Season 4 Episode 7


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 16, 2005 on ABC



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    • Sloane: We have no intel on that woman. You'll be going in blind, Sydney.
      Sydney: We know enough. She has gossip rags all over the room, which means she's fine making a mess- so we know she's not a one-night-stand. Her shoes cost more than most people's monthly salary, so she either has money of her own or access to Tambor's. Either way, empty champagne bottles, her side of the bed- this girl likes to party. But her boyfriend would rather stay in and watch TV their last night in Monaco. So she's bored. Most likely pissed off.

    • Nadia: Wait a minute. I hate that perfume. It has a weird patchouli smell.
      Sydney: See under the bed? The slingbacks?
      Nadia: Champagne bottles on the nightstand.
      Sydney: Check out the magazines.
      Nadia: Designer purse.
      Sydney: It's a shot.
      Weiss: What's a shot? What're you talking about?
      Nadia: I know where to get what we need.
      (Nadia leaves the room)
      Weiss: Wait a minute. Where's she going?

    • Nadia: Never imagined this... I didn't even know spies where real, until I was recruited.
      Sydney: From school?
      Nadia: From a juvenile detention home.

    • (Sloane identifies a terrorist)
      Marshall: You know this guy?
      Sloane: It's an old friend.
      Marshall: Bad ass friend.

    • Sydney: Do you really want to engage in a conversation about what is and is not acceptable? Everyday I work here, I see your face in briefings, I hear your voice in my ear during missions, and you want to know what it's like? It makes me sick to my stomach, having to pretend the past never happened, that you're not the same murderous, criminal, sociopath you were three years ago, it makes me want to retch- if you want to talk unacceptable... that is unacceptable.
      Sloane: I assumed that you had accepted the fact, that I've made amends for my past.
      Sydney: Amends? Francie and Danny are gone... yet here you are... and every where I look, I'm reminded of the man who killed them.

    • Sloane: Mention my friend Dr. Haleb...what I did to him, after he betrayed me.
      Sydney: I assume you haven't forgotten Dr. Haleb...what Sloane did to him?
      Sloane: (narrating to Sydney via commlink) The sound of his own screaming woke him up. He saw everything burning around him, including his own flesh.
      Sydney: (to Orissa) The fire...the smell of his own flesh burning, the screams...
      Sloane: I imagine he spends his days...nights...wishing I had finished the job. Wishing that he were dead.
      Sydney: (to Orissa) His body doesn't work, but his mind does. He's a living corpse. Sloane didn't show enough mercy to kill him.
      Sydney: (as Orissa hesitates still) Let me tell you something I know: Arvin Sloane is cruel. He's inhuman. If you make this difficult, he will come after you. And not just you.Your friends will not be spared. Your family will not be spared. If he chooses to let you live, you'll spend every waking minute of your life reminded of what he's cost you.

    • Sydney: Would you mind telling us where that intel comes from? Or are we all supposed to rely on your questions asked.
      Sloane: It's a fair question....but one I'm not inclined to answer, unless you need me to explain the essential nature of confidentiality.
      Sydney: No, I'm all caught up on that, thanks.

    • Nadia: The development of Black Thorine violates how many treaties?
      Sloane: Twelve, to be exact.
      Marshall: Well, there's a reason. I mean, it's a mega-breakthrough in explosives. It's odorless, undetectible, I, uh...ran a simulation. Check it out.
      Marshall: (Whistles after everyone sees the video) Huh? I leveled an entire city block, and that just a little drop of Black Thorine...imagine if you add the whole...vial...Actually, it's a really...depressing take on progress.

    • Sydney: (to Sloane) I wanna make something clear. I will never forgive you for what you've done to me. To the people I love. No amount of time or distance will ever change that. I'll see you tomorrow.

    • Marshall: Sorry, I'm not much of a sports fan. More of a scrabble club type.

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