Season 5 Episode 8


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 07, 2005 on ABC

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  • STARK IS BACK!!!!!!

    long live julian stark! this is the best ep of the season so far. david andrews as julian stark is one of main reasons i have stuck w/alias. he's so amazing and hot! he almost makes you want to root for the bad guys, lol. yeah, you could see rachel hooking up with him from the moment they met, but she totally needed that. the good girl definately needs some spice in her life. afte reading some of the summaries for the rest of the season, i am really looking forward for some more sark and the fireworks that accompany. without sark this ep probably gets about a 7, with him 9.5. long live julian sark!
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    SARK IS BACK!! I couldnt have been more happier when I saw him get onto the elevator with Rachel during the first eight minutes of the episode. Julian Sark has everything that I loved in the show during my favorite season (Season 3) HIs overall...apperance and amazing acting make pointless scenes fun to watch. What was the point of the bar scene and the lovemaking scene - nothing really. Just a way for her to find him after the mission was over. Even if the writers made that scene go a little long - David Anders plays the part so well that I loved watching every minute of it. I felt the same way about Ron Rifkin every time I saw him in season 1. Sark is manipulative and cold and watching him walk right by Dixon/Thomas/Rachel at the end of this episode was perfetc. I hope he returns.

    Seeing Rachel on the mission instead of Sydney is still getting an odd look from me. Rachel isnt the fight um' up in your face kind of girl, shes scared and tried to do everything the way the CIA is supposed to. I like the change it up in most cases. Her scene in the hotel was fun to watch and I liked the rescue scene with Jack and the woman from British Intelligance as well. Overall, favorite epsiode of the fifth season - but I think David Anders is the main reason for that. Season 5 is picking up, Im just hoping it doesnt stumble coming down the home strech.
  • This is a Rachel episode. Finally we get to see and get to like her character much better. And just nothing beats her little adventure with Sark.

    This episode has two wonderful things in it: Sark is back and Rachel evolves.

    I think Rachel was somewhat supposed to be a 'replacement' for Sydney as she is pregnant and can't really go on missions anymore. But Rachel does such a great job.

    Finally out in the field, all on her own she does amazing spy work and plays her role exceptionally. Also, she's super sexy somehow.

    My personal highlight of this episode is when Bob aka Sark and Lydia aka Rachel meet at the bar because both have time to kill. Rachel takes Syd's advice and opens herself for 'a little more fun'.

    It's so funny, they are both there at the hotel for the exact same reason, their organizations are playing each other but they don't and it would have been so much different if Sydney had gone on this mission.

    Their chat at the bar is just amazing because the audience knows both of their stories, how it really was, and they both try to reveal them in a non-obvious way. As they go up to their floor and have this little mini fight about what room to take to have sex in it's just so funny because they have all of their secret agent stuff lying around and don't want to show it. It's a real highlight.

    Then they also have this big final at the pulse device that threatens to kill them. Rachel takes the strong part and verbally knocks Sark out.

    This episode is simply amazing for her development. Unfortunately the whole hostage situation seems to mess the episode up...
  • All in all this episode was very fun and it made me wish Sark was in it more. Hopefully he will be back.

    This was a fun episode and it was nice to see Sark back. I loved how on the mission Rachel and Sark flip-flopped each others accents and the mini-battle about whose room to go into to have sex. Tsk tsk Rachel....I don't think when Sydney said to have fun she meant sleep with an extortionist, murderer, kidnapper (the list seems to go on forever doesn't it.) Sark's appearance this season I have to say was much better then his last, when he apparently seemed to be pulling a Sloane on us and trying to be all good and out for justice (turning Ana Espinosa in). Because....let's just say it.... a bad Sark is just so much more fun then a good Sark.

    So Sark and A.P.O (A.K.A. the apple store as Erin from put it) were both after a micro-pulse bomb, which similarly reminds me of the dooms day device back in season two's "Firebomb", which Sark also coincidently was responsible for setting off. I'm wondering where Sark has been for the past year since he ran off from A.P.O. Maybe he's somehow involved with Prophet 5. Just please leave him bad....we already have a Sloane we do not need another baddie gone goodie.

    Way on the other side of town Jack and (I am thinking former lover) his MI-6 lady agent "friend" got kidnapped. The scene when the MI-6 agent was getting knifed in the hand was tense. I'm guessing now she will have to tell her husband the truth about what she does or think of a very good lie as to why she has a hole in her hand now.

    All in all this episode was very fun and it made me wish Sark was in it more. Hopefully he will be back.

    Funny Lines:

    - Rachel: "Just so we're clear. You approached me. You were the one who was stupid enough to let me into your room. And afterwards, you were the one who wanted to cuddle."

    - Jack: "I'm going to be a grandfather. A young grandfather." Keep on dreaming grandpa.

    Final Rating: 4 out of 4 stars

    - Tim Bronx
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  • While the lovefest with David and Rachel was leaning toward the pointless side, I can\'t deny that I was loving it the entire time.

    I can pretty much say that I don\'t really know what went on in this episode besides Julian/Rachel. The juxtaposition of innocence on the part of Rachel and cunning from Sark was delightful. Throw in the twist that neither could grasp the hilarious irony of their situation, and it can only be described as \"ali-esque.\" High-risk ignorance has been done on the show before (Francie, Sophia, all of season 1), but we love it.

    Apart from the predictable yet indulging writing for this episode, the Sark/Rachel affair was truly gratifying, for a number of reasons. First of all, Sark is my favorite character on the show, plus he\'s hott, so who doesn\'t want to see him naked? All girlish fantasies aside, though, I love seeing David\'s character develop, and to get in his head every once in awhile (even though its gotten very rare, and in this ep. it seems like his head has traveled a little farther south).

    But this brings me to my next point. As far as I\'m concerned, season three was a waste, and Lauren did just as good a job fooling Sark into thinking he was in love with her as she did with Vaughn. Sark did not love her. and I\'m glad to see he\'s finally seen the error of his ways, and moved on.

    All in all, was this portion of the episode mostly pointless? Yes. Did we love it anyway? Yes, you know why? Because we need a break from the action every once in awhile. If you can get some humor, irony and tension in an episode while providing (some) plot development, and have it all revolve around Sark and his delicious charm, who could lose? Not me, that\'s for sure.
  • Horrible

    This is my least favorite episode of Alias yet! It was simply horrible. Sark is sooooooooo out of character it was amazing the creator let it be aired! After this episode I was sick. First Sark doesn't notice that Rachel gets there at the same time as him, has a room right next to him, is bored when he is bored, has to leave when he has to leave. So, not only does he not notice that, he leaves his passport in plain sight along with his ticket to the Bahamas. So, he goes to the Bahamas and doesn't run once he sees Rachel or once he sees Sydney. Then to top off this horrible episode, he does it for free. He actually turns down money and does it for LOVE!?!?! This shows why the show is getting canceled. A total disappointment.
  • A Love Scene for Bobby Long

    A major improvement on the past few episodes, Bob sees the eagerly-awaited return of Mr Sark, who reappears and continues his successful track record of sleeping with the majority of the female cast.

    In the episode, Rachel is sent on a solo mission and falls for (and eventually sleeps with) an American scientist called Bob. What Rachel doesn't know is that Bob is in fact Julian Sark, the very British evil genius. Meanwhile, Jack meets with an old MI6 agent but a mission goes wrong, causing both of them to be abducted and tortured...

    David Anders unsurprisingly excels throughout the episode and his appearance is used in a much better way than his slightly pointless guest spot last season. Both Anders and Rachel Nichols have great on-screen chemistry and are convincing as their alter-egos, Bob and Lydia. This episode also gives Anders the opportunity to use his natural American accent, instead of his usual evil-British-man voice.

    The team-up between Jack and Agent Powell is also fun to watch and the torture scene is one of the most tense moments of the season so far, with both of Powell's hands being shot at close-range.

    Bob is an excellent episode but suffers from the one main problem as the rest of the current season: uninteresting bad guys. Come on writers, when are you gonna serve up some big bads which aren't as menacing as a milk carton?
  • Sark's back.

    Sark and Rachel actually work and they look good together. Although, he started the episode being bad, at the end he showed another side. One that wasn't all bad. I hope he will be around for a few more episodes since this is the last season. Perhaps if the show had been left on Wednseday night like last season the ratings would have been as good as they were last year.
  • Sark is my guilty pleasure in this show.

    Always exciting to see Sark in the show. This time we have a chance to observe him in a different way and to discover that he\'s somehow romantic. I sincerely hope they will use this character and this plotlinethoughout the season, that is making Sark walking towards a good path but without abandoning his witt and naughtiness . Thanks to Alias for bringing out David Anders. What a talent!
  • I love Sark

    This was one of the best episodes ever. sark was wonderful, he and Rachel are the perfect couple, i hope that he appear soon because i loved see them together, the scene on the room front and after on the bed was the best scene of all episodes. I hope that J. J. bring Lena Olin and Mia Maestro soon. Sark, Irina and Nadia like regulars on the show was the best thing that could happen. Without them is not the same thing. i hope that they do more episodes like this. Somebody know what is the next episode with Sark? If you know please tell me.
  • Sark var grym!

    Alias är nog på topp just nu och det är nof bra att de slutar snart, David Anders som Sark är som chocklad med mjölk det passar utmärkt ihop. hoppas att de får med alla de andra till våren Lena Olin ska ju vara med, men ingenting är officelt ännu tror jag, nu till avsnittet det var otroligt spännande!
  • WOW! SARK! is back!!

    Nu är det så att jag tyckte att det här avsnittet var väldigt bra med david anders som sark, bra var också rachel hoppas att det forsätter så här bra, nästa gång e ju vaughn med undrar om han är död eller inte? hoppas inte det det skulle va coolt om han kom tillbaka;
  • The show has officially jumped the shark.

    Ever since she got pregnant the show has gotten worse and worse. Rachel hooking up with Sark and Sark saving Jack is the last straw. The writers ripped off the storyline if the other agent being married to an ambassador from the news. The show is not Law and Order folks, leave that to them.
  • Overall, this episode continues to incorporate elements from previous seasons into the fifth season arc while taking Rachel that much farther down the road towards competent field work.

    Since the previous episode aired, a great deal of information has come forward regarding the “cancellation” of the series and the plans for the final 10 episodes or so. In terms of timing, it sounds like the decision was made after a few more episodes were already in the can or at least written. What that means for the season arc is unclear, but there’s plenty of reason to believe that the writers were already on the path towards a likely series finale. The current news only makes it more imperative that the writers develop a strong exit strategy.

    The inclusion of Sark in this week’s episode was another good move towards weaving this season’s plot arc into existing series mythology. While very little was mentioned regarding his past activities, and how exactly his involvement with Yelena in the fourth season and subsequent escape translated into this episode’s gambit, there’s every reason to believe that this is a step in the right direction.

    Another big step is taken in terms of the shift in character focus. Sydney was firmly in the background for the majority of the episode, with the lion’s share of the plot revolving around Rachel and her growing comfort with field work. Rachel Nichols continues to do a great job as the naïve yet resourceful young agent, though it’s clear that enjoyment of this episode will hinge greatly upon enjoyment of Rachel’s performance.

    From that point of view, there are good and bad points. Jennifer Garner was always able to toss out accents in a convincing manner, even if purists would cringe and point out mistakes. The point is, the vast majority of viewers were able to suspend disbelief. Rachel, at least with a British accent, does a good job, but now and then, her accent slips. The same is true for David Anders, though, so as usual, it comes down to personal preference.

    Was the audience ready for a Rachel-heavy episode, right down to a love scene between her and Sark? Were they ready for the possibility that Sark would, in fact, want to step outside of his typical role and, even for a little while, find comfort in the arms of a stranger? The odd part is not that this happened, but that the writers were willing to show that side of Sark this late in the game. (No doubt, it will appeal to those with the “he’s not really that evil!” philosophy.)

    A lot of emphasis will be on Sark’s appearance in this episode, and not only because it betrays a certain lack of background training for Rachel. Wouldn’t it be expected that the new agent would be briefed on the activities of the past several years, and wouldn’t that include Sark? Whatever the case, the emphasis is also based on his popularity with women and his presence as a character and the fact that this series can have no excess of morally questionable support characters.

    The other side of the episode had the potential to be quite interesting. Jack’s background has always been one of the better aspects of the series, even if it was radically changed between the end of the third season and the beginning of the fourth, when that third season finale threatened to overturn too big a cart. In this case, it makes sense; Jack’s old contacts would be a logical source of information regarding the infiltration of intelligence agencies by Prophet Five.

    It was even interesting to see Jack and his old friend in a situation that would usually involve someone like Sydney and Vaughn in previous seasons. But it was a bit too easy for the Prophet Five personnel to discover Jack’s plan and counter it. It suggests that those intelligence agencies are not just infiltrated, but rather, that they are overwhelmingly staffed by Prophet Five personnel. It just doesn’t come together as well as it could (or it just wasn’t clear enough this time around).

    Of course, it would be easy to dismiss this episode, and the next few after it, as filler. After all, the real fun will come when the writers finally stop avoiding the Rambaldi references and fully embrace the series mythology, now that there’s little point in simplifying the story for new viewers. But is that the case? For those episodes to work within the structure of the series as a whole, Rachel and the other newer characters will need to be “up and running” by the time the endgame comes down.

    This episode is another step in that process, and while it had its weaker moments (sometimes the “witty” dialogue can be annoying, for instance), it also continued the process of integrating past plot and character elements into the fifth season arc. No doubt, that process will continue with the next episode, which promises to focus more strongly on the season arc and its larger implications. It may be a few episodes until the audience gets to see how the writers step up to the plate for the final swing, but in the meantime, the groundwork should not be overlooked.
  • Hook-ups and lost loves and bullet wounds, oh my!

    I'm gonna be really sad when Alias ends this May. It's hard to find shows where there's always something going on, even if nothing is going on. See, even if there wasn't much of the overall plot discussed in all of the Alias episodes, there was always a new country to go to, a new accent to fake, a new hair color to try, and so on, and so forth. And if we found out something about Rambaldi or Prophet 5, then it was a bonus! Sadly, this may be one of the better shows to leave TV.

    On to the episode:

    Sark is back. As Bob. And he hooks up with Rachel. As Linda. FRICKIN' AWESOME.

    See, that's something that could never have happened with Sydney. She was always in love with someone, so she was never really that free to flirt and have fun. Rachel, however...daaaaammmnnnnn.

    I loved just about everything about this episode. The Sark/Rachel hook-up, how their fake backstories and accnts matched up, their banter at the bomb. Say what you will about Rachel, but I like her. Dixon's role as that Tunisian truck-driver, and the Jack/Elizabeth semi-romantic, major sexual tension sub-plot were just awesome background for it all.