Season 4 Episode 22

Before the Flood

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 25, 2005 on ABC

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    With all the hype on the forums about this episode (many people consider it there favorite) I would have thought that I would have enjoyed this episode more then I did. This, from my standards, is the worst season finale of Alias to date. Almost Thirty Years had the connection with the Pilot that I liked a lot, The Telling was...The Telling, and I am one of the rare people who thought the entire hour of television in Resserection was very well done. Before The Flood simply doesnt hold a candle to the season finales that came before it.

    Save for the ending scene, I thought the rest of the episode was really bad. And, depending on how they play the finale cliffhanger in the next season, could be one of the most heart-wrenching stories of all time. Sydney and Vaughn, after four years of torturing us with there on-screen connection, finnaly get engaged only for Vaughn to possibly come clean about something that could end it just like that?? The next episode is going to make or break this entire show for me, why establish something for four years just to take it away? It doesnt make sense. Moving onto Bill Vaughn. Why would Vaughn chase her father down only to be revealed his name isnt Micheal Vaughn? Is he Bill, why go on the wild goose chase if he isnt who he was supposed to be. The finale is confusing and unlike Reseruction and Almost Thirty Years, the next episode has a lot of explaining to do. And if Micheal dies - worst waste of my time ever.

    The "Resident Evil" based storyline for the final episode wasnt my thing either. Im all for millions of people dying if they drink water, but turning into flesh eating zombies that turn other people into zombies? Also - how is Nadia pushed to the ground and surrounded by 8-10 zombies, only to be fighting them off in the next scene? Thats impossible. Dont know why this is the highest rated episode of season 4, all four of the episodes before this one reminded me of why I watch Alias. This one brought me back to season 4 as a whole - stupid and...zombies. Only thing missing was an ice man.