Season 3 Episode 15


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 14, 2004 on ABC
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Sydney and Vaughn must convince bomb maker Daniel Ryan that they are part of The Covenant in order to find out where he has hidden one of his devices. But Sydney discovers that her ties to the bomber could lead him on a suicide mission.

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  • Leonid to Ryan:"These are good people Daniel.You should listen to them."

    Leonid to Ryan:"These are good people Daniel.You should listen to them."

    This episode is just brilliant:it's fast-paced and full of witty lines and great performances from all the cast members(the only flaw was Lauren's absence which couldn't be replaced even from Gervais).It's definitely the best episode of the season so far(ok,"Full Disclosure" is still first) because it doesn't follow the standard format of the series(Syd on a mission in some forgotten part of the world,use of various gadgets).Instead,it uses our characters more essentially.This episode actually reminds me of "The Box I&II" back in season 1 cause they're very similar in that everybody's working together for the same purpose,which is to save innocent lives.

    The beginning of the episode with Weiss getting shot was a shock.I bet everyone was expecting Lauren to be the shooter and definitely not Syd.This scene set the pace for the rest of the episode.In fact,every scene seemed to give way to the next one very naturally.

    The plot was intriguing,clever and kept me on the edge of my seat until the very last seconds of the episode.I liked the unexpected turn near the end with Ryan pulling a fast one over the entire CIA.And I liked even more the fact that the "unimportant" man turned out to be his brother.They do wonders in that writing room!

    Ricky Gervais was amazing here.I've never watched "The Office",but now I'll certainly do(ok,I'm exaggerating a little bit).He may be a comedian,but he plays his role with such a seriousness and sadness that the whole thing seems very real.And he doesn't even force it!But the man who plays,Daniel Ryan,is one of the most unlikeable people on earth.He thought he could outsmart the CIA and he did actually,but then,of course,Jack took the matter upon himself and everything got back to normal.However,now the CIA have gotten a new enemy who certainly knows that payback's a b***h.

    Notable Quotes:

    Ryan:"This is a mistake.I've done nothing wrong."

    Weiss:"Tell that to the families of your victims."

    Weiss:"I was shot in the neck once,I can do it again."

    Jack:"Are you sure of this?"


    Syd:"That wasn't a yes.That was a no."

    Vaughn:"Mr.Ryan,I'm Julian Sark."

    Ryan:"They said you was a pretty boy."

    Sark to Vaughn:"Mr.Vaughn..tell me,you wouldn't happen to know an eight-letter word for "arrogant",would you?"

    Jack to Ryan:"There is no white light.Not for people like you."


    --Why go to such risks and lengths as to create a whole room,which is not an original idea by the way,instead of just simply going to Russia?

    --I'm wondering what Vaughn would have done on that plane,if he knew Sark had been screwing his wife all this time.

    --The highlight of the episode was Vaughn posing as Sark,complete with the british accent.

    --Ryan's bombs looked like fire alarms.

    --I've noticed that this year Alias is all about terrorist attacks.

    --Sloane with Barnett in bed?Will it last?

    --The building where the first bomb went off has been used countless times..

    --For how long will Lauren be avoiding the CIA's interrogation?

    --This episode's locations:Belfast,Ireland;Rome,Italy

    --This episode's aliases:Vaughn impersonates Sark.Syd goes under the alias of Emma Warfield;she wears a red wig and has a nose piercing.Magenta hair has its fair share lately.

  • Review

    The episode wasnt a gamechanger like Phase One or The Telling, but it was one of those episodes (similar to the episode earlier in the year with Sydney being broken out of jail) that was just written very well from beginning to end. I liked the fact that the episode didnt deviate from the main storyline with pointless filler scenes from Arvin Sloane and the phychologist lady. The one scene that showed that they were in bed together was perfect for the entire episode.

    What Lauren was doing during the episode makes me wonder, but either way the main storyline of the bomb on the plane was very well done. I enjoyed the flashback that showed the unimportant man who turns out to be very important later on in the show. Jacks scene where he strangles the man in order for him to give him the deactivation code was great. "There is no white light, not for people like you" was a great line - one of my favorites of Alias all time. I liked everything about this episode, perfection for me.moreless
  • A quality episode, love Ricky Gervas, strange cause I hate the office[I know,I'm the only person who,hates it.]I'm from southern Ireland so loved the Northern Ireland location. A real character based episode, but not a heavy as the rest of season 3moreless

    This was a good episode, as it took the characters out of the normal fantasy invroment, and dealt with the very really situation of Northern Ireland. This move is an unusual for alias, cause its usually an outlandish bad guy from russia or something, then a mission insuses and bad guy is foiled. this was a word heavy and kick ass lite episode, and I STILL LOVED IT, they should do more of these, and I also like the way they humanised Ricky Gervas character, also unusual for a one episode villian, it made for a emotional but not heavy epiode, a good restbit from the season 3 plot.moreless
Greg Grunberg

Greg Grunberg

Eric Weiss

Kevin Weisman

Kevin Weisman

Marshall J. Flinkman

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner

Sydney Anne Bristow

Carl Lumbly

Carl Lumbly

Marcus R. Dixon

Ron Rifkin

Ron Rifkin

Arvin Sloane

Michael Vartan

Michael Vartan

Michael C. Vaughn

Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais

Daniel Ryan

Guest Star

Griffin Dunne

Griffin Dunne

Leonid Lisenker

Guest Star

David S. Lee

David S. Lee

Bomb Squad Officer

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • Goof: When the bomb squad are trying to disarm the bomb in the first few minutes of the episode, the counter on the bomb clearly counts down past one and shows zero for the next few shots.

    • We learn the identity of the "unimportant man" Sydney killed in the flashback of "Full Disclosure."

    • Number 47: The deactivation code for the bomb aboard the plane that Daniel Ryan gives Dixon is 594-477-459-1124.

    • Weiss mentions the time he was shot in "The Enemy Walks In."

    • In the bar scene between Daniel Ryan and Agent Weiss, the extras' accents are in the wrong dialect. Their accents are clearly southern, and if you listen closely, one man mentions Cork.

    • The license/registration plate on the SUV that pulls up behind the Belfast bar, is a white and blue European Union issue plate that is only found in the Republic of Ireland. If it was registered in Belfast, the plates would be yellow, but would not display a year, which is also only seen in Southern Ireland.

    • The scene in which a landscape view of Belfast is shown is actually stock footage of Cork City, located in the Republic of Ireland. This is clear from the quay (wharf) and Cathedral in the background.

    • The bomb on the plane is in the pressurized cargo area. If not, they would not have been able to reach it whilst flying at 19,000 feet. Commercial aircraft are pressurized to the equivalent of 8,000 feet, yet the bomb was set to detonate at 18,000 feet. The only way that the bomb could have worked with a barometric fuse is with it set to trigger below 8,000 feet.

    • Goof: On the plane before takeoff, a stewardess asks Mr. Sark if he would like a glass of wine. The wine in the bottle is at that time red, but 3 seconds later, it is white.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Weiss: That was good, right? It's called method acting: I was shot in the neck once - I can do it again.

    • Jack: There's no white light. Not for people like you.

    • Ryan: There's loads of things I'm really good at. Some, I'm exceptional at. One of them is poker. Ahh, I love poker. Play twice a week. My friends come 'round, they bring their money, they lose their money. I always win. Do you know why? I can see a bluff a mile away.

  • NOTES (4)


    • Marshall: Anyone ever hear of quantum entanglement?

      Quantum entanglement is a quantum mechanical phenomenon in which the quantum states of two or more objects have to be described with reference to each other, even though the individual objects may be spatially separated.

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