Season 3 Episode 20

Blood Ties

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 25, 2004 on ABC

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    I really like this episode a lot just because it begins to tie thigns up as we draw closer and closer until the Season finale. The convenant should be on the way out in the next couple of episodes, or at least that would be my guess. Every season has a theme and by the end of the season the theme is usually taken care of. Sark might live on, just because he is the greatest villian ever, but I dont see Lauren making it into the fourth season alive and well. Arvin finnaly turning against the CIA was a long awaited battle that took almost an entire season. Once he got what he was searching for he was able to put aside the CIA and go back to his true endgame, finding his daughter. I love the way that season three has explained to us why he changed from the man he was to the man he is today, he did have a secret agenda all along and I for one am not surprised.

    Loved the entire episode from beginning to end. I liked the five retinal scans that were needed to obtain the fluids that made the Hourglass work. I liked the torture scenes with Sark / Lauren / Vaughn, including the fake rescue attempt and how Vaughn was able to figure out it wasn't really Dixon on the phone with him. I also liked the end of the episode with Sydney breaking her sister out of the prison and then having Sark try and take her from the team. Overall, fantastic episode and I cannot wait to see where this new character brings the show.