Season 5 Episode 13

30 Seconds

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 03, 2006 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • When the 47 paper was burning in the fireplace, you can see the glowing < o > eye symbol.

    • Two former series regulars die in this episode. On the episode of JJ Abrams' other show Lost which aired the exact same night, two regulars were killed off (or at least received fatal wounds) as well.

    • Sloane has two different spectacles in this episode with the same shape but different color. In the beginning, it has a yellow frame, later it has a green one.

  • Quotes

    • Dixon: (about the message hidden in Page 47) What about the message?
      Tom: You mean the one buried in a 500 year old piece of paper? Are we really taking that seriously?
      Jack: We've seen too much not to.

    • (The APO team prepares an ambush for Anna)
      Sydney: Everybody's getting set up. When you see Anna you'll take her out with this.
      (handing Renée a gun)
      Renée: Government issue. I never thought I'd have one of these.
      Sydney: Don't get too excited, it's only a tranq gun.
      Renée: That's too bad.

    • (Rachel prepares Koller for the meet with Anna)
      Rachel: Everything all right?
      Koller: Wonderful, considering I might get killed today.

    • Sydney: When are you going to start trusting me?
      Renée: I trust you. It's everyone else that's the problem.

    • Sydney: You should think about joining APO, really.
      Renée: In case you forgot, I'm a criminal.
      Sydney: We could try for a pardon. You should think about it.
      Renée: Okay. (Waits a moment.) No.

    • Sloane: A few days ago I was absolutely horrified that you would suggest I would turn against APO. That I would kill my own daughter. I realize now that both were inevitable. That death is a necessary sacrifice. Necessary to complete the final leg of this journey. I have been preparing for this my whole life. I knew it was coming. I have betrayed everyone I ever loved. But I was chosen.
      Ehrmann: We appreciate what you've done.
      Sloane: This is my road to follow.
      Ehrmann: Welcome back.

    • Tom: (to Moritz) You and I both know you are not cut out to withstand extended interrogation.

    • Moritz: (tied up and screaming) Help! Someone, anyone! Help!!
      Tom: Are you done yet?

    • Tom: (checking his watch) It's 10:00.
      Renée: (looking at her watch) It's 9:59.
      Tom: I didn't realize the French were so punctual.
      Renée: We're not. It's you Americans who are always in a hurry.
      Tom: And we get fat, too. Is there anything else? (Bell tolls at the top of the hour.)
      Renée: Now it's 10:00.

    • Nadia: You have to choose, me or this (referring to Rambaldi's Page 47).
      Sloane: You can't ask me to choose between the two most important things in my life.
      Nadia: (close to tears) Then I guess you'll lose us both. (Throws the page into the fireplace.)

    • Moritz: (to Renée) Espèce de... garce! (You... bitch!) (Renée punches him.)
      Renée: (to Tom) I hate that word.
      Tom: I'll remember that.

    • Nadia: You finally got the Ford Hybrid.
      Jack: Electric, comes in handy when you have to be quiet.

  • Notes

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Australia: September 9, 2007 on Channel 7
      The Middle East: October 5, 2008 on MBC Action
      Slovakia: April 15, 2010 on Markiza

    • This episode marks the final appearance of Elodie Bouchez, a former regular, on the series.

    • "When blood-red horses walk the streets, and angels fall from the sky, the chosen one and the passenger will clash - and only one of them will survive" -

      Nadia and Sydney fought at the end of season 4. After the events of this episode, only Sydney has survived.

    • Music from this episode includes:
      "Practice What You Preach" by Barry White

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