Season 4 Episode 16

Another Mister Sloane

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 20, 2005 on ABC

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    I liked all of the "because thats I would do" moments in this episode. arvin calling that the elevator was about to crunch all the way down to the bottom because that is what he had Julian Sark do in an earlier season, loved it. I also liked the part about the password.

    Good season the entire team in action again as well. While Vaughn was off on his father-hunting adventure there was a lot of two-person teams going into these missions. I like the missions where the entire APO team has to get involved and this one was no different. I liked the scene with everyone in the hotel, even though it ended badly.

    The end of the episode was the highlight, the climax if you will, of the episode and high point of the season. Sloane beating down the man with a wrench was ruthless and I loved it. Is Arvin back in the game with Rambaldi? Likely, but not yet I dont think. Loved the ending scene, the only parts I didnt like were the scenes with the scientist lady and the imposter Arvin Sloane. I wasnt feeling the evilness from him and I thought those scenes were the only downsides to the episodes.