Season 4 Episode 8


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 23, 2005 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • The symbolism of the Mark of Rambaldi is explained.

    • Sydney tells Nadia about the time she and Anna met in the stadium in "Parity."

    • Goof:
      Marshall must be kidding when he suggests to order food into the top secret black ops division of CIA which supposedly doesn't exist and which is located at the far end of an underground station. Yet, they got their Chinese somehow.

    • Sydney says Espinosa was a Soviet agent raised in Cuba. That's the opposite of what was said in "Parity" when Anna first appeared. There it was said she was born in Cuba and raised in Russia.

  • Quotes

    • (Sydney's off to a meet with Anna Espinosa)
      Jack: This is a surveillance, not a boxing match, can I trust you to maintain your professionalism?
      Sydney: She brings out the worst of me, but yes of course.

    • (Anna Espinosa has abducted Nadia)
      Sloane: She won't kill her, it's not her destiny.
      Sydney: Please tell me this isn't about what I think it is.
      Sloane: If you had faith, you would know what I know.
      Sydney: Faith in a XV century lunatic. (turns to Jack) Dad, please tell me Rambaldi is not dictating procedures.

    • (Weiss has been on a date with Nadia)
      Vaughn: She compared you to ice cream?
      Weiss: Vanilla swiss almond, which is really a significant flavour.
      Vaughn: I'm not saying it's not.
      Weiss: And then she says that I'm a big spoonful.
      Vaughn: Yeah, which you took as a compliment.

    • Sark: Gentlemen. Were you expecting a bigger party?
      Vaughn: This isn't CRF headquarters.
      Sark: You're a genius.
      Vaughn: Where are we?
      Sark: Nowhere. In particular. And that's the truth. Just a nice place for a chat. Really, Michael. Don't look so shocked. You couldn't have had such low expectations of me. Now with regards to your previous request. I will help you locate CRF leadership. But as always, you must do something for me in return.
      Vaughn: Why the charade? If you were going to cooperate why run at all?
      Sark: For the bubbly, of course

    • Sloane: Come on, know of Anna's beliefs. You know the lengths she'll go to see them realized.
      Sydney: You wanna talk about beliefs!? This is something you wanna discuss? From where I'm standing, it was your mad obsession with Rambaldi that dragged both me and Nadia into this endless pit of confusion. So, given that, let me ask you: What is it you believe?

    • Vaughn: This is how it's gonna be...and I'm only gonna give you one shot at this. The CRF... they've hired Anna Espinosa. They're building a bomb. Why have they made repeated attempts to contact you?
      Sark: So it's begun.
      Vaughn: What has?
      Sark: Wouldn't you like to know?
      Vaughn: Well, you're gonna tell me...what they're planning and where they're located. And if you're fishing for some kind of pardon agreement; it's not in the cards. But I am willing to provide you with certain amenities that will make your life in confinement a little more comfortable.
      Sark: I see your bargaining skills have gone the way of your manhood...
      Vaughn: Let me rephrase that: I'd be willing to leave you with what you already have and not make your life more uncomfortable.
      Sark: I don't see that there's much left to take away.
      Vaughn: You stonewall me, and I'll have you shipped to Alder Penitentary, and I'll have you secured in darkened solitary to the end days. 24/7 in a pitch black cell with zero human contact is a slow way to die. Especially with all the demons you've got in your closet; and believe me, they will come knocking.
      Sark: I regret to inform you, Mr. Vaughn....I'm not afraid of the dark.

    • Vaughn: (to the guard) We're old friends.
      Sark: Actually, given our shared intimacies with your late wife, I may even go so far as to say that we're family. Mr. Vaughn, your timing is impeccable. The last of my broken bones has finally healed and I sit before you a fresh canvas for your aggression. But before we begin whatever inquisition you're here for, there is a pesky question that's been lingering in my head. Do you mind?
      Vaughn: Go ahead.
      Sark: Was it the infidelity or the espionage that motivated you to kill the woman i loved?
      Vaughn: The woman you loved?
      Sark: Yes. Loved. You know, she once actually told me that she longed to love you... but the mundane existence you provided couldn't hold a candle to my passion.
      (Vaughn punches him)
      Vaughn: That wasn't for sleeping with the woman I was married to. I couldn't care less about her.

    • Jack: In the next 24 hours, Sark should lead us to CRF headquarters. We'll put a tactical team on stand-by. For now, we wait.
      Marshall: Who wants to order Chinese? I'm starving.
      (Marshall continues to talk nervously as Jack and Vaughn give him identical stares.)
      Marshall: Thai? Indian?

    • (Marshall places a high tech tracker on Sark)
      Marshall: That's not the only modification Mr. Bristow authorized, the tracker is packed with a high density explosive, just enough to blow off his melon, in case he tries to go off book. You mess with a friend of Flinkman? You're messin' with Flinkman.

    • (After fighting Anna in a boutique in Beverly Hills)
      Sydney: She can have the blouse.

    • Sydney: I just want the ghosts to go away.
      Vaughn: Tell me about it.

    • Anna: Your sister... she's a curse. You see what happens, don't you? To everyone she loves. One day, you will be asked to pay the price. Today... you will feel a little bit of that.

    • Anna: You look like her... your mother.
      Nadia: Don't waste your time trying to scare me.
      Anna: (amused) You are scared. I would be scared, too... if I did not understand what this was all about.

    • Anna: There's something I need you to do for me, Sydney. (Scornfully) I must say I have been looking forward to working with you again.

    • Jack: Anna Espinosa.
      Sydney: I... She's supposed to be dead.
      Jack: So are a lot of people.

    • (Talking about one of Weiss's affairs)
      Vaughn: How is that different? When it ended, you were all like... weird.
      Weiss: Weird how?
      Vaughn: You were building ships in built many, many ships in many bottles over many, many months.
      Weiss: Yeah, that's called a hobby!
      Vaughn: Hobby!? You locked yourself in a closet for a month, and...
      Weiss: Tell me you don't still think about how I got those ships in the bottles...

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Marshal: Why is everybody picking on me, seriously. It's hard work.
      Making fun of George Bush and his "It's hard work" line he likes to use in his speeches. Anyone who has seen the SNL skits will understand.

    • Visual: Sydney ripping her dress off.
      Sydney's impromptu transformation into a hooker echoes Jamie Lee Curtis' scene in True Lies.

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