Season 2 Episode 20


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 27, 2003 on ABC

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  • He was alone.....

    It seems that the witers of this show want absolutely everyone to suffer. Can you spell r-e-v-e-n-g-e?

    Dixon was hurt by his wifes dead. Offcourse, this is logical. But this poor guy, really goes the wrong way. Self-medicating and going on a kinda aggressive hunt for Sloane is not how to overcome your pain.

    Both Sloane an Dixon have lost someone, and they both almost gave everything up after it happened. But they didn't. Sloane got a weird scroll (*what* was that?) and Dixon had a heartbreaking moment on bridge. He's gonna be there for his children, like he should.

    Sydney clearly knows what Dixon is going trough. She knows like no one else, how it is to loose someone because of Sloane. Also because of that, and she just trusts and loves him, she lied for him. I think she did good. Mainly because Dixon turned himself in, wich was wise, but also because that man is going trough enough now. He needs a friend he can trust. It's sad she had to lie to Vaughn, but I think he understands. Especially after her cute speech about her parents :) ("I never had anyone to dissapoint before. That's different now")

    When I saw Sark standing there and talking to Sloane about the mission I just wondered: WHY is Sark working for them. He seems very smart, but it doesn't seem like he has his own big plans. It just occured to me we never had an explantion why he joined Sloane ( other than destroying the Alliance) is he also deperate for Rambaldi? I hope we'll find out soon why Sarkie-boy is in the gang.

    Seems like Marshall had a flirt :) The man is incredibly cute, and deserves some love so that's ok. There just seems to be something off with that girl though :S Aah, well maybe that's just my suspicious mind :P

    On the action scenes: very, very cool. I loved the sword fight, and later on Dixon and his bomb. I'm always a big fan of the ...days earlier thingie and this one was very good indeed. I knew Vaughn wouldn't shoot!

    So Rambaldi made a robot-heart? He really is a mystery, and now Sloane is going to find out more. I thought the whole mountain thing was kinda weird but ok. Sloane's glasses were incredibly cool though!

    Good episode, as all epi's have been lately. The show should work some things out, though. This season is ending (:'(:'() and I just thought about and there are some loose endings that should be solved. I trust these writers, though :)