Season 1 Episode 4

A Broken Heart

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 21, 2001 on ABC

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  • Good one..

    Oh.. The mysterious ending of last episodes gets a end and ofcourse it never ends there - there is a lot of fighting with Anna still on the way and when that mission seems to be over, there is troubles at home - I like the way Danny is developing on the case of Sydney's fiancee murder and the whole thing with Sydney's father - the talk she gave and got from Vaughn.. it was moving and deep..

    And the case.. exciting ofcourse, but somehow I even felt that the drama part of this episode had more weight and focus that whole case.. not that the Marroco part was quite good.
  • love tears, big mess & Rambaldi

    Se nota el toque femenino en este episodio y de verdad lo digo, de ninguna manera de forma despectiva. El amor que nunca es respondido, la soledad en forma de lágrimas envenenadas, el padre ausente.
    El show sigue su viaje montaña rusa. Apresurado a veces por demás, llendo de un lado al otro del planeta y volviendo una y otra vez a Los Angeles casi sin descanso. Quién podría soñar con una vida viviendo así?
    Por el otro lado Rambaldi y su genio incomprendido. Un hombre del siglo XV que deja besando el polvo a los genios del siglo XXI. Inquietante Da Vinci.
  • Exciting!

    Sydney and Anna open the case and memorize the numbers. Sydney plans to give SD-6 the wrong code, but Vaughn warns her not to. She and Dixon go on another mission, where a fellow man dies. Sydney is very confused about what's happening. Francine suspects Charlie of cheating on her and she tries questioning him. Will gets closer to finding the truth of Danny's death.

    This episode was great! It was full of excitement and adventure. I loved some of the humor too! Marshall is so funny! Definitely the comic relief in this show! This episode gets a 10 out of 10 from me!
  • Alias Review.

    Alias Season 1 episode number 4 tiled A Broken Heart-This episode has a lot of good parts and looks great the missions in the episode are exiting and not boring and a average cliffhanger that makes this a good episode Sydney friend has boyfriend problems and because of that she is staying at Sydney's house in the meantime Marshall device is very clever and the scene where she says $ 50.00 is to much is pretty funny meanwhile Will is getting closer to finding out is Danny's killer and over all this a good episode that is all I have to say the end
  • Review

    Once again I was entertained throughout the duration of the episode. The show has a great way of mixing the action and the drama, basically giving each of them about half of an episode each time around. I liked the begiinning to this epsiode - with Anna and Sydney both trying to remember the code. I also liked the follow up fight in the very next city where they both went to find the Golden Sun. I thought Sydneys personal life was interesting in this episode as well as she once again is kissed by Will, yet nothing major has been confirmed by either of the two. Then once her father shuts her down for dinner she doesn't call Will, but Vaughn who we learn in this episode has a girlfriend. Just another standard episode of Alias - entertaining from beginning to end.
  • Moving even faster!

    The show truly had started to get its footing solid by this point. Though it was more of a transitional episode than anything. Everything starts to thicken in this episode. The entire idea of a implanting a bomb into someone\'s pacemaker is a little farfetched in my mind, but I suppose that it could happen. What works is the chemistry between the characters throughout, you find that you actually care about most of the secondary characters, although not so much Francine, she\'s a little too whiny for my taste. From this episode on, it always seemed that the show just picked up more and more steam.
  • Felicity. And Some Spies 'n' Stuff.

    For at least the first season, Alias explored both espionage and spy storylines as well as safer, more audience-friendly stories set in reality. For the most part, the action took up the most screentime, whilst the "human" storylines stayed in the background. For some episodes though, including this one, this was reversed, making A Broken Heart more Felicity than James Bond.

    One of the most obvious examples of this is with Francie's relationship with Charlie. In this episode, she confronts him over her suspicions that he is cheating on her. As much as I love Francie, I have absolutely no interest in this storyline. Though it was fun seeing Syd doing some normal "spying", Charlie is so underdeveloped that you hardly care if Francie dumps him or not, and you don't care enough about Francie to really care that she is being cheated on. It also drags down the show a little when we're supposed to care so much about explosive Rambaldi hijinks, whilst simultaneously giving a damn about Francie's romance problems.

    Despite the Felicity-itis that infected most of this episode, there were some awesome action scenes. Every scene featuring Sydney and Anna is explosive in every way. Opening with both spies memorizing a binary code before it gets destroyed by acid, and continuing in a Spanish church with a huge girlfight, their scenes together sparkle with tension, and I love their relationship. In some bizarre way, Anna sees Sydney as some kind of protégée, and, in this episode especially, almost seems to be pleased when Syd manages to steal the part of the sun window she needs, as she knows that Syd is growing and maturing as a spy, and becoming a tougher opponent.

    I also loved the mystery surrounding Sydney's mother. Jack's cryptic hallucinations in McCullough's chair are nothing compared to the cryptic craziness later seen on Alias, but it's a neat introduction to how mysterious the show will eventually become.

    All in all, A Broken Heart isn't a perfect episode, but the Syd/Anna scenes and Sydney realizing the pain and losses she will have to encounter as a double agent still made it mostly entertaining.

    Director: Harry Winer
    Writer: Vanessa Taylor
    Rating: C+
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