Season 2 Episode 15

A Free Agent

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 09, 2003 on ABC

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    The graduation storyline was a little off to me. We havent seen Sydney do anything as far as schoolwork as long as since the beginning of season 1, so the plot seemed to be aimed to possibly write off school and have her full job be with the CIA, which is obviously a good thing for the show. Arvin and Sark scenes stole the show - both of them portray an amazing villian in this show and it was good to see them getting some time on screen again, just giving us an overview of what they are planning on doing. I also think that the show needs to pick back up the Francie and Will storyline. Its been likely about 4-5 days in real time now, so Will had to have tried to make a move on Francie again, even though we havent seen one scene of them together since the huge reveal at the end of "Phase One". Decent episode, but not one of my favorites.