Season 2 Episode 15

A Free Agent

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 09, 2003 on ABC

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  • Finally some Irina

    So this was finally some dealing with the fact tht SD-6 was destoyed. But it also showed that this story isn't nearly finished. Sydney has some major things to deal with.

    Sloane planned it all. For thirty years he has been thinking about destroying the Alliance, and he's known all along about Syndey and Jack. I really wonder why he wanted the Alliance destroyed. And how he planned everything that went down, perhaps he had a lot of luck, but he's also just very smart. Scary, evil, but still smart. And he still has something with Sydney :S I wonder what he's going to do with her.

    So we finally saw a little Irina again! God I do love that character. And this time she really was good. I´ve been wondering what she was like from the beginning of the season, and sometimes I belive she´s good and then I don´t but this time she showes love fro Sydney. The real kind. Telling her to stop the CIA could´ve been part of her plan but you could see in her eyes, that it wasn´t. She told Sydney to quit because it´s best for her. It was spoken like a true mother.

    Sydney obviously won´t quit. The shows is the middle of the season, and has some great story´s to work with. But the fact that she wants to quit has to be delt with. Kendalls action was low, but he´s kinda right. I don´t even thinkg that Sydney could live the non-spy life. No action, no thrill. Plus, she would have loads of free time. Especially now she's graduating, wich really is a miracle.

    Dixon tols his wife and now has to choose between the job and the girl. I think it would be though for Dixon to walk away from the job, because he really wants to make up for all the bad he's done. But leaving his wife and children wouldn't be the right thing either. Man, poor guy.

    Oh yeah before I forget: I LOVE MARSHALL!

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