Season 4 Episode 9

A Man of His Word

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 02, 2005 on ABC

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  • I expect more from JJ Abrams

    After being a loyal fan of NCIS I have to say I'm becoming very disappointed in Alias. The series is becoming entirely to predictable. The good guys can only shoot straight when it doesn't matter. They always walk into obvious traps and ambushes. They always fail to eliminate key threats when the opportunity presents itself. I can pretty much size up what this series has become in one word. BORING!!!!
  • The conclusion to this mini-arc is brilliant!

    It's another seriously good offering from the fourth season of Alias. I really dislike Sark as a character, so I wasn't at all pleased with the amount of screen time he got, not to mention the obvious fact he escaped, meaning we'll see him again. The way he forced Vaughn to face his demons (exhuming his wife's remains) was a really uncomfortable scene to watch. Did he really love Lauren? Who knows…it was nicely played by both actors, though.

    Jack risks Nadia's life to stop Anna from selling a high-class bomb. If Sloane were to do the same to Sydney, I wonder if Jack would show such restrain the way Sloane did. Like Jack said, Syd is put in danger everyday by Sloane, but in this instance Nadia was already injured, and he risked her life to take her out of the coma – it once again reinstates there's really no restrictions when it comes to he safety of Jack's daughter and the success of the mission.

    I admittedly loved the scene where Syd had to go undercover with Sark. Jennifer can play any role and she nailed Lauren. I loved her putting a lime in Sark's mouth, downing some tequila/maybe sambooka, and then slapping one on him. Lucky guy. I did think it was sloppy just leaving him handcuffed to a feeble rail, I mean, he may be annoying, but he can rival Houdini with the amount of cloak and dagger tricks he's pulled over the years.

    Another Sark scene I enjoyed (it even feels wrong to type that…) is the one he shares with Anna. Watching two notorious Alias bad guys sitting down to dinner and discussing their next course of action was like something out of a bond movie. And Gina looked stunning during the whole thing. Go team Anna!

    Vaughn goes through an awful struggle in this one; he literally has to face up to what he has done in the past and I hated seeing him play Sark's mind-game. Watching his current girlfriend pretend to be his ex-dead wife couldn't possibly be healthy either, and it just occurred to me when you type out the plots of this show, how absurd they are, and yet it's a testament to the writers how well they carry it off.

    Very good!
  • Review

    The capture of Anna for the realease of Julian Sark from APO custody. Every. Single. Day. Love Sark back in action, what effect he will have on the rest of the season is still unknown, but I loved seeing him in this episode. I loved the scene where he was talking to Arvin...stunned about how he was given a real life SD-6 in the form of the APO. I thought the scene at the nightclub was good too, with Sark escaping handcuffs thanks to Anna and then losing the explosive out of his neck...only to turn on Anna a couple of seconds later. Showing that he was in fact a "Man of his word". Love the episode title in connection with the episode and I loved the lots of Sark in the episode. Season 4 really is heating up.
  • A Man Of His Word

    A Man Of His Word – My Old Friends

    A man of his word was undeniably an excellent episode with the continuation of the guest appearances by David Anders and Gina Torres. Through out the episode, old friends or enemies were reunited or brought together by the occurrences of whatever was going on. People who hated each other were forced to work together in more than one instance, and people who hadn’t worked together in rather long time were finally reunited.

    Sydney and Sloane

    During 2 different exchanges at the hospital with Nadia, these two appeared to be more at ease with each other than before. Sydney was almost forced at the start to admit that Sloane had been right about sending both of them off on the mission and you could see it in her face that she didn’t like saying what she had to say. Sloane on the other hand did not notice this lapse in character, as he was too worried about his ailing daughter. Their other scene was the one where Sydney questioned Sloane’s beliefs and how he had begun to feel that despite whatever Rambaldi forces affected them, maybe it wasn’t enough to prevent Nadia from dying, being killed by Anna.

    Sark and Sloane

    In Jack’s words they are each other’s intellectual match - they have worked together before and admire the other’s expertise. Personally I was glad that they threw in a scene where they were both together, they play off each other in a way that is hard to find. Their conversation was classic, in a way that implied that Sark could even doubt Sloane’s alliances, yet was impressed with his cunning in securing a job running a task force for the US Government.

    APO and SD-6 Comparisons

    Sark could clearly see the similarities between APO and SD-6, something I saw in the pictures that Slone gave to Sark, showing someone pictures of a ally who was ruthlessly killed was very SD-6. The connection isn’t one that is overly obvious like I was worried would happen – like I was worried it would be, just one that is enough to have an impact on the story.

    Sark, Vaughn and Lauren

    Sark’s reaction to the dead Lauren was one that was rather surprising, after realising it was Vaughn that killed her; he seemed to break down in tears over her body. Much in the words of Vaughn, it would require him to care about something for that to happen, is it really possible?
    The fact that Sark wanted Vaughn to look at her was an interesting one, a spiteful stab at him, making him face up to the one thing that has haunted him ever since he learned the truth about his baaad wife but how does it effect him? To me it would seem it would provide him with additional closure, after “Ice”

    Anna and Sydney

    Their first show off was in the hospital, after Sydney realised that Anna was here to kill her sister, it ended quickly with Anna escaping and Sydney left open mouthed.
    The second time they met in the cemetery was more hand-to-hand combat, where it appeared Anna had the upper hand, right until the end when Sydney overpowered her.
    So now Anna’s locked in a CIA prison, where she will remain out of sight for possible another 3 seasons… To me she’s not one of those guest stars who can cause a massive stir when they return, like Sark and Lauren, although having her around was nice for a while.

    Jack and Sloane

    At first it was a conversation about beliefs, they aren’t strong enough any more so find Anna and kill her. During his speech Jack made an attempt to make Sloane see the light in it all, but in his fatherly concerns he stayed firm on his decision. I see a lot of Jack in this outburst, they way a father than let his love for his daughter consume him and become angry and vengeful, it shows what fatherhood does to Alias.
    The second of their exchanges was also in the respect of fatherhood, after Slone discovers Jack endangered Nadia’s life in order to save the mission. In this exchange their “pact” was brought up, making us wonder what they are conspiring about, as it certainly involves their daughters. In this exchange Sloane was again powered by his anger but this time at Jack and was left questioning his allegiances, something Sloane of all people should understand can sometimes not always be fully correct.

    Jack and The Doctor

    Well first of all it was nice to see the APO doctor from Nocturne return in this episode but the exchange between the two was very revealing. The doctor of course realised that Jack may later need to revive Nadia for his own reasons and both were almost hostile with their exchange.

    Sydney and Lauren

    So you have to pretend to be the dead wife, the woman who the man you are in love with once loved, no biggie right? The enormity of the task was portrayed well with Sydney’s face and the way Vaughn looked at her as she was getting ready. The way this event added to the dynamic of Sydney and Vaughn and of the episode was awesome and to me, I think it was a nice touch. This was another episode where Vaughn had to confront his demons regarding Lauren, and seeing Sydney, the woman he loved now acting as her would have added to this.

    Sydney and Sark

    When these two work together you know you’re in for something and in this episode it was pretty cool. With Lauren and Sarks “reputation” it made their time together very interesting – having to act as if all was like it was before, that high-passion relationship that everyone seemed to know about. Vaughn’s line about killing him after Sanko suggested that he watch them together in action was perfectly timed but looking at it from a different perspective imagine being Vaughn having to listen to all of that. His girlfriend acting as his late wife kissing the man he hated the most was a rather interesting combination to play on Vaughn…

    Sark and Anna

    Anna’s line to Sark about how they were destined to work together made perfect sense, both was as ruthless as the other in getting what they wanted. Sark’s reply about not eating his meal was typical Sark but of course there was the symbolism in when he started eating, almost as if he had assessed the situation and realised that he had to at least lead Anna to believe he trusted her, in order to get what he wanted. With them you get the feeling that the only thing they share ane a career and motives and each would gladly betray the other to get what they wanted, not exactly a solid partnership – something proven when Sark left Anna to Sydney and escaped himself.

    Jack and Nadia

    Not exactly the first person Nadia would expect to open her eyes to, seeing Jack must have been weird, but what I want to know was if she saw that Jack had an ulterior motive in all of it, rather than just her awakening normally. Nadia and Jack have never really had anything of a relationship, I wonder what it would be like if they did…


    Sark: “This is classic”
    (Classic Sark)

    Jack: “You disagree with my methods”
    (Why change a tradition?)

    Sark: “Four years ago, if I’m not mistaken, you fooled a small army into believing they worked for the CIA when in fact they worked for you. How you convinced the US Government into offering you the real thing is a story I’m dying to hear. Suffice to say Arvin, you have my undying admiration.”

    Sark: “You have my word”
    Slone: “You word?”
    Sark: “Which has a considerable greater value then when you knew me last. Incarceration has given me perspective.”

    Vaughn: “Guys like you don’t believe in closure, that would require you to believe about something”
    Sark: “Perhaps that’s true, perhaps all I can hope for is a moment for us all to share you, me… her.”

    Sark: “Your wife loved me, not even death can change that”

    Sark: “It was you, you did this”
    Vaughn: “Yes I did”
    Sark: “I’ll take you to CRF but I want you to face what you did – I want you to look at her”
    (Vaughn sounded proud)

    Sloane: “My daughter lays there in a medically induced coma, what else do I have but my faith?”
    (And the obsession may be back..)

    Sydney: “And then you and I go in alone??”
    Vaughn: “As in a glorified date?”
    Sydney: “Is it?”
    Vaughn: “No – we have to take Sark with us”
    (What kinda twisted date is that?)

    Sark: “I must warn you, Lauren and I had a reputation, certain intimacies were public knowledge. We must keep up appearances.”
    Sydney: “Dream on you perverted freak”
    (We all know Sark’s got a thing for Sydney)

    Sark: “I told you she(Sydney/Lauren) was special”

    Anna: “Anna Espinosa”
    Sark: “Julian Sark, nice to meet you”

    Sark: “Beware a summit that begins with shred bread, the sated man is at his weakest.”
    Anna: “Who said that?”
    Sark: A Vietnamese general I had dinner with once, by dessert I had put a bullet between his eyes.”

    Sark: “Sydney, I’m a man of my word”

    Nadia: “And we didn’t kill each other”
    Sydney: “Nope”
    (Aww sisterly love)

    Sloane: “I would have appreciated as a father to be appraised of you decision to put my daughter’s life at risk”
    Jack: “As you do mine everyday”
    Sloane: “When I accepted this position I made two agreements, one with Langley and one with you, a pact”
    Jack: “That’s still in effect”
    Sloane: “But only because my daughter is unhurt. I wonder Jack, what assurances do I have that you will continue to honour it.”

    What’s In A Name?
    Came from Sark’s quote, saying he’s a man of his word.

    Scene of the Ep
    Vaughn and Sark with Lauren

    Nothing in particular…
    Sydney and Sark
    Vaughn and Sark

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