Season 5 Episode 13

30 Seconds

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 03, 2006 on ABC

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  • Arvin Sloane is born again...

    Arvin Sloane has been born again. The VERY long awaited return of the evil side of Arvin Sloane has finnaly come back in this episode. If there was one flaw I would give Alias, it would be having Arvin Sloane be a good guy for as long as he has been. Some might say he was never a good guy - but compared to seasons 1+2, he was a good guy through 3,4 and most of 5. In the end of this show, Arvin will have been good more then bad - no matter what.

    I loved the ending when Arvins voiceover was heard as everyone struggled to figure out what was going on with Anna and how she knew everything that she knew. The beginning (like most episodes of S5) started off kind of slow and then got really big towards the end of the episode. Nadia getting urdered after being in a coma for the first 12 episodes of this season almost made me laugh, but I didnt.

    In the end - this episode was very good. Arvin Sloane is back and better then ever as he prepares to go on his final journey.
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