Season 4 Episode 9

A Man of His Word

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 02, 2005 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Goof: Sark pulls the zipper on Lauren's body bag down past her chest to see the bullet holes. When Vaughn looks at Lauren the zipper is mid way down her neck.

    • When Sark sees Lauren's bullet-riddled body, he seems surprised when he figures out Vaughn was responsible. But in the previous episode "Echoes," he says, "Was it the infidelity or the espionage that motivated you to kill the woman I loved?" So if he knew then that Vaughn killed Lauren, why is he surprised here?

  • Quotes

    • Sark: Actually, given our shared intimacies with your late wife I'd go as far as to say we're family.

    • Sark: (to Sloane about his directorship at APO) 4 Years ago if I'm not mistaken, you fooled a small army into thinking they worked for the CIA, when in fact they were working for you, how you convinced the US government into offering you the real thing, is a story I'm just dying to hear.

    • Vaughn: Does this make you feel better, watching this happen?
      Sark: It gives me hope that I can still achieve closure.
      Vaughn: Guys like you don't believe in closure. That would actually require you to care about something.
      Sark: Perhaps that's true. Perhaps all I can hope for is a moment for us all to share. You, me, her. And letting go of all pretexts and subterfuge, we can finally admit the truth. Your wife loved me. Not even death can change that. Do it. Open it.
      Vaughn: You want your moment? Take it.
      (Lauren's coffin is opened and Sark begins to unzip the cover over her chest, to see her bullet wounds)
      Vaughn: Stop.
      Sark: My agreement, Mr. Vaughn, allows for this. A perfect triangular pattern, consistent with CIA training. It was you. You did this.
      Vaughn: Yes, I did.
      Sark: I'll take you to CRF. But I want you to face what you did. I want you to look at her.

    • Sloane: When I accepted this position, I made two agreements: one with Langley... and one with you. A pact.
      Jack: That's still in effect.
      Sloane: But only because my daughter is unhurt. I wonder, Jack... what assurances I have that you will continue to honor it?

    • Sark: Sydney, I'm a man of my word!

    • Sark: A partnership... my brains, your skills...
      Anna: You flatter yourself, but something like that.

    • Anna: When I heard of a young man so ruthless in his shifting allegiances that he killed his own father... I thought, "This is a man I am fated to work with."

    • Sark: "Beware a summit that begins with shared bread; the sated man is at his weakest."
      Anna: Who said that?
      Sark: A Vietnamese general I had dinner with once. By dessert, I put a bullet between his eyes.

    • (Sydney is disguised as Lauren)
      Sark: Lauren and I had a... reputation; certain intimacies were public knowledge. We must maintain appearances.
      Sydney: Dream on, you perverted freak.

    • Sark: I gave you my word, Mr. Vaughn. Am I to take it that you don't trust me?
      Vaughn: You're about to betray one of your former partners; it doesn't really instill faith in your loyalty.
      Sark: My past infidelities are just that; mistakes I've learned from... repented for. I've become a trustworthy man.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Anna's exit out of the hospital window is very similar to John McClane's jump off the roof of the building in Die Hard, by using the fire hose reel.

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