Season 3 Episode 20

Blood Ties

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 25, 2004 on ABC

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  • Vaughn to Sark:"Holding that almost look like you've reached puberty."

    Vaughn to Sark:"Holding that almost look like you've reached puberty."

    As its title suggests,this episode is about family ties,whether it's Vaughn with his father and his wife,Sloane with his newly discovered daughter or Syd with her newly discovered stepsister and her dad.(Did I miss anyone?!)

    First of all,a big clap in honour of the Alias crew for the very smart choice to cast Mia Maestro for the role of Nadia.I mean,when you see her,you can't help but notice how remarkably looks like Lena Olin.But she also has a little of Garner.When she cries,a vein appears on her forehead which is similar to that of Garner's when she plays an emotional scene.And she's argentine intelligence.Is it some kind of curse which has befallen the Derevko family that each of its members is a spy or what?Not that I'm piqued.On the contrary,I find it brilliant that the sister duo will be kicking some ass together in the future.Well..if they don't kill each other in the meantime!

    It might have taken some centuries,but Sloane finally,finally took off his humanitarian mask and started going back to his old habit which is being a Rambaldi follower.("All I want to do is to protect my child..."Oh,come on,give us a break..)I have to say that I just love the evil Sloane.I remember him saying that Jack and Syd were all he had left,but here,he was more than willing to sacrifice them in order to escape.Yeah..that's the old Sloane.Now,he has injected Nadia with the green elixir and is waiting for Rambaldi's message.What is Rambaldi's endgame,anyway?Will we find out anytime soon or will it take yet another whole season for the writers to give us some answers?

    The scenes which stole the show here were the ones with Vaughn,Lauren and Sark.The highlight of the episode was Sark torturing Vaughn.Alias always makes sure to deliver the darkest,creepiest torture scenes which make your heart pound like crazy and I'm always left satisfied.As for Lauren,for one more time,she demonstrated her excellent acting skills,playing the repentant wife who finds a chance to atone for what she's done to her husband.Vaughn was thinking about forgiving her I think,but what she did later on really let him down.Poor Vaughn,as if learning that his father was a Rambaldi follower wasn't enough,he saw his wife attempt to kill him.This definitely was a rough day for him...

    ...and this was another excellent episode which I totally enjoyed.I hope we get an equally excellent finale,now that the season is drawing to an end and things are starting to sort themselves out.


    --Ok,I know that Rambaldi was a genious,but green globs that merge to form a battery?Come on,this was way too far-fetched...even for Rambaldi.The special effects were pretty good,though.

    --So the green liquid Sloane had injected himself with was an elixir.And I used to think he was just getting high!

    --I really enjoyed watching Sloae play "Back from the dead".Those Trust guys must have been shaking in their boots,especially Marlon Bell.The look on their faces when Sloane entered the room was priceless.

    --I wanted a big,passionate Lauren and Sark kiss in front of Vaughn.I'd die to see his reaction.

    --Acting as if in catatonic state was really smart.It seems Nadia didn't take only Irina's beauty,but also her cunning.

    --The truck explosion was cool.It's been ages since we last saw one.

    --This episode's locations:Washington,D.C.;Chechnya,Russia

    --This episode's hilarious alias:Syd poses as a dinosaur expert,totally geek.Her pout to that guy in order to get into the Smithsonian vault was screamingly funny.Jennifer Garner is just amazing.Give her anything and she'll do it.

    Notable Quotes:

    Vaughn:"I know how my father died."
    Brill:"You don't have a clue."

    Sloane to the 5 Trust members:"Greetings from the dead,gentlemen."

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    I really like this episode a lot just because it begins to tie thigns up as we draw closer and closer until the Season finale. The convenant should be on the way out in the next couple of episodes, or at least that would be my guess. Every season has a theme and by the end of the season the theme is usually taken care of. Sark might live on, just because he is the greatest villian ever, but I dont see Lauren making it into the fourth season alive and well. Arvin finnaly turning against the CIA was a long awaited battle that took almost an entire season. Once he got what he was searching for he was able to put aside the CIA and go back to his true endgame, finding his daughter. I love the way that season three has explained to us why he changed from the man he was to the man he is today, he did have a secret agenda all along and I for one am not surprised.

    Loved the entire episode from beginning to end. I liked the five retinal scans that were needed to obtain the fluids that made the Hourglass work. I liked the torture scenes with Sark / Lauren / Vaughn, including the fake rescue attempt and how Vaughn was able to figure out it wasn't really Dixon on the phone with him. I also liked the end of the episode with Sydney breaking her sister out of the prison and then having Sark try and take her from the team. Overall, fantastic episode and I cannot wait to see where this new character brings the show.
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