Season 4 Episode 16

Another Mister Sloane

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 20, 2005 on ABC

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  • A Slone and His Clone.

    Season four started off badly. Ah, who am I kidding? It started a complete mess! Obviously annoyed at the various Rambaldi-oriented storylines which made many viewers have their minds go all melt-y, ABC demanded more "mission-of-the-week" episodes which, to be honest, stunk. Thankfully, this episode sees Alias kicking into gear with some awesome action scenes, cool missions and a bad guy unlike any we've seen before.

    Another Mister Sloane renewed my faith in Alias. Early season four consisted of the exact same episode framework: something happens somewhere, there's some talk in APO, mini-mission, more talk in APO, big mission, near-death situation, closing talk in APO, Sydney/Vaughn scene, end credits. We all know Alias jumped the shark as soon as The Francinator popped up but at least the storylines were so bad that they were entertaining, from Spy Mommy to Crazy Lying Lauren, every episode was a masterpiece, be it the action scenes, the acting, the plot twists or the A-list guest stars. This episode rocked from start to finish...

    Joel Grey is absolutely excellent as the Sloane clone. His mannerisms are almost akin to the real Sloane and it helps that Grey looks freakishly identical to Ron Rifkin. Though you half expect him to start jumping around, bursting into song in some crazy Cabaret moment, Grey steals the show from start to finish.

    Nadia's worry that Sloane will become immediately obsessed about Rambaldi all over again appear pointless to her APO colleagues but the final moments of Sloane brutally beating his clone's henchman to death and turning to his daughter with blood streaking down his face prove that Sloane is undoubtedly going to go down that route again...

    Michelle Forbes is a highlight of the episode. One of Hollywood's most underrated actresses, best known for her roles on TV in Homicide: Life on the Street and 24 as well as the movie Kalifornia, she is excellent as physicist Dr Maggie Sinclair and is completely believable during the graphic torture scenes. Seeing her scream in pain as Cloane's henchman uses a belt sander to get answers out of her just isn't nice to watch...

    The mini-mission of the week is one of the best in ages. The zoom-in on "Super Cool, Catch Me If You Can-Like, Coffee-Cup-Holding, 1960's-Lookin' Flight-Attendant Syd" is the best shot of the episode and Sydney noticing the creepy-as-hell Sloane clone in the opposite elevator, followed by Roberts' elevator getting blown up is another awesome moment.

    This is a masterpiece of an episode with non-stop action, a nail-biting mission and some excellent special effects. Looks like some genius just resuscitated the dying Alias.