Season 4 Episode 8


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 23, 2005 on ABC

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  • 'Hello, Sydney.' - Anna.

    Has it really been 3 seasons since we saw Anna last? That's hardly right; she's such an amazing nemesis for Sydney! Gina Torres returns with a bang, some Rambaldi branding, and a joyfully bizarre showdown in an L.A. fashion boutique – oh how I have missed Miss Espinosa!

    After so many stand-alones, it feels right to fall back into Rambaldi territory in a rather big way, and we're introduced to a new driving arc – Sydney Vs Nadia. Two extremely likeable characters are destined to exchange blows and bullets with only one sibling to remain standing (and breathing). It's hard to wonder at this stage in the game what exactly will drive these two to such drastic measures, but I have faith in the writers! It's also nice to finally have the Rambaldi symbol explained in full.

    Fans dislike this season, but for me, it repaired a lot of the damage created by the 3rd season (a flawed, but highly enjoyable year that's extremely underrated). I love that Syd has a group outside of work again in the form of Nadia and Weiss. It's a wholly different from her relationship with Will and Francie, but it's equally as mushy and warming. I was really looking forward to Syd's lunch with Nadia, but I was not expecting Anna to show up and kidnap Syd's little sis.

    I think every show should have an Anna. Buffy had Faith. Angel had Angelus. Mal had YoSaffBridge. The Winchesters had Meg. A character that's not necessarily a main one, but shows up every now and then just to put our lead in their place, followed by a nice ass-whooping. It splices things up and keeps stories fresh. _

    We get a little preview of what to expect, as Syd and Nadia unexpectedly aim both of their guns at one another, as prophesised. Of course it's all turned on its head as Anna shows up and blows a chunk out of Nadia only to flee away before anything can be done about it. It's a shocking cliff-hanger. Nadia's wellbeing is never called into question, as Mia has a 22-episode contract this season, but it's still an OMG moment. A really great episode of Alias. The boutique fight sequence was fantastic! Sark is back, too…not much of a fan, but it's always nice to see familiar faces, even one that's as smug as his.
  • Review

    And for the first time in season 4 we have back to back good episodes from the writers of Alias. Everything isnt all solved in one episode and things are looking up from the writing perspective.

    Lets begin with the appernace of Anna once again. I love watching Anna comeback, mainly because its the one person who on this show always seems to get the better of Sydney in a fight. I mean, people always seem to hurt Sydney a little, but none like Anna. Anna could have killed Sydney several times in the first season and two times in this episode if she wanted to...she just has Sydneys number when it comes to fighting.

    Also...the re-apperance of the greatest villian to ever break onto Alias - Julian Sark. Leading the men to the fake storage area and then leaving us all speechless as he tries to break a deal.

    Moving onto...the ending, which for the first time this season left us with a cliffhanger like feel that Alias does so often and to such perfection. One of the better episodes of the fourth season, enjoyed it from beginning to end.

    Vaughn: This isn't CRF headquarters.
    Sark: You're a genius.
  • Echoes

    Echoes – Familiar Faces

    The first half of a two-part episode was one that a lot of people were looking forward to, for one main reason – familiar faces. Echoes marks the return of previous Alias stars David Anders and Gina Torres (aka Julian Sark and Anna Espinosa) and also incorporated the return of the mysterious prophet Rambaldi.

    The episode can be summarised in the theme familiar faces, some of them were gone for a long time, others for not as long, yet all have the theme in common.


    It was strange to see the return of a character we haven’t seen since season 1 and to be honest I wasn’t sure if the story could live up to the hype, the expectation – it may not have been my favourite episode ever but it certainly wasn’t bad. Anna’s character had an effect on the story, on Sydney, in a way no other could because of their history together. Having her back in the show can add to or change a story’s dynamic because of the tension and drive that she brings to the missions and to Sydney.
    In a way, apart from her effect on the likes of Sydney I didn’t quite see why she would have a connection with Sark, of course they’re both bad guys yet other than that there would seem no obvious reason for them to be connected, meh it’s Alias world – things rarely make sense.


    After abandoning the storyline for a little while having what used to be the centre of the show back in focus was a nice touch, to have all these people return in one episode, why not bring back Rambaldi too? Surprisingly all that he was in there for was Anna’s involvement and to re-introduce the prophecy between Nadia and Sydney – rather than having him the reason behind some of the missions, I think that bringing back some of the mystery, things that effect the missions would have been nice yet the way it came about was good enough pretty much. I feel that the reason behind the return of Rambaldi’s prophecy where Sydney and Nadia fight was because the writers were like oopsie, we forgot all about some major revaluation that could effect everything, I think we better bring it back. To be honest, in my opinion something like that needs a constant build up through a few episodes rather than the speedy reintroduction that this had.


    I just love this guy, seriously he’s awesome, his accent, the things he says and the things he does all rock, I seriously can’t believe that he’s not a regular. Seeing him again was awesome, everything he did was just so cool; I think I’m getting carried away here.
    In all rational honesty it was about time we saw Sark again, he brings something to Alias that just makes it so good, the scene where we see Sark and Vaughn in the prison was priceless.
    It was typical Sark playing along with APO’s façade just “for the bubbly” and it was a nice touch instead of the stock standard style that most people have become accustomed to

    Nadia’s Return

    She wasn’t quite gone for long but to the characters seeing Nadia return was seeing a familiar face, finally, after a scary kidnapping experience. Her reunion with Weiss was very sweet although I would have thought, lacked affection, for two people supposedly in love we haven’t seen any kissing or hugging going on, maybe it’s got something to do with the fact JJ knows Grunberg’s wife, lolz.
    When Nadia was reunited with Sloane I was kinda creeped out by his dad-ly-ness, it was like the way Sloane talked to Sydney back in SD-6 days, gives you the feeling he might not actually care.
    The only real greeting after her kidnapping was Sydney’s who looked very happy to see her and expressed her happiness in a non-creepy non-distant way, just sisterly, and that’s the way it should be.


    So technically she didn’t return but we had a mention of her, and we discover, for now, she is actually dead – you never know in Alias world. It was weird to hear Sark saying that she was the woman he loved – you always got the feeling it was just a fling thing rather than some whole-hearted committed relationship, it was kinda cool anyhoo, so it doesn’t really matter whether it was a fling or not.


    Sydney: “She’s supposed to be dead”
    Jack: “So are a lot of people”
    (A hint towards certain people perhaps?)

    Jack: “The category of force you chose to exercise will remain classified”

    Dixon: “There are people out there who want you dead, thankfully we’re not one of them”

    Guy: “Your reputation is well earned – still I wish I were younger”
    (Tehe, creepy guy though)

    Anna: “One day whether you choose to or not, you will help me destroy her”

    Sydney: “Please tell me this is not about what I think it is”
    Sloane: “If you had faith you would know what I know”
    Sydney: “Faith in a 15th century lunatic?”
    (Tehe, nice Sydney moment)

    Sydney: “I just wish the ghosts would go away”
    Vaughn: “Tell me about it”

    Vaughn: “Open it up”
    Guard: “Procedure dictates –“
    Vaughn: “We’re old friends”
    Sark: “Actually, given our shared intimacies with your late wife, I may even go so far as to say we’re family”
    (Nice, although his logic isn’t quite straight)

    Sark: “Mr Vaughn your timing is impeccable – the last of my broken bones has healed and I sit before you a fresh canvas for your aggression. Before we begin whatever inquisition you’re here for there’s a pesky question that has been lingering in my head, do you mind?”
    Vaughn: “Alright”
    Sark: “Was it the infidelity or the espionage that motivated you to kill the woman I love?”

    Vaughn: “That wasn’t for sleeping with the woman I was married to, I couldn’t care less about her”
    (Nice how Lauren’s name is not used and she is not referred to as his wife, only as the woman he was married to, as if it was done against his will, which it was actually)

    Sark: “So it’s begun”
    Vaughn: “What?”
    Sark: “Wouldn’t you like to know”

    Sark: “I regret to inform you Mr Vaughn, I’m not afraid of the dark.”

    Sark: “For the bubbly of course”
    (Typical Sark)

    What’s In A Name?
    Echoes from the past, such as Anna, Sark and Rambaldi

    Scene of the Ep
    Sark and Vaughn in the call

    No Rambaldi in the missions??
    Sydney and Anna fighting