Season 4 Episode 16

Another Mister Sloane

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 20, 2005 on ABC

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  • Another Mister Sloane

    Another Mister Sloane: The Return Of…
    (a.k.a. my first review)

    I began to watch this episode, on my computer as usual and also as usual I had a pen and paper in my hand. It’s just a habit I developed, every time I watch my TV shows on my computer I doodle or I write down quotes as they pass by me… I don’t know what it is that makes me want to do this but it’s just my “thing”
    In the first few minutes of this episode of the ever-brilliant Alias I began to take notes, yet today I deliberately tried to make a pattern out of them. After I had written down a few points I happened to jot down a quote I like.
    Then it hit me… I could link my patterns and use my quotes to form a review of the episode.

    Quite often I find a recurring theme in each episode and for this the recurring pattern was the return of…Another Mister Sloane featured the return of many things previously seen in Alias

    The Return Of Arvin Clone

    Yes, he may have never left after appearing in the last ep but I need a place to discuss this mysterious character. I am assuming from what I have seen and what I have read this guy actually thinks he’s Sloane (It’s Alias, anything can happen) this makes him just a teeny-weeny bit insane… Why pretend to be Arvin Sloane? Well evidently Sloane seems to be the foremost authority on Rambaldi so in pretending to be him he gains an instant status in the world of Rambaldi. Another already proved theory is to be able to use his contacts. Sloane’s been involved in the intelligence world for more than 30 years (from what I can gather) and in that time has probably gained an impressive contact database.
    Obviously Arvin Clone holds some interesting potential. He’s managed to re-introduce Rambaldi into the world of us Alias freaks, but what more is to come from his character? A big Sloane/Clone face off hopefully… and maybe a look into Clone’s endgame would be nice (i.e. What the giant red ball is for)

    The Return Of The Red Ball

    Just when you think you’ve seen that last of something… Purely by coincidence one week before watching this ep I watched “Enemy Walks In”, the first ep of Season 2. This episode was the last time you see that big red ball until now… It was always a mystery what this ball was, or what it was for. The water inside the ball contained the disease that almost killed Vaughn mid Season 2. The choice to bring back the ball was an intriguing one considering the real Sloane never built it, yet Mr Clone who seems to believe he is him is in the process of building it, maybe it’s about what Clone thinks Sloane should have done, or should be doing.
    So what does it do? Apparently it’s a battery for some other Rambaldi artefact, so what will this artefact do? Being as obsessed with spoilers as I am I have a rough idea of what it might do, although even then I’m wrong more than 50% of the time. All I can assume is that the big red ball will most likely become a battery for something that will either pose a great danger or lead to something that could cause great danger (like The Telling, that seemed harmless only spitting out the word “peace” {and some brainwaves I think????} but then lead to the passenger, but that didn’t exactly cause damage... oops there goes my theory.) Well you get my (longwinded) point.
    The Return Of A Kidnapped Scientist By Arvin Sloane To Help Build A Rambaldi Device

    The titles kinda longwinded but does anyone else feel the déjà vu? Late Season 2 Arvin kidnapped Christian Slater (okay so he had a different name but I can’t remember it and can’t exactly be stuffed looking for it) to help create the Firebomb thingo that targeted people and turned then in ash and here is Arvin-II kidnapping Margaret Sinclair to create The Big Red Ball. It wasn’t such a drawn-out story this time and I think we may have seen the last of this scientist, either that or she’ll return for 5 mins next week for a debrief where she spills the goss on what Clone’s doing.
    All in all she was kinda irrelevant to the story… (in my humble opinion anyway)

    The Return Of Rambaldi

    So technically the guy reappeared last week when Vaughn had to steal a manuscript being transported from the DSR but this week it was full on Rambaldi once again and I loved it! It was a great story and a great way to reintroduce the character that seems to make Alias what it is. I was kinda let down by the lack of Rambaldi in Season 4 (which is shaping up to be the best season in my opinion) and now he’s back and hopefully here to stay. Rambaldi adds something to Alias, the way it draws viewers in, it creates mystery and it’s something that we’re given bit by bit, it’s been 4 years, yet we still want more. To be honest I don’t know if I want to find out what the whole Rambaldi endgame is just yet (as mentioned in the ep and discussed in here later on) because I’m not ready for all the Rambaldi-ness to be over.
    What I do want to see is someone cast as this character… I wonder if that will ever happen.

    The Return Of The Bridge

    Okay so it’s nothing but a measly bridge, in this ep it’s the place where Sydney and Vaughn tell Jack about Sloane’s evil schemes and it was (I’m pretty sure) either the same, or very similar to, one of the last places Jack saw Sydney before she disappeared for 2 years. In the last ep of Season 2 Jack met Sydney here to discuss the possible duplicity of Will or Francie (one of the two the details are sketchy) and when it appeared today I just remembered. It’s really of no relevance to the story but it give me a feeling that we’re pulling back to what Alias used to be mixing everything old we loved about Alias with new people, stories and agencies to create something that’s even better.

    The Return Of The Sphere of Life

    It itself didn’t return but it was mentioned. I’m assuming it was what Nadia was talking about in Sienna that she and Sloane went to find at the end of Season 3.
    We never did learn exactly what it was, only that Sloane used it as yet another bargaining chip to get the CIA on his side. To be honest I feel like it’s another Telling, which we didn’t see for 18 eps after it was first mentioned. I think there’s a chance this might have something to do with the upcoming Rambaldi fun and games, in fact I hope it does because the 18-episode deadline is 2 eps away….

    The Return Of The Double

    So this time they might not be so genetically-identically convincing but the war of the duplicates is back.
    What is it about having people pretending to be main characters on Alias? It brings a certain interest and to me a certain frustration (not with the story itself just with wanting the other characters to know). Back in the old days of season 2, about 3 or 4 years before this episode is set we all wanted Sydney to discover Francie was a double and start screaming at the TV it’s not Will it’s Francie!! This time around at least they all know who’s “doubled” as such and who the double is.

    The Return Of Sloane’s Relationship With Rambaldi

    When I say relationship it sound like a love affair, yet that is what it almost is. He’s denied himself of it for almost a year yet being faced with the prophet once again it seems that the relationship has been rekindled.
    It seems that Sloane may love Rambaldi yet the appeal is lost on me… what is so important about this guy to Sloane??
    It seems that this obsession will shape the story of the episodes to come in one way or another.
    One way that I have come to viewing this obsession is likening it to that of a drug addict and drugs. It does something to them... a great feeling that eventually is short lived then they’re out looking for the next high (or artefact) Sloane cleaned up his act, for the sake of his Rambaldi-related daughter but on seeing it and on feeling the Rambaldi-ness once again, he’s hooked.
    What will come of Sloane and his dependency?? Who knows…

    The Return of The Rambaldi Picture of Sydney

    Ahh yes, the portrait the wonderfully artistic Rambaldi drew of Sydney centuries before she was born. It was enlarged and hung on the wall of the DSR Vault, it caught my eye and I added it to my list. This picture reminds us that Sydney holds an involvement in all this Rambaldi business, will she hold any major part, being the Chosen One, in the up coming Rambaldi storyline? It seems that this may be a possibility..
    Oh deary me, there’s just too much to ponder when it comes to Rambaldi and these storylines.

    The Return of Omnifam

    After disappearing sometime during late Season 3, some guy Sloane knew reminded us that Sloane once started a charity. The way this man spoke it was almost as if Sloane had an ulterior motive when it came to Omnifam… Which he did, in a way, he confessed to starting the organisation to access information unavailable to him in order to find Nadia, yet this motive was not the evil one the contact implied.
    Just hearing the name again made me think, although it probably had no relevance to any future storyline.

    The Return of “The Agreement”

    As mentioned earlier this season Jack and Sloane have an unspoken (well unspoken to us) agreement that involved Ylena Derevko and their respective daughters. I hope before the season we learn what exactly this agreement is and whether or not it’s legit. It seems to be one of these things that the Alias writers dangle in front of our face, a mystery to intrigue us then refuse to explain.

    The Return Of The Immortality Theory

    Yes, this was the big one. All along we have been lead to believe that Rambaldi was about immortality yet it appears we have “bough the rumour” and now are simple-minded dilettantes*. Well what can it be about then?? With the endgame most likely rearing it’s head before the Season’s end it’s hopefully a question quickly answered. That’s one thing about Alias, it will give you lots of questions and then never answer them or won’t answer them for weeks to come.
    With Rambaldi most certainly back on the Alias agenda they’ve gotta be planning a big conspiracy that will hopefully shock us all yet now it has nothing to do with what any of us have been lead to believe for the last 2 years, or 4 years in Alias time.

    *Dilettantes – It took me forever to find the correct spelling for this word and subsequently the correct meaning but now I know and for those of you who are as blonde as I am I will provide the meaning for peace of mind.
    Showing frivolous or superficial interest; amateurish; "his dilettantish efforts at painting"
    Dabbler: an amateur who engages in an activity without serious intentions and who pretends to have knowledge


    “You ask me, both of them give me the creeps” – Roberts
    (Well put, summing up most people’s opinion of Arvin Sloane/Clone)

    “You want me to do to you what I did to my wife?” – Jack
    (I read this quote before I watched it and assumed it was Vaughn that said it to Sloane or something... I was happy to see the way it was used with Jack angry at Sloane thinking he caused Irina’s death)

    “You dangle bait in front of a man like that, you lose a hand” – Roberts
    (Seemed appropriate advice for anyone in Alias world)

    “Some place safe – like Mars?” – Roberts
    (Also seemed appropriate to those involved in the world of Alias, there is almost no place on this planet that is safe)

    Sydney: “I saw him at the hotel, it was only for a moment but I know now what Roberts was talking about. The man – the impostor, everything about him is Sloane, his clothes, his posture, the way he looked at me, it’s the way you look at me”
    Sloane: “And how is that Sydney?”
    Sydney: “Lets just say it’s equally disturbing”
    (An exchange that perfectly voiced Sydney’s hidden hatred for the man that killed her fiancé and fooled her to working against her country at the same time as being quite funny)

    “You don’t know what I saw. Last year when my father and I went to Sienna, the closer we got to finding this artefact that he wanted the more he began to change. I saw him slipping away from himself, his passion, this desperation to connect with Rambaldi it completely overtook him. He became a different man, his eyes were mad, lost. I didn’t want to be around him after that. The only reason I came back to join APO was because he promised me that part of is life was over.” – Nadia
    (An insight into the Rambaldi-ness that we missed at the end of last season)

    Jack: “Weiss, make sure the jet is on standby, co-ordinated an in country rendezvous with Sloane for 1200 hours.
    Weiss: “1200, Jack it’s me, you can say noon”
    (The comic relief we need from the ever-funny Weiss)

    Sloane: “The only limitation that was necessary while I was at the DSR is you. When I was studying those manuscripts, the only thing my thoughts kept retuning to was you. I was surrounded by symbols of all the things I once believed in and it all felt meaningless. Having a daughter – knowing you, means more to me than anything ever has or ever will”
    Nadia: “What about Sienna?”
    Sloane: “I can’t change what you witnessed in Sienna but I can assure you that that man you saw there no longer exists.”
    (Firstly we get to see the fatherly Sloane, the reformed man that Nadia wants him to be, ironic because the man they are talking about resurfaces about 5 minutes later… Also another titbit of info about whatever went on in Sienna)

    “All our years working together, this is the first time I’ve been with you in action, up close.” – Sloane
    (Quite surprising that in her many years of working for him at SD-6, they don’t end up working together until on a mission with the good guys.)

    “Is that was you think this is all about, immortality? You bought the rumour you simple minded dilettante!”
    (The sentence that changed everything we thought we knew.. So what is Rambaldi about??)


    Sienna – Location Of The Sphere of Life??
    Names used in reference to the double – Arvin Clone (my fav), Marvin Sloane, The Rolling Sloane.
    Sydney recognised Arvin Clone without ever seeing him before
    Sloane spoke about a mission 4 years ago in Moscow involving Sark. Obviously a mention of a Season 2 mission.. but what one??
    The look on Sloane’s face when he saw all the Rambaldi artefacts in the DSR vault, talk about a kid in a candy shop who hasn’t been allowed candy for a year….
    The giant ball is a battery??
    The Giant Ball has been animated a bit differently this time around.. it looks less like a golf ball and more like a spherical ocean
    Margaret Sinclair is the name of the scientist (just noted it to remember, as I forgot the name of her Christian Slater counterpart)
    1500 Corta-Burrerou Santine, Santiago (definite spelling mistake there, I’m just writing phonetically) The address of Clone’s operation
    Sloane as a CIA field agent, first time in 30 years??
    Arvin Clone’s office quality aint in keeping with the real Sloane’s… just goes to show he might not be exactly the same
    Jacquelyn?? What’s that, who’s she. Obviously this name has some relevance to Sloane and Mr Clone knows why. So is it a person, if so who? Is it to do with love, Rambaldi or is there something we don’t know about?
    At the very end, one of the final frames of the ep it looks like the blood on Sloane’s forehead spells out KILL, unintentional or sick joke?

    What’s In A Name?
    This was another self-explanatory episode name, with it clearly taken from the Sloane duplicate.

    Lack of Syd/Vaughn relationship time, coming after a ep which ended in Vaughn telling Sydney he could never leave the ones he loved (i.e. her) this episode barely recognised their couple-ship (but then again I’m a hardcore Sydney/Vaughn Shipper so maybe it’s just me)
    Nadia and Weiss, a couple posing as a couple at the hotel, they work well together.
    The return of the Red Ball and all things Rambaldi, ahh… memories

    Scene of the Ep
    The scene in which Arvin bets the crap outta Clone’s henchman, apart from being a little gruesome (which I can handle) it gave us a lil bit of info towards Rambaldi and allowed us an insight into what Nadia might have seen in Sienna. The scene also allowed Ron Rifkin to demonstrate his excellent acting ability, bravo!

    P.S. – I just went to my fav Alias site and discovered that in fact the season 2 scientist played by Christian Slater was called Neil Caplan.