Season 1 Episode 22

Almost Thirty Years

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 12, 2002 on ABC

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  • What an end for a season

    Ok.. When last episode was high space high stakes all the time, then this one had some points lower motion but stakes where really high - Sydney and her father dealt with the paper and realized that what the man is building.. and they both went against CIA and SD-6 to save Will.. and that article is going to be published.. no good can come from that.

    Anyway.. all goes back to Taipei where it all started in season start.. and again that man.. and "the Man" too.. finally Sydney mets him. Father gets Will but what happened with Vaughn?

    Stunning ending for this season.
  • Y ahora?

    Finalmente luego de largas travesías a lo Desmond Sidney se encuentra con su madre, la persona más peligrosa y despiadada del mundo. Y me pregunto: valió la pena? Para qué? Para qué buscar algo que sabemos nos desilusionará tarde o temprano? Para qué sufrir cuando es tan simple dejar de vivir para el mundo social tan hijo de p*** (como estoy pu***ndo ultimamente...
    Por qué esa continua búsqueda de aquello que o nos hace sufrir o simplemente nos sirve de nada? No lo sé... seguramente sea una consecuencia de vivir, porque vivir es sufrir, y el que no esté dispuesto a hacerlo que se disfrace de cobarde y se tire por el balcón.
  • Review

    In the Season 1 finale of the TV show alias Sydney and Vaughan must destroy a Rambaldi device to save her friends life and Jack makes a deal with Khasinau's representative named Shark the Alliance of Twelve makes a decision about Emily Sloane the Wife over Mr. Sloane who is the head SD-6 the CIA thinks that one of the own is a mole for the man all in all great ending to the season and a socking ending to the episode which is the biggest and best cliffhanger of the season and the mission of the episode where great as they always are and are not dull nor boring end
  • Review

    I like how a lot of questions were left unanswered in this episode, something that I would expect from a JJ Abrams finale. I can see why this episode is rated very high, but disagree that it is the ebst episode of the first season. There were a coiuple of other JJ written episodes that I thought the writing itself was better and this was not my favorite of those episode. I thought "The Man" being Sydneys mom was a cheap part of writing by the writers and is the only thing I disagreed about. I saw that shock coming from a mile away. Either way, Sydneys mom will be a huge part of the second season and how she gets out of the current situation will be interesting. The fate of Vaughn is still unknwon and I cant wait to see if he is alive or if he is dead. Sloane placing something into Emilys drink and walking away from her was shocking...right after I read another review and realized that he in fact put something in the drink in the first place. I missed that at first. Solid finale, what I would expect from JJ Abrams.
  • This was a great finale for the first season. Leaving us with a huge clifhanger.

    This was a great finale for the first season. Leaving us with a huge clifhanger.

    One thing I liked about this episode is that the chinese torture guy from the pilot was back torturing Will this time, the same way he tortured Sydney, by pulling his teeth out.

    The first season also ended the same way it started, with Sydney hancuffed to a chair wearing a wig, this time a blue one.

    Will surprised me by not breaking down while he was being tortured, he proved he was strong. And I loved how he got the guy who tortured him right at the end.

    Now I'm left wondering what happens to Vaughn, did he die? Did Sloan really kill Emily, or is there a reason he told her the truth about SD-6? And what will Syd do now after finding out that her mother is "The Man"?
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