Season 5 Episode 13

30 Seconds

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 03, 2006 on ABC

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  • The long expected twist

    We got nadia back, at least for a while. This was an exciting episode, plus an important one on the main history, but there are a number of things that really buged me.

    I understand Nadia\'s killing as an important catalist for Sloan to \"follow his path\", we saw that before with Emily\'s death, but Reneé\'s was completely unnecesary, plus she is supposed to be top of the line, how the hell did she not realize Sidney was wearing different clothes? The whole operation was a big fiasco, I mean, let\'s be a little consistent, operation a lot harder and with far fewer resources go well.

    Again, the whole cloning bussiness is getting old, come on, at least they could try original ideas.

    And how about Vaughn? We saw him two episodes ago, and apart for like 4 words on last one, nothing.

    Last but not least, I must insist, Sark should be back