off. but good episode very shocking to say the least didn't see it comming ,now with 3 more new shows left ,whats left and how will it all end or should I say who will it end for? ....