Season 5 Episode 17

All the Time in the World (2)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 22, 2006 on ABC

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  • Everyone praising this episode has no idea of just how horrible this episode and all of its previous episodes (excluding the first two seasons) are.

    After the fourth season of Alias, I learned to stop taking the show seriously. I started to have hope for the fifth season, but then it turned out just as crappy as the third and fourth. And this season finale makes the entire show just seem like one big joke.

    For one thing, Tom's death was horribly written. I especially love how he asks Rachel out, hears her say yes, and then decides to stay in the subway car and be blown up. And Sloane becoming immortal? What the hell is that?!

    If this episode hadn't been the series finale, then I might not have been that upset with it, but after three straight seasons of epic fail I expected the Alias crew to put in their best efforts and make this episode cause me to forget the past faults of this show. To quote John Locke from Lost, "I was wrong."

    The whole fifth season made me want to kill someone. I never understood why they couldn't just kill a character off and let them be; they resurrected almost every single character they killed off on the show, and then used the dumbest excuses known to man.

    "Oh, but he's actually an excellent swimmer!" (Vaughn)
    "Oh, but Jack had given him an injection to mimic death!" (Sloane)
    "Oh, but she had been doubled!" (Irina)
    "Oh, but Jack had given him an injection to mimic death!" (Vaughn)

    Not to mention when Nadia was eaten alive by the cray rabid dog people of Russia that had been driven mad by a giant red ball in the sky. They never actually explained how she survived that. She didn't even have a single scratch on her once she was seen again walking in the subway.

    Then she comes back again in the fifth season, only to end up falling on a piece of glass and slitting her throat. If you're gonna bring a character back only to kill them off, at least give them a somewhat good death.

    All in all, Alias was a ridiculous show, and the finale didn't even make the feeblest attempt to help the show redeem itself for its last three seasons of epic fail. What a disgrace.
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