Season 1 Episode 22

Almost Thirty Years

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 12, 2002 on ABC

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    I like how a lot of questions were left unanswered in this episode, something that I would expect from a JJ Abrams finale. I can see why this episode is rated very high, but disagree that it is the ebst episode of the first season. There were a coiuple of other JJ written episodes that I thought the writing itself was better and this was not my favorite of those episode. I thought "The Man" being Sydneys mom was a cheap part of writing by the writers and is the only thing I disagreed about. I saw that shock coming from a mile away. Either way, Sydneys mom will be a huge part of the second season and how she gets out of the current situation will be interesting. The fate of Vaughn is still unknwon and I cant wait to see if he is alive or if he is dead. Sloane placing something into Emilys drink and walking away from her was shocking...right after I read another review and realized that he in fact put something in the drink in the first place. I missed that at first. Solid finale, what I would expect from JJ Abrams.