Season 5 Episode 17

All the Time in the World (2)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 22, 2006 on ABC

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  • The truth took time; time I'll never get back.

    "Reprisal" saved this finale. It was a quick, at times heart-wrenching, and pretty much epic, in some aspects.

    But all that stopped when this episode began. Two words, "Please. No." Although it closed some doors nicely and, in a few respects, everything came full circle, all the time in the world cannot make me love this SERIES finale. Some slated "Resurrection" (the third season finale), I'd bet about 80% of them would've loved to tune into an episode at least HALF as decent as it this time around.

    Jack's dead, Irina's dead, and it seems Dan Brown lent some of his "Da Vinci Code" to this episode. It was so insulting. How could you let it happen JJ? You are a genious, you could have found some way to fix it. I respect you SO much, and yet you abandoned the show you love.

    More on Irina Derevko. Everything connected to her was dashed. Over the years, this strong, above money, INTELLIGENT woman had been portrayed, and we were given a vamped up version of Dick Dastardly, and yes, she finally caught her pigeon, and oh so smartly fell through the glass ceiling which she KNEW was going to smash but yet continued to reach for it, not even contemplating that after years of deception, she could get Sydney's help, and still get the Horizon with some quickly constucted story.

    Make no mistake, the actors were fantastic. Top notch, as always. It is the writers who will have to live with this. Perhaps they transferred some feelings from within themselves into Arvin Sloane; they can, for eternity, remember the hurt they've caused, only have themselves to blame, and they can have all the time in the world to think about it.

    Well done to the cast. You did phenomenally with what you were handed! And it's always good to see Lena Olin back! Oh, but where was your onscreen sister, Katya? Well, perhaps a fellow reviewer of this episode can answer that, the show must've got "LOST in the shuffle". Or maybe in the CRUISE they seemed to take this season, and all their slacking off, it was just IMPOSSIBLE to do.

    Nevertheless. 5 great years. 50 unforgettable moments. 500% from JJ overall. And 5000 times a day, I wish it were coming back.
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