Season 4 Episode 2

Authorized Personnel Only (2)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 05, 2005 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • In the scene where Sydney is crawling through the vent in the museum the footage was, in fact, unused footage from the Season 1 two-parter "The Box" Parts One and Two.

    • Sydney's cover for APO is that she works in a bank, the same cover she had for SD-6.

    • Marshall drives a Mini Cooper.

    • Another mistake: In Brazil, all public telephones are blue, but in this episode, they show a black one. The clothes Vaughn, Nadia, Sydney and Jack are using aren't used by Brazilians. They are a total misconception about the way they dress. And that square doesn't look like a Brazilian one.

    • Marshall says there was an earthquake in Brazil, in 1944, which was the reason why the tunnel was reinforced. However, there was no earthquake in Brazil that year. There was, however, one in San Juan, Argentina which measured 7.4 on the Richter scale.

    • Goof: Sydney steals the sword from London, but the police sirens we hear are French. Obviously a generic European siren by the sound effects dept! Plus the Police car used by Jack Bristow is straight out of the 1980s - Hardly fitting for a 2005 cover.

    • When Sydney is picked up by Jack after the robbery, he is driving a mid 1960s Ford Zodiac police car in full livery - similar to the type used in the popular '60s police drama Z Cars. Why he should have access to a 40 year old police car, and why the real police arriving on the scene don't think it rather odd is never explained.

    • Goof: When Sydney stabbed Tamazaki with the sword, it went through his body but didn't penetrate the shirt on his back. Surely a sword so sharp would cut easily through a thin cotton shirt.

  • Quotes

    • (Sydney and Weiss are at Sydney's house)
      Weiss: I just... I just don't see it, you're working in a bank? C'mon, what kind of a job is that? Cashing checks, making change, "Excuse me, next in line please."
      Sydney: I'm a loans officer, I travel, service accounts.
      Weiss: Wait a minute, that cover job you had for SD-6?
      Sydney: I happen to be good at it.
      Weiss: Great! That's stimulating stuff, watching someone else's cash, Syd come on seriously since you left the spy biz you're a bore!
      Sydney: It's an adjustment is all... are you sure you don't want to stay for dinner?
      Weiss: I'd love to, but I've got to go save the world, see you.
      Sydney: Bye.
      (Weiss goes to the door and opens it, Nadia is standing there)
      Weiss: Hello.
      Nadia: Hi.
      Weiss: I'm Eric Weiss, 38, single...
      Nadia: Nadia.
      Weiss: How are you?
      Nadia: Good (To Sydney) Is this a bad time?
      Sydney: Not at all Nadia, this is Eric he was just leaving.
      Weiss: No no no, I can stay... (Sydney waves Weiss goodbye) or go. Nice to meet you.

    • (Jack and Sydney sit in total silence waiting for a contact)
      Jack: This is the best conversation we've had in weeks.

    • Marshall: (To Dixon) How cool is this? Steal a sword so we can fight a bad guy, in order to catch and even bigger bad guy, come on come on you would have never let us do this back in the CIA, you know, when you were double breasted series robot Dixon... not that you were... just... a little authoritative... I'm sorry.

    • Sydney: You were hired to kill me? Who hired you?
      Tamazaki: Sydney... Assassin/Client privilege.

    • Nadia: I swear to God... somehow, I will find out who did this to our mother... and I will kill him. I will.

    • Marshall: Okay, Phoenix, you are hot... and I mean that in many ways.

    • Jack: I'll make you a deal; you cooperate with us... That's it.
      Man: You don't frighten me.
      Jack: Then, clearly you're an idiot.

    • Marshall: The only guy we have left is Sark and that's only because he's in custody. I hate that guy, I mean, really, kinda scares... although I did go visit him... twice... just to see a familiar face. We had eggs.
      Weiss: Don't do that.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Marshall: Okay, Phoenix, you are hot... and I mean that in many ways.

      In Egyptian mythology, the phoenix is a mythical sacred firebird, which is reborn from its own ashes at the end of its life-cycle. It is a symbol of the resurrection, of immortality, and of life-after-death.

    • Marshall: Merlin to team.

      Merlin is the name of the wizard featured in the several accounts of the Arthurian legend. Marshall was given this name because he is a computer wiz.