Season 5 Episode 17

All the Time in the World (2)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 22, 2006 on ABC

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  • Everyone praising this episode has no idea of just how horrible this episode and all of its previous episodes (excluding the first two seasons) are.

    After the fourth season of Alias, I learned to stop taking the show seriously. I started to have hope for the fifth season, but then it turned out just as crappy as the third and fourth. And this season finale makes the entire show just seem like one big joke.

    For one thing, Tom's death was horribly written. I especially love how he asks Rachel out, hears her say yes, and then decides to stay in the subway car and be blown up. And Sloane becoming immortal? What the hell is that?!

    If this episode hadn't been the series finale, then I might not have been that upset with it, but after three straight seasons of epic fail I expected the Alias crew to put in their best efforts and make this episode cause me to forget the past faults of this show. To quote John Locke from Lost, "I was wrong."

    The whole fifth season made me want to kill someone. I never understood why they couldn't just kill a character off and let them be; they resurrected almost every single character they killed off on the show, and then used the dumbest excuses known to man.

    "Oh, but he's actually an excellent swimmer!" (Vaughn)
    "Oh, but Jack had given him an injection to mimic death!" (Sloane)
    "Oh, but she had been doubled!" (Irina)
    "Oh, but Jack had given him an injection to mimic death!" (Vaughn)

    Not to mention when Nadia was eaten alive by the cray rabid dog people of Russia that had been driven mad by a giant red ball in the sky. They never actually explained how she survived that. She didn't even have a single scratch on her once she was seen again walking in the subway.

    Then she comes back again in the fifth season, only to end up falling on a piece of glass and slitting her throat. If you're gonna bring a character back only to kill them off, at least give them a somewhat good death.

    All in all, Alias was a ridiculous show, and the finale didn't even make the feeblest attempt to help the show redeem itself for its last three seasons of epic fail. What a disgrace.
  • Alias came in with a bang and ended with a bang, the bang being the sound of objects crashing into TVs around the world.

    The episode features the return of several fan favorites such as Lena Olin, Merrin Dungey, and David Anders. It's supposed to be good, after all it is the series finale. But it's not. It is in this episode that the viewers witnessed the utter character assassination of Irina Derevko at the hands of a last-minute script change. The writers had disregarded everything that had happened in season 2 and Lena Olin's great characterization of Irina. They replaced the complex Irina with a 1 dimensional cardboard villian. Gone was the Irina with conflicting loyalties, here comes the anti-Christ Irina that a small group of fans had always wanted. The 'happy ending' at the end came at the cost of Irina's character and Jack's death. Even then the S/V ending was disappointing. I was tempted to give this a zero, the only thing that's stopping me from doing so is my love for Lena Olin and Victor Garber. Whose chemistry was not even exploited in this sad excuse of a finale. What had happened to the Alias that we all knew and love? The answer is, it got LOST in the shuffle.
  • The truth took time; time I'll never get back.

    "Reprisal" saved this finale. It was a quick, at times heart-wrenching, and pretty much epic, in some aspects.

    But all that stopped when this episode began. Two words, "Please. No." Although it closed some doors nicely and, in a few respects, everything came full circle, all the time in the world cannot make me love this SERIES finale. Some slated "Resurrection" (the third season finale), I'd bet about 80% of them would've loved to tune into an episode at least HALF as decent as it this time around.

    Jack's dead, Irina's dead, and it seems Dan Brown lent some of his "Da Vinci Code" to this episode. It was so insulting. How could you let it happen JJ? You are a genious, you could have found some way to fix it. I respect you SO much, and yet you abandoned the show you love.

    More on Irina Derevko. Everything connected to her was dashed. Over the years, this strong, above money, INTELLIGENT woman had been portrayed, and we were given a vamped up version of Dick Dastardly, and yes, she finally caught her pigeon, and oh so smartly fell through the glass ceiling which she KNEW was going to smash but yet continued to reach for it, not even contemplating that after years of deception, she could get Sydney's help, and still get the Horizon with some quickly constucted story.

    Make no mistake, the actors were fantastic. Top notch, as always. It is the writers who will have to live with this. Perhaps they transferred some feelings from within themselves into Arvin Sloane; they can, for eternity, remember the hurt they've caused, only have themselves to blame, and they can have all the time in the world to think about it.

    Well done to the cast. You did phenomenally with what you were handed! And it's always good to see Lena Olin back! Oh, but where was your onscreen sister, Katya? Well, perhaps a fellow reviewer of this episode can answer that, the show must've got "LOST in the shuffle". Or maybe in the CRUISE they seemed to take this season, and all their slacking off, it was just IMPOSSIBLE to do.

    Nevertheless. 5 great years. 50 unforgettable moments. 500% from JJ overall. And 5000 times a day, I wish it were coming back.
  • Bad ending, bad series

    Anyone who gives this series overall something over 8 points, is... well, no comment.
    I watched it, some of the beginnings and endings of each season were great, but in the middle, this series was boring as hell and had the worst \"villians\" I\'ve seen so far. Sloane was cool, yes, but also just in the beginning, not after 100 of changes. Anyway, as I said, I watched all of it, and sure, it\'s one of the better shows out there, but overall it was the \"worst of the good shows\".
    No comparison to really breathtaking ones like Lost, 24, The Shield, Boomtown or similar.
    Anyway, besides all that the ending was really, really bad.
    All I can say is, please: Don\'t let this happen with Lost - the best series ever (so far).
  • This series knows how to go out in class. I've seen this episode three times now, and have loved it every time.

    This series knows how to go out in class. Yes there were some disappointments in the finale but overall it was much better then the past couple of seasons have been and kudos goes to the producers for raising the bar once again. I've seen this episode three times now, and have loved it every time.

    I had suspected Jack would get killed off the show and yet I found it shocking just the same when Sloane shot him in the chest. The look in Sydney's eyes, right when she got to shoot Sloane though was priceless. Sloane killed her fiancée, friend, and now her father? You could see all the anger swelling up in Sydney's face as she finally got to shoot Sloane not once, not twice, but four times and then straight in the head.

    The scene that had Sydney and Jack outside with Jack dying, telling Sydney to go along with out him was one of the most moving scenes I've seen on television. Both Victor Garber and especially Jennifer Garner deserve an Emmy for it. You got to love though how Jack went out, taking the just resurrected, immortal Sloane with him. "You beat death Arvin, but you couldn't beat me." Jack gave Sloane a fate worse then death. He wasn't going down alone.

    Which leads us to Rimbaldi. I had suspected Rimbaldi's endgame was immortality which helps explain a lot: the clockmaker in season one episode six, the old inmate two episodes ago. I've heard many comments though about why Rimbaldi used Immortality on so many other people but not on himself. I can only assume he realized that immortality isn't all it's cracked up to be. Just ask Sloane. I was a little disappointed that they didn't fully explain how Sydney was the Chosen One and why certain Rimbaldi prophecies didn't come true. He had predicted The Passenger and The Chosen One would fight, resulting in one of them dying. We were assured in season three that Nadia was the passenger (she was able to deliver a message from Rimbaldi using that green liquid) and we had been told Sydney was The Chosen One. But the only fight they had was at the end of season four and neither one died as of a result of that fight. Nadia did die at the hands of Sloane though so it is possible that he was The Chosen One. It doesn't look like we'll ever be certain though.

    The prophecy on Page 47 though, if you consider it, did come true in a sense. Jack has told Sydney before that Irina comes from the Greek word eirene which means "peace". At the end of season two when Il Dire (the Rimbaldi machine) printed out the word peace, maybe Sloane shouldn't have interpreted it literally and instead should have taken it as Irina. The message then could have been saying that Irina would be the greatest power. In this sense Sydney did "render the greatest power to utter desolation" when she battled her mom to her death. This is all speculation though.

    This leads to my one other disappointed, that Irina turned out completely evil. It makes perfect sense plot wise but it just doesn't seem in character for her. I see how Irina could swing both ways: good or evil. In one way she did work for the KGB, and she's just been manipulating everyone to get what she wants, and all this time she's really just wanted power. It's just that Irina's been leaning towards the good side for so long, it was just a shock to see her act completely evil. I guess though, while she really has always loved Sydney, she would let nothing get in her way of becoming the ultimate power. It was ironic that Irina died reaching out for immortality. Sydney lost both of her parents in a matter of hours. Now that's a rough day. Once again dead Nadia was much wittier then the real Nadia and provided many one liners. I loved the scene where Sloane said he was glad Nadia was there as a witness or else he wouldn't believe it with his own eyes. Nadia responded with: "You're talking to your dead daughter, now's not the time to question your sanity." I loved that Nadia also left him as he was stranded in the cavern. I guess even Sloane's conscious realized he deserved to be alone.

    The ending was well done. Sydney and Vaughn finally got to live out their lives, watching the sunset on the beach. It seemed very in character for Dixon to stay with A.P.O. and become head director, it's all he has left. I also liked that Sark is still out there making trouble as usual. Makes it seem as if the 'Alias' world really will still keep going on.

    Overall this was an excellent episode. While 'Alias' unarguably, has gone down in quality over the past couple of years it still remains one of the most entertaining shows on television and that's hard to accomplish.

    Final Notes and Quotes

    - Sark: "Did it have to be so filthy. I mean really. If Rimbaldi could prophesize the future he might have advised me not to wear $500 shoes." Here's hoping for a Sark spin-off.

    - The flashbacks were a nice addition and showed many important scenes in Sydney's life that we had heard about but never seen.

    - In a flashback Francie mentioned her boyfriend Charlie was bringing a Danny somebody. It was nice to have one last mention of Danny, the only character on 'Alias' who didn't rise from the grave. The only problem I have with this is that Sydney didn't met Danny until after she already worked at SD-6. Does anybody remember Noah? I blame this on the continuous shuffling of new writers. It still bothers me though.

    - Uh-oh Isabelle got her hands on the Indicator Puzzle. Could we have a future spy here?

    - Sydney: "This is my purpose. I was meant to do this."

    Final Rating: No matter the small disappointments. This was the finale Alias deserved 4 out of 4 stars.

    - Tim Bronx

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  • A satisfying and yet unsatisfying episode.

    After just watching this episode I must admit it ties up many loose ends but does not satisfy me enough to say that its is the best finale it could possibly be

    I was thoroughly disappointed the way they finished Irina Derevko. They change this character from cool spy mother to crazy maniac mother. In all the episodes of Alias my favourite episodes are the ones where Irina and Sydney get along(eg. Maternal Instinct). Seeing that obsession driven Irina on that glass platform reaching out for the horizon while the glass cracks beneath her with Sydney calling for her to come back was not a good ending for her. I think that they should have at least had Irina choosing her daughter over Rambaldi. It would have been nice to see her visiting Sydney and her granddaughter.

    BTW: DEFINITELY shouldnt have killed off Nadia and Renee

    I was definitely impressed by the way they finished Sloane. Having a dying Jack say \"You may have beaten death...but you can\'t beat me\" and then using the explosive to kill himself and trap Sloane forever was satisfying to see.

    At the final scene on Sydney and Vaughn\'s beachhouse was also a fabulous scene. Seeing Sark had survived was great cos he is definitely at the top of my favourite bad guys. It was also great seeing Isabelle putting together that puzzle just like Sydney had done. It would be nice if she became a spy then they could have a big spy family!

    Loose ends: The other Derevko sister Katya, Jack\'s funeral, Rachel and Sark\'s relationship, Kelly Peyton
  • Character assassination - awful

    I was a rabid ALIAS watcher for a lot of years. I stopped watching at the beginning of S5 when they murdered Vaughn. Even if he came back, it wasn't the same without him. However, I figured I'd better tune in for the series finale. God, what a nightmare. They simply tried to do too much - I appreciated the resolving of the Rambaldi question, and I thought Ron Rifkin's performance was absolutely inspired. It's the only reason I rated this as high as I did. But wasting the talents of people like Mia Maestro and David Anders - yeesh. Both could have made their parts in the finale amazing and they simply had nothing to work with. I'm angriest, however, about the fate of the Spyparents. Jack and Irina were my favourite characters on the show, for their chemistry, their past and everything they shared. They were reduced to an impotent ideologue and an over-the-top Cold War villain in this episode, and I was furious. Irina in particular - she's far too complex a character to give in to simple power methods! She's too brilliant to think that she can just hijack nuclear armaments without any consequence whatsoever! And the fact that they died with no closure of any kind - Sydney didn't even tell her mother about her father - that hurt the most. Just overall? J.J. Abrams clearly has no respect for his fans when he pulls things like this. It's a cheap, crass way to end a fantastic show. I'd have been happier if the show had ended after four seasons - at least they'd have gone out on top.
  • Could hardly have been any better

    I must admit I'm quite sad that they killed off so many characters this season and I was especially disappointed when Jack died. But then again the writers did an amazing job with this two hour season finale and made all the deaths kinda worth it.
    The entire season had its ups and downs which I didn't always enjoy. But the finale brought the closure the audience needed and wanted - although it was weird that of all people Sark got to live... In the end, Sydney and Vaughn were a happy family with their potential spy girl and their son Jack. I liked the beach theme and that they got to see Dixon in the end again.

    I was kinda disappointed, however, that Irina turned out to be the final nemesis, but I guess it was conveniant. How they ended things with Sloan on the other hand were just brilliant, I couldn't have imagined a better "end" for him. "Haunted" by his daughter's "ghost", trapped for eternity. Quite what he deserved, wasn't it?
    Marshal, Rachel and the other agents all had a fair share of the finale and we even got to see some of our beloved old characters in this season. I'd say it was a decent ending to a great show and these two episodes couldn't have been any better!
  • Good episode with great conclusion, but really not the best (contains spoilers).

    I loved the conclusion to this episode. Vaughn and Sydney have escaped the spy-life and are living (or hiding away) on a beautiful beach. Baby Isabelle is not about seven years old and they have a baby boy named Jack, in honor of Sydney's father, Jack, who was killed by Sloane in this episode. Although they have escaped their lives as spies, Dixon comes by offering them a job involving Sark, which shows how truly inescapable that life is. Likewise, Isabelle assembles the project Christmas puzzle that Sydney also assembled as a child, which is a great foreshadowing if they ever wanted to pick up the show in the future (although, unfortunately, I strongly doubt it).
    One of the weakest parts of this show was the way in which so many pivotal characters died (or didn't) so easily and in such unsatisfying ways. Although a new character, Tom Grace's death was too easy and anti-climactic. These people try every day to escape death, yet he sits in the subway as the bomb goes off, just giving up. I mean, it wasn't even as if he was sacrificing himself, he just gave up, even after Rachel said she would have gone out with him if he had asked. Jack is shot by Sloane, but doesn't even die immediately. His death is drawn out with Sydney crying about leaving him behind. The only bright spot to his death was when he went to the cavern underground and caved it in to trap Sloane. We finally see Sloane killed - yay! But wait, never mind, now he's suddenly immortal (but trapped under the earth forever?). I know she didn't die in this episode, but Nadia's death was too easy, and I know a lot of people say this, but why wake her up just to kill her right away. Then, they just have to bring back her ghost, which just seemed to discredit everything by making the almost completely unbelievable Rambaldi quest completely unbelievable. Another disappointing death - although this one was actually a death - was Irina's. Sydney and Irina fight (finally!), but she ends up just falling through the glass ceiling to her death. Anticlimactic much?
    All in all, this episode was very satisfying, especially the glimpse into the future where Vaughn and Sydney were finally happy and away from the spy life (for now). This series is truly amazing (I've seen the whole thing twice through now, and tons of episode many more times than that) and I would recommend it for everyone to watch!
  • A bit disappointing...

    I've discovered Alias not so far ago and enjoyed it very much throughout the 5 seasons. However, I don't think that finale did justice to the series. Some points were not so great, especially the Rambaldi storyline. I mean, come on! All that excitement around Rambaldi, all that time spent collecting artefacts and the writers only came up with immortality? What a disappointement! What's more, I did not really understand what the story about the stars falling from the sky added to the already dense plot. To me, the worst of all was the missiles storyline! I thought it was so out of place! What good would it do for Irina to bomb Washington and London? You tell me... About Thomas Grace's death, I thought it did not make any sense all the more as the pretty Rachel Gibson told him she would have said yes if he had asked her out... Last thing, I would have liked to see Jack live on to be with his daughter in the end. They both have survived 5 seasons, why suddenly decide to kill him? To make him a hero? *sigh* Jack was not necessary to bury Sloane, the underground gallery could have collapsed by itself...

    All in all, I think I was waiting for something better after watching 5 seasons, a kind of worthy goodbye to this world I felt part of... Anyway, Alias was a good show which introduced talented actors. Too bad it had to end! Farewell Jack, Irina, Sidney, Vaughn, Marshall, Sloane, Sark...

    This finale was very good, I don't feel cheated, although it did not feel quite as epic as I had been expecting. They do a nice job of wrapping things, while not putting a final period on the stories. There is still room to open up some future stories, perhaps a feature (please?).

    The performances were always good, and while the focus may have shifted, not necessarily for the better, over the past couple of years, I always felt invested in these characters. This is a series that I always looked forward to watching, and it will leave a hole in my television week.
  • Julian Sark Lives!!

    Julian Sark Lives!! I will forever love the writer that decided to let him live on and continuing being the most aweosme bad guy to ever set foot on my television screen. In all seriousness, I couldnt be happier that the show ended with so many blanks filled and gave me enough satisfaction that I almost wouldnt want them to bring the show back - simply because I love the way everything was tied together.

    The flashback scenes were the only parts of the episode where I was a little up and down about, but in the end I liked seeing them in the epsiode as they didnt take up enough time to cause me a real concern. I still didnt really get the true point of them at the point and the time of the episode - but if your going to have some filler scenes in the series finale make them with Sydney without a doubt.

    The team capturing Peyton and having her tell everything about where Arvin was and what his main plan was was a nice, believable, way of how the team would really find Arvin. Every single scene with Sydney/Vaugh/Jack/Sark/Arvin was nothing short of amazing. The scene where Jackis shot by Arvin was a very powerful scene, I love how the camera slowed down for the shots at Jack and then once again when Sydney shot Arvin. Two of the biggest characters in the show getting shot within seconds of each other (well - both were pretty much killed at that point) and I think the directing staff did a great job at giving them a proper death scene.

    Arvin coming back to life at the end of the episode almost made me mad - becuase I didnt think they would tie up the storyline. Once again the voiceover by Irina as Arvins bullet wound goes away was really well done. Jacks final scene where he kills Arvin was another great scene. Two of the shows best characters, without a doubt.

    Sydney and Irina having the final showdown was really good as well. I liked the fight scene and Sydney in the end caving to the thought that her mother was about to dive right in front of her. I liked how the writers made Irina make a choice, between having the power that could rule the world or having the love of her daughter. Irina did get to die with allthe power in the world - once again another character that got a fitting death scene.

    And that would leave the ending scene, where the show ties everything else together. Vaughn and Sydney end up together at last, with two children - one named Jack. Carrie and Marshall have four kids, which makes me laugh like Marshall always tended to do. Wish they would have given Carrie 1 girl, but Im not about to start to complain about that.

    Isabelle finishing the puzzle was a good connection to the flashback puzzle scene. I also liked how she knocked it over right afterwards, I thought that was funny.

    And the best part of the final episode - Long Live Julian Sark!
  • This was an amazing finale. Gave closure and still gave action and drama. Props to the writers.

    This was great, I absolutely loved the ending when you see Isabelle shouting "Daddy" and you think it's Jack Bristow, but it's Vaughn. And then Dixon comes up, and you realize it isn't a flashback from Sydney's past. I also liked the part when Isabelle completed the Puzzle/Test, and you realize that she's gonna be just like her mum. They made it even more realistic to add that Sydney doesn't find out. My second favorite part is when Sydney is battling Irina, her mom. It was very believable, and the acting was great. It was sad though, when her mom says "for whatever it's worth, i truly do love you". At that part, I found myself sitting in my seat going, "no she doesn't shes evil!"
    They added some great detail to this episode, it was definitely series finale material. It gave so much closure, I absolutely loved it.
  • The end...

    I loved it. Every question that you ever asked over the last five years were answered. Finally Sydney can retire for her life as field agent and live the life she always wanted. The final saw the deaths of three charactors, Slone, Irrena and Jack. I know thats a lot of death for this final episode, but the deaths were well written. I grew sad towards the end of the episode, i really didn't expect Jack to die. Slone and Irrena deserved to die. I was still recovering from the death of Tom in episode 16.

    This was really a Sydney episode, Rachel and Marshal were left out of this one, and so was Peyton. Its sad Alias had to wnd so early, only five series is not much, but i thikn that this was a perfect seaosn final. It brought a tear to my eye. I liked how they ended the show seven years later and how Sark is still causing them trouble. Maybe we will see Sydney Bristow again in a movie? Who knows all i know is that it was a fantastic five years of TV. I'm gonna miss not seeing Alias...
  • A very complete season finale, all questions answered

    Ending a long running series can be hard, and its very difficult to please everyone no matter what happens. Personally however I believe this season finale was a success. Focusing mainly on Sydney, Jack, Irina, and Sloane, the key characters in this story.
    The flashbacks linked well in this episode, reminding us of Irina's supposed death, and when Jack realises that Sydney is a "special girl".
    At the end of the episode there are mixed emotions on both the viewers and Sydneys part, she seems to not know whether to kill or save her mother, but concludes with Sydney becoming orphaned within a single minute, but for Jack's troubles Sloane is in a rather tight spot. We are left with Isabelle completing the Indicator test, leaving the possibility for a spin off in the future.
  • Goodbye Sydney...

    This was one of the most powerful episodes in Alias that I have seen. I was hooked from the opening sequence right until the last scene with Sydney and Vaughn. It was everything that it needed to be for the last episode of such a hardhitting and emotional series. I really enjoyed seeing Amy Acker play someone aside from Fred (although Fred was lovely!) and her and Sark teamed up was fantastic. I have to say, my favourite part of this episode, and actually the entire show, was the relationship between Sydney and Vaughn. They have to be one of my favourite couples of all time!
  • I think this episode had everything you could hope for in a series finale.

    Apart from the Horizon miraculously changing shape from the package seen in an earlier episode everything seemed to click into place.

    This isn\'t to say the plot could have been smoother or the dialogue improved but all in all loose ends were tied up, enough people died to avoid a sickly sweet ending and Sloane got his just rewards spending eternity trapped under a pillar.

    I was sad to see Alias go, I think they could have squeezed another one or two series out of the plot line and Rachel Nichols was just settling in, I\'d have enjoyed a few more fight scenes from her.

    I wonder how tempted they might be to resurrect the Alias family, I can see it now, 20 years down the line and Sydney\'s daughter has just become a field agent, I can\'t wait.
  • and then there was one

    This is nothing less then one hell of a series finale. We get to see a few things and linked to what we had already seen , it seems clear that we could have expected it, but still to see the endgame is pretty spectacular.

    In the end Sloane does get his price, and it was all he ever dreamed it was, but there is always a prce to pay, and it is Jack who get's to pull the pin on the operation, even as Sydney races to Sloanes partner in crime. Yes, in the end, she doesn't just save the world from the pain it was about to get. There are still a few questions and they aren't answered, but i think that is the one thing that is essential. Life just goes on. In the end so do Sydney, Dixon and Vaughn. It was a hell of a ride and the ride was worth the wait until the vehicle stopped for the last time, at the edge of the horizon.
  • Sydney and the rest of the CIA must stop Sloane before he destroys the world.

    This was an amazing finale. I was very surprised to see the outcome and the fate of all the characters. The last few minutes were the best part of the whole episodes. Sydney and Vaughn are happy together and had another baby. It was the perfect ending. I just wish Alias made it longer than five seasons. Though they were five pulse-pounding, heart-stopping, excellent seasons. They ended the series greatly. I was amazed, yet upset when I seen it end. Well, I guess all good things must come to an end. Alias was an amazing show and definately deserved a finale as good as this.
  • and not in a good way...

    i was sooooooooo disapointed with this episode... i mean, really, except the fact that jack and irina died, it really looked like a normal episode of alias, it didn't have the looks of a serie's final, come on! so many questions remained unanswered, the fight between sydney and her mother was ridiculous (i was expecting something at least as good as the "Sydney/evil fran" fight of season 2)
    and also, hello, why the hell irina wants to blow i don't remember which city ?? because she knew the show was going to end and she wanted to do something silly so that we finally knew she really was evil ? duh...
    i only liked the end of the ep, even if it was a bit cheesy, but at least, syd and vaughn are alone and living a normal life with their kids.
    anyway, i'll miss that show, even if seasons 4 and 5 really were crappy seasons... (god i miss season 2!!!!!!!!)

    ciao sydney

    p-s: maybe they could try to do a tv movie to make things better :-)
  • Bittersweet conclusion..., though more sweet than bitter

    The sweet...

    First off the young Sydney "Lost" style backflashes were really good, I specially liked the ones were Jack catches Syd playing with the "Indicator", and the fatherly talk about how she's really special and smart, and alos the one were Syd tells Jack she's found a part-time job working at a bank "wich has 12 branches worldwide, it's called Credit Dauphine" and Jack face when he learns off it.

    Also memorable was Peytons capture, ensuing "motivation" to spill out about her employers. The "I have your former best friend" and "I know what you're afraid of" was really good, but it's topped by Marshalls "shall I bring the snake again". Allthough in honour of retribution, Marshall should have IMO handled Peyton's interrogation, you know get your own back.

    Though I was pretty reluctant to see Jack die, I was happy coz it was in a meaningfull way, unlike Tom, Renee or Nadia's. I also think that the only character who had "the right" to kill Sloane or at least take hi mdown with him was Jack, good work dad!!!. In this same way I also think the only one who could rightfully kill Irina was Syd or Vaughn, I personally wnated it to be Vaughn, he never trusted her plus she killed his dad.

    Sark made it out, I was really crossing my fingers for Sark to make it out alive of the series, and if I may push the envelope a bit have something in the end with Rachel though it's a bit far out, anyway thanks writers you made a piece of my day... Though I was surprised when Sark called Vaughn by his first name "Michael world genocide isn't my idea, I'm just in it for the money" (or something of sorts)

    "Stars will fall from the sky", the sats coming down was a really good touch, it was really poetic

    Syd's daughter playing at the very end with the "Indicator", was a nice touch, much like, at the end of a horror movie a fist coming out of the ground at a burial site, give's you a sense of "to be continued..."

    The bitter...

    After seasons of ranting, killing and suffering we didn't (or at least I didn't) get what was Rambaldi's end game, we all saw the red sphere, in Hong Kong (S1), Santiago and Sovogda (S4), and in Mongolia (finale), but what was the end game???, Sloane came back to life thanks to the red fluid, but Irina and him were planning to use it to unleash a catastrophe, what was the whole point of the red fluid, life bringer or taker. And what was Rambaldi's end game???, the destruction of two cities so Sloane could make some big bucks from rebuliding them, yeeee! talk about a 30 year chase just to hit gold through construction.

    The finale I thought was a little too short, I would've demanded 2 hours at least, we should have seen in film what became of everyone in the end, Will, Weiss, Marshall and Carrie's four kids, Sark (we saw a little, he was back to being himself, but not enough), Peyton, Kendall, Dixon (besides being promoted, did he hook up with Director Chase?), Rachel, etc. Seeing only what happened to Syd and Vaughn, wasn't eonugh clousure for me.

    Mom and daughter sluggin' it out, Syd and Irina's battle was other than cheap, short it should have lasted a little longer, they should both have battered the other a bit more around the place, and when Irina falls through the ceiling, we hear no "thud" or slam sound, Lauren's death was plentyfold better than Irina's even though the latter one was a mayor player in the story, pity.

    Syd, Vaughn and Jack's capture at the mongolian camp was almost too easy, they went in like kids at the movies rushing around, not very serious if you ask me.

    I also missed some sort of recognition from Jack to Vaughn, something like Bruce willis to Ben Affleck at the end of Armageddon, like "take care of my daughter" or something, coz we all know Jack never to happy about Sud and Vaughn

    Clousure/Open Endings I think is a fair word for the finale, still I liked it, didn't go down with it's sails ablaze firing till the end, but at least it went down firing...
  • Syd finally discovers Rambaldi's end game and gets a happy ending she deserves!

    I'm not quite sure how i feel about the last episode of Alias as an adequate send off for the show. Many feel that the show could have ended at season 4 (if the final sequence had been omitted) since syd and vaughn were together, irina and jack had a \"moment\" and all seemed to be right with the Alias universe (granted Nadia being in a coma wouldnt fit within this tenet!)

    this final episode did please in many ways by tying up several loose ends but also leaving others...

    first of all i believe that in a previous episode (i forget exactly which one) sloane states that rambaldi\'s end game was nothing to do with immortality and secondly i can\'t quite comprehend why the writers decided to make irina evil one last time.

    granted the writers have seemingly ignored previous storylines before (the season 3 finale was obviously about project christmas, not jack killing irina as stated later) and season 5 wasnt the standard of say season 2, where the show was at the top of its game in my opinion, with underused (and perhaps unneccessary) new characters of rachel, tom and renee, but other than these few hiccups the show did go out with a bang, even if it was a mere firework rather than an a-bomb.

    the final scene may have been a slightly cliche way to end the show but still with isabel solving that puzzle at the end of the episode, perhaps a spin off will be in order? we will have to wait and see... (although i hope not!)
  • Oh why? Oh why? Oh why? Oh why? Why did they have to end Alias?!

    Why did Alias have to end?!
    Can somebody answer me?!

    I\'ve watched the most anticipated series finale of Alias (even though all of Alias\'s episodes were highly anticipated) and i still can\'t believe its over.

    Objectively speaking, they did a good job with the finale. However, speaking as someone who have never missed an episode of Alias, how could they?!
    How could they end the show???

    Alias was by far one of my favourite shows, along with 24 & CSI.
    So it was hard for me to accept that it was over. I mean come on, i finally got to see Sydney and Vaughn together; only to have him shot (turned into a strainer!) and presumed dead.

    When in actuality he wasn\'t dead (Thank God!), but while he was recuperating, i was missing precious time of his and Sydney\'s relationship; not to mention that of their child.

    However, the fact that Sloane is dead and Irene died a horrible death is somewhat soothing. Nevertheless, i can\'t help but be a little disappointed in the way the show ended...i mean will they finally have a normal life away from the secret agent stuff?! From the last episode, we saw that they lived on a deserted island but still went on missions now and again; we also saw her daughter do the same thing that alerted Jack of Sydney\'s abilities when she was a kid.....however, she broke it down. So will they learn of her abilities? Will she become an agent?

    I have so many unanswered questions!

    Anyway, life goes on.

    p.s: I am pleased that Sarke got away!
  • The end of a wonderful show

    What a finale to a wonderful show. This episode could have been better but because they were short on time they had to do the best they could. Taking this into consideration the finale was done very well. Of course there were some loose ends but I don't feel any of them were major ones.

    I really enjoyed the episode even though some of the character development in the series has been rushed. I enjoyed the flashbacks to Sydney as a child even though they did waste some time. I am happy that I have finally seen the conclusion to this whole Rambaldi mystery. I was so happy that they didn't kill Sloane off. I would much rather see him suffer alone, forever trapped in that cave. Although I was sad to see Jack sacrifice himself to do this. I think Irina's death could have been better, I would've liked to have seen some more fighting between her and Sydney. I really enjoyed the fact that Sark was in this episode as he is my favourite bad guy.

    I also think they made the right decision by ending the episode in the future with Sydney and Vaughn living in a house by the beach with little Jack and Isabel. I also love how Isabel put the puzzle together. Taking everything into consideration it was a great ending.
  • Best of the season, and the series

    After all these years Alias is still riveting and a huge adrenaline rush. It's really sad to see it end but this finale brought some closure and some possibilities to a spin-off. Jack and Irina's death were very sad but I think they worked it well. Many people have said Alias lost something this season, but I disagree and I think this season was actually better than season 4. I'm just really happy it went out on a positive note and that Sydney and Vaughn were finally able to settle down on the beach and be happy. Goodbye Alias we'll miss you.
  • conclusion? i think not, but still a forced episode that tried to put too much in a 40 minute slot.

    So, alias is over, no i think not and not really, not at ALL! the series that makes people die, come back to life, then die but not be dead but be secret agents instead... please this is wide wide open. And it was forced. it was such a forced closing to a somewhat great season (aside from same plot scenarios where an agent is a double agent is dead ohohoh is alive but isnt a double agent
    ( or are they)) anyhow,

    they took a 3 month or so break between episode 9 and 17, but it still felt like they forced episode 17 to a stupid, but wide open conclusion... stars fall, satellites. but .....spoiler alert..... come on jack blows up the place sloan found after being **** and resurrected in rimbaldi\\\'s blood. hey, say the blast threw jack in that same pool of blood and they are both immortal, and they find a way out, and maybe jack leaves sloan pinned, or sloan gets out before jack does by many different means. also sydney\\\'s mom falls and dies, but she is holding the ball of rimbaldi, is she dead, naah... wide open for movies and speculation, and it was such a forced conclusion anyway. why after sydney came back up, didn\\\'t sloan\\\'s croanies shoot them? where wwas everyone bad? syd and vaughn emerge and just talk and flirt then get in a hummer uncountered? where are the cronies and bad guys? if they all left, why. crap tv is why. realize the truth. it aint over till the tv execs decide there is no more money to be made, though it is wide open for more................
  • The trick in the title.

    When I first saw the title \"All the Time in the World\" I thought of the closing line of \"On Her Majesty\'s Secret Service\" where Bond\'s new bride has just been killed and in shock he says \"It\'s OK, we have all the time in the world\". Made me think OK, Sydney and Vaughn are reunited and one or both is killed. Wrong, the allusion was to a Twilight Zone episode where Burgess Meredith is a book lover who survives an atomic war, he finds a library and all the books he could read. He pulls down a stack of his favorites and says \"Now, I have all the time in the world\", only to break his glasses. Slone, ends up the same way having achieved immortality only to be buried under a ton of rubble unable to escape and his dead daughter taunts him with \"Now you have all the time in the world.\"
  • Alias will likely remain my favorite show of all time. However, I was disappointed with the finale and even more sad that it's over.

    Having been an Alias fan almost from the beginning, I was moderately disappointed in the series finale. The resolution with Sydney and Vaughn, Sydney and her mom, and Sydney and her dad was good for me. I was happy to see Sloan get what he deserved. However, I was incredibly disappointed in the attempt to resolve the Rambaldi issues. There was no resolution in my opinion. The reveal of Rambaldi\'s endgame didn\'t make sense with what they\'d been uncovering for the past five seasons. So many questions were left unanswered. They also really needed at least another episode or two to really end the series well. The finale had too much jam-packed into it. It wasn\'t exciting, just tiring. I love Alias and most of the regular actors on it, so overall I\'m sad to see it go.
  • A very disappointing ending of a great show. It was totally unlike "Alias" before. Not much twists and turns, rather silly and straightforward plot and not much of a great ending.

    A very disappointing ending of a great show. It was totally unlike "Alias" before. Not much twists and turns, rather silly and straightforward plot and not much of a great ending.

    I don't mind Jack and Irina to die. What disappointed me most was that the whole Rambaldi-Plot was not closed properly. What is "The horizon", what was that stuff about the tomb - One can only guess but has no hopy anymore that it will be explained. And what was the thing about the Missiles. Should the endgame of Irina or Sloane be something rude and blunt like destroying 2 Cities? C'mon even the terrorosts in "24" have a more thoughtful endgame than this. And they did not spend a lifetime gaining power, influence, money and mysterious artefacts from a 500 year dead prophet.

    Overall - a very disappointing ending of a great show. I just hope the makers new show "Lost" will not have a bad and boring ending like this!
  • I don\'t really know what to think? That was it! We\'re never seeing anymore from ALIAS. So my question is, was this finale good enough?

    If we go back to see the first and second season we notice that almost every single episode is better than this last one.

    Also as I\'ve been reviewing the whole show for the 13748346th time I could notice so many mistakes in the plot of this last episode, they should have been more careful... How can they even cast a girl with blue eyes to play Sidney in the last episode? Oh well...

    Despite all these things I think they did a good work almost wraping everything but leaving something open. I liked the ambience in the last scene but I didn\'t like the fact that Marshall wasn\'t there with Dixon (oh and 4th baby... ??).

    ALIAS was my favourite show for three years and if I\'m sad that I\'ll never see anything new from it, I\'m glad it ended when it ended and how it ended, now we can all be glad they sell the show on DVD, I know I\'m going to own everything.
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