Season 2 Episode 19


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 30, 2003 on ABC
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Sydney defies her father in her attempt to rescue a kidnapped scientist, while Sloane, seeking revenge, becomes more dangerous than ever. Meanwhile, Francie manipulates an unsuspecting Will for his agency connections.

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  • Review

    I loved seeing the Caplan story be revisited, it showed me that the show will go back to old storylines that we thought were long forgotten. Finding out Caplans wife and him were really a living and breathing Irina/Jack was really cool to watch Jack try and handle. He looked at Caplans wife and Irina, even though she was nothing like Irina at all. Jack couldnt believe that everything she was working for could be so easily torn apart by the love she actually had for him. I loved the entire storyline. Dixons wife dying in the end was amazing. I dont know if the car was meant for Dixon, but it was blockbuster either way. I love endings like this that make you have no idea what is next. Dixon is sure to be reeling in the next episode - I just hope we dont have to go through a long process of another funereal. Either way - this episode is fantastic and one the best episodes of the entire second season, even the whole show.moreless
  • Truth takes time part II?

    ...Well no. Not at all. The plot differs. However, the episode shares the same pace, and issues as the previous one.


    -- Marshall

    -- Will getting some screen time

    -- Neil at the end

    That's all. Unfortunately, the russian plot left me cold, and it seemed to be a big filler.

    Francie is annoying me, the writers are dragging it out for too long. I missed Kendall in this episode, but Jack finally became his old self by the end.

    There's a thing about Vaughn... I like him, I really do. But ever since him and Sidney are in 'real' love, I just find his character much less interesting.

    Overally, the pacing and the unneccessery subplot killed the episode for me.

    The ending was shocking, but I hope it wasn't shocking so the writers would have an excuse to write off Dixon - he's a really good character.moreless
  • "A wife for a wife"

    Sydney still doesn't believe that her mother could have betrayed them but Jack is certain that she has. They still don't know how the earings were transmitting the message to Syd.

    Sydney gave Vaughn a drawer. It was a little silly having all his stuff in a backpack when he's spending most of his time over at her place, but I had to laugh when he put the backpack (without unpacking) into the drawer.

    "A wife for a wife" Sloan found out that it was Dixon who shot Emily (thanks to evil Francie using an unsuspecting will again). Poor Dixon, just when he & his wife were getting along now that he's joined the CIA Sloan gets evil Francie to Kill her. Great way to end the episode. Now I'm certain that Dixon will want to kill Sloan just as much as Syd does.

    I love how Syd managed to outwitt her father when he had her followed. Jack should know his daughter better than that by now. I just love how she made a simple disguise for herself in the drugstore & walked out in plain sight of the guys who were watching her, with a bunch of girls.

    Who would have guessed that Neil Caplan is NSA and that his wife Elsa is another Russian spy. Remind you of someone? Well she reminded Jack of Irena. Difference is that it turns out that Neil knew all along about his wife being a spy & that she really loves him.moreless
  • It's drawer time!

    That pour Neil. He's been captive for months by Sark, Irana and Sloane (:S) all to get back to his family. His spying, but loving family. I thought the whole Wife is a spy was a little too much. We've seen this before ( this was all clearly a reference to The Bristows ) and it's just weird to think there are more family's like this. I did love the fact that Elsa loved him. It was so cute the way she reacted about her son. Maybe there's a chance for Jack and Irina after all ;)

    So Jack was the real boss this time. And I didn't like the way he acted. He was too....hard. It was great that Sydney was to fast for him, though!!! Very smart with the hair and stuff. Jack didn't like it though :P.

    Sydney & Vaughn....aaaah. They have a drawer now :) It's going very good between them , and it seems that Jack isn't really happy about it. But I am!

    Sloane was in grieving-mad mode. He really misses her, which is kinda cute but I stay with my opinion that it was his own fault. I did drop my mouth with the ending! Wow, I didn't see that coming at all! :S Dixon is going to go on a revenge hunt is my guess.

    This is not a very long review, but I have to do some things for school. I also just heard that Alias got cancelled, wich isn't really a big surprise but it still hurts :(moreless
Kevin Weisman

Kevin Weisman

Marshall J. Flinkman

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner

Sydney Anne Bristow

Merrin Dungey

Merrin Dungey

Francine 'Francie' Calfo

Carl Lumbly

Carl Lumbly

Marcus R. Dixon

Ron Rifkin

Ron Rifkin

Arvin Sloane

Michael Vartan

Michael Vartan

Michael C. Vaughn

Tracy Middendorf

Tracy Middendorf

Elsa Caplan

Guest Star

Yosen Peyankov

Yosen Peyankov

Morgan Nickovich

Guest Star

Jess King

Jess King

Cell Block Guard

Guest Star

Greg Grunberg

Greg Grunberg

Eric Weiss

Recurring Role

Yvonne Farrow

Yvonne Farrow

Diane Dixon

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • When Sydney meets up with Caplan she tells him that he has "less than 60 seconds" to live. However, due to their conversation, Sydney actually takes more than a minute and 2 seconds total before she gets the pill out of his arm. Meaning that Caplan would've died, unless she was exaggerating how quickly it would affect him.

    • Goof: Irina's arm is bandaged around the lower arm and closer to the elbow. In the previous episode Sydney shoots her in the shoulder, so her bandage is extremely misplaced.

    • Factual error: When Vaughn arrives to the industrial building in Soria, Spain, we see some skyscrapers at the back. In Soria there are no skyscrapers, it's a typical medieval city full of historical monuments.

    • Caplan refers to Sark as a 'Blond' guy. Yet Sark's hair is now brown.

    • Goof: In the first scene, Irina has her arm bandaged around the elbow, yet a few scenes it's higher up the arm.

    • Goof: Sydney calls Weiss because she thinks that Vaughn's phone has been tapped. Weiss tosses his phone over to Vaughn, who holds it to his left ear - cut - and he's holding it to the right ear.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • (Jack stands in the holding cell taunting Elsa Caplan)
      Elsa: Look, my family is all care about.
      Jack: (Ironically) Your... family? The one you manufactured in order to steal field information?
      Elsa: You don't know anything about me.
      Jack: (Gloating) You couldn't be more wrong.
      Elsa: You're Sydney's father. Irina Derevko was your wife.
      Jack: Which makes me an expert on someone like you. It started as a job, a duty to your country, that it required you to prostitute yourself was a small price to pay, for serving the mother land. At first everything went as planned. Then, surely an got pregnant. You considered terminating the pregnancy, but selfishly, you didn't. You hoped somehow, that becoming a mother would redeem you- would absolve your guilt.
      Elsa: You're wrong!
      Jack: But you continued to lie and deceive both your husband and son.
      Elsa: I am not Irina Derevko!
      Jack (Angrily): I probably care more about your son than you do!
      Elsa: That is not true!
      Jack: If I have my way, you're never going to see your son again.
      Elsa: (Breaking into tears) Don't you dare take my son away from me! Don't you take my son away from me!

    • (Sydney's on the run and Vaughn's been aiding her)
      Jack: ...And just because you've gotten comfortable with my daughter, doesn't mean you should be comfortable with me. If you don't report your next contact with Sydney immediately, I will take action that you will regret it.

    • Weiss: She gave you a drawer huh?
      Vaughn: It was a gesture of convenience.
      Weiss: And uh, what did you put in it?
      Vaughn: Why do you care?
      Weiss: What do you mean, why do I care?... Do you know how spoiled you are? You know a drawer- I wish I had a girlfriend to say: "Hey, you want a drawer?"
      Vaughn: I'll give you a drawer at my place.
      Weiss: I don't want a drawer at your place.

    • Jack: I'm not willing to risk your life based on speculative intel you acquired from a Russian spy.
      Sydney: Why would she lie?
      Jack: That's precisely the question.
      Sydney: She turned herself in.
      Jack: She's not the first.
      Sydney: Dad, I realize we're talking about a Russian agent who betrayed her husband, but Elsa Caplan and my mother are not the same person.

    • (After Sydney gives him his drawer)
      Vaughn: I love my drawer!

    • Sydney: Vaughn. I mean okay, the backpack is getting a little ridiculous.
      Vaughn: What do you mean?
      Sydney: (She points to her bureau) The middle drawer, it's yours.

    • Sark: I'm like anyone, Mr. Caplan, what I want is that which I never had.

    • Weiss: (To Vaughn) If we end up sharing a cell in federal prison, I'm not giving you a drawer.

  • NOTES (2)