Season 5 Episode 7

Fait Accompli

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 17, 2005 on ABC

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    Best episode of the final season so far, certainly hope that the writers can band together and finsih this season out strong...starting with this episode if possible.

    I like how Arvin Sloane backed himself out of one corner (Dean) only to back himself into another (Peyton + That Other Guy) Im not used to seeing Arvin so frustrated and in debt to all of these people at once. He is usually the mastermind and something tells me at the end of all this that he will have gotten the better of all of the bad guys who are trying to make his life hell.

    I enjoyed the scene at the racetrack, nice seeing everyone on the same mission. Ive felt a little dissconnected from Alias ever since they started doing thsi 2-3 person team stuff. Watching Arvin try and be all Alias was funny though, getting knocked down in two seconds by Dean.

    The follow up scenes with Dean were good too...some of the bets of the season
  • "Excuse me, mama coming through. Watch out. Don't Jostle the Package." This episode was a fun one and I think I enjoyed it even more the second time I saw it.

    It also marked the return of Nadia. Well, for about five minutes before she went back into her zombie state but it was still nice to have back a familiar character.

    I'm happy the team finally caught Dean and I am glad Rachael got to take him down. I just hope this marks the last of Rachael being the center plotline. I like Rachael, but I figured out I like her even more when she's not the center of the episode like last weeks "Solo".

    The Dean being tortured bit provided a lot of interesting moments. When Marshall said that Dean needed someone to comfort him the look on Sydney’s face was priceless. Also what Dean said to Sydney in the torture room made me fear for her and her baby's life. Apparently Prophet 5 consists of 12 different governments around the world. Why they would want to kill Sydney and her child, I have no idea but the plot is thickening and I like it.

    What I also think made this episode so good was how many betrayals there were between the characters, it just made you have no idea what was coming next. First Sloane turned in Dean, then Peyton betrayed Dean (Dean just had a bad day), then Dean's head boss (Angus-something) made a deal with Sloane, which included Sloane killing Dean, and after Sloane completed it Angus didn't hold his end of the bargain. It felt like the old complicated, intriguing web called 'Alias' again and I hope from here on the writers have hit their stride and the rest of the episodes will shine like this one did.

    All in all it was a very good episode and I can't wait till December 7(the new timeslot for 'Alias' at 10/9 central) for the return of Sark!!

    Final Rating: 3 1/2 out of 4 Stars

    - Tim Bronx
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  • O.K. Episode

    This was an ok episode. Sloane bad then good then bad then good now I guess since Nadia woke up for a second he will be bad again. New girl kicked Deans butt. Grace needs more to do as well as Dixon. Also, I just read Alias has been cancelled after this season.
  • Fantastiskt! Alias rockar!

    Alias är det bästa inom tv! Jag blir helt till mig när jag ser på ett avsnitt. Det är som en drog, man vill bara ha mer. Ja coolt när dean dog. Ett mycket spännade avsnitt. Fattar inte varför det inte har bättre tittarsiffror. Jaha men hoppas de forsätter med Alias ett bra tag till!
  • Have Jack actually built anything before ? How about Titanic ?

    The good thing about Alias is - it is still funny. Two most funny moments of this episodes were Sydney - Rachel conversation about hitting Dean with a showel and the last scene when Sydney asks her dad if he had ever built something. Considering Victor Garber has played Titanic designer I find this very amusing.

    The bad thing about Alias is - the lack of logic. This time for example Sloane has to go to Dubai to give the access card to Dean, although they have met many times in the US. How was Sloane supposed to cover his trip if he didn\'t tell Jack that he works for Dean ?

    I didn\'t like the third season because everytime they needed a Rambaldi artefact to get some information only this artefact could give them, it always had turned out the next episode after they had recovered it that their enemies possessed the information from other source.

    Now it turns out that there was another group of people interested in Rambaldi\'s work that started their work in 70\'s. Why the \"all mighty\" Sloane didn\'t know about it ? How do they know more about Rambaldi\'s work then Sloane (I assume that because they have a cure for Nadia) if they didn\'t recover Rambaldi\'s artefacts. And why didn\'t they try to recover them ? They have started their work 20 years before Sloane - they had plenty of time to do that.

    Many TV series didn\'t have a main plot but still people have watched them every week because of characters, humor etc. Alias has great characters - both the old and the new ones. I would rather see Mr. Sark again instead of another global conspiracy.
  • Super bra!

    Det här e min första recsension av Alias. Det här avsnittet e det bästa på länge. Jag är mycket spänd på vad som kommer att hända härnäst. Sark! e tillbaka! jag hoppas att Lena Olin också kommer tillbaka för några avsnitt. Det går ju rykten om att hon skulle vilja komma ´tillbaka för ett par avsnitt. Hoppas kan man ju alltid!
  • Another episode with little to zero progress. Don't get me wrong, I watch the show since the beginning but the recurring themes are getting on my nerves.

    So though I am a fan of the series I will take the liberty to say that I am getting tired of one and the same thing happening all over again. Here are two of the things that irritate me the most (surely there are many others):

    1) Sloane the bad guy - the good guy, than again the bad guy and so on... I actually think that the changes in his character are not consistent but are only used as it suits the plot of each episode. We know he is unreliable and still he gets to work with the most confidential information and sources... come on, who believes that this could happen in real life!? That's getting really tired.

    2) But this is the one that really annoys me the most. The endless chase of a mystery, spanning usually (as previously seen) 4 seasons. Of course the mystery is why we are all watching the show, but tell me what have you learned about this season's "Prophet 5" in the 7 aired episodes? Only very few things, not enough to keep my interest much longer.

    I know that it is difficult to invent new plot for each season but things should happen faster and whatever happens should be meaningful.

    So my conclusion is that it seems this season is an introduction season (for both a new plot and new characters for the following seasons) and we won't see any meaningful resolution (except maybe a baby). I honestly hope that I am not right and that they are not planning on resolving the "Prophet 5" mystery over 4 more seasons... because I only have nerves for couple of more dull episodes and I give up on the show.
  • Overall, this episode is one of the better episodes of the season. Rather than relying entirely on retroactive continuity changes, this episode blends past history with the current changes to the status quo.

    This episode highlights what could be the reason for such general dissatisfaction with the fifth season. It’s not simply that Garner’s pregnancy threw off the plot progression, or that the killing of Michael Vaughn disrupted the cast chemistry. It’s not just the introduction of so many new characters. It’s the enforced lack of continuity depth.

    Several scenes in this episode were directly related to the past history of the series, and that gave the episode a bit more gravitas. The teaser was a nice blend of the “new order” and Sydney’s past life, reminding the audience of how much Sydney’s world has changed. It really is impossible for Sydney to look back at the past few years and consider the full breadth of changes to her life. Her pregnancy is just a small part of that.

    This is the end of the introductory phase of the season, and so it makes sense that the writers would try to blend past history into the arc again. At this point, the network support is incredibly lacking, so why not try to give the fans more of what they need? Prophet Five needs to be connected to something more than this season’s premiere, and in a sense, this episode accomplishes that goal.

    Connections to the past are most important in terms of Sloane and his shifting alliances. As usual, his plot thread is hampered by the inability to delve into his Rambaldi obsession and how that relates to Sydney and Jack. Sloane does think of them as family, and family is the one thing most important to him now. Hence his decisions: his choices are directly related to whether or not he believes that Nadia can be cured.

    The fact that Prophet Five had a temporary cure for Nadia, and possibly something more, lends credence to the running theory that Prophet Five is an evolution of the previous Rambaldi mythology. The fact that connections to governments were uncovered supports this theory. Since the beginning, there was interest in government circles regarding the Rambaldi legacy, and it would make sense that those dedicated to combating Sloane’s endgame over the years would eventually, at least in part, become obsessed themselves.

    Of course, there are drawbacks. Those who have considered “Alias” to be a knock-off of “X-Files” will certainly jump on this as another retread, especially with the implication that Sydney and her child are tied to the goals of Prophet Five. This probably ties back to the events of “Full Disclosure” in the third season and the whole Rambaldi “second coming” concept. Perhaps in the wake of the fourth season, those interested in controlling the Rambaldi endgame within government decided to step up their efforts.

    But the question is: does the series really need a global intelligence conspiracy? Isn’t it enough to have endless iterations of Irina’s organization? The odd thing is, those former elements of Irina’s organization, then passed on to Yelena’s organization, now seem to be aligned with Prophet Five’s efforts. So is it that the foreign intelligence agencies are actually involved in this conspiracy, or is this more of the “coming full circle” concept? After all, the Alliance of 12 was largely comprised of organizations posing as black-ops divisions of actual intelligence agencies; this would simply be a logical extension of the same logic, with moles in the intelligence agencies themselves.

    Another question would be: does Prophet Five have to be related to Rambaldi? No, it doesn’t, but would it make sense otherwise? Nadia was exposed to something Rambaldi created (perverted by Yelena into a weapon), and it was related to genetic alteration. Prophet Five is promoting the work of someone from Rambaldi’s time, who worked on genetic alteration. Who else but Rambaldi would have developed a cure for a condition that his own work could potentially cause?

    While the nature and goals of Prophet Five are beginning to get interesting (finally!), it wouldn’t matter if the new characters weren’t coming together. Rachel continues to develop on a realistic learning curve, and this episode gives Rene and Tom more screen time. More importantly, this episode corrected one of the major issues with the season thus far: the horrible character of Gordon Dean. Replacing him with Amy Acker’s Peyton is a great idea. Acker knows how to toss off those menacing yet captivating glares, and she can communicate menace without much dialogue, which would certainly help to keep the cheesy language to a minimum.

    Even if some elements are overly familiar at this point, this episode feels more like the better episodes of the fourth season than an attempt to keep the series alive at all costs. More connections to past history would be helpful, and there’s reason to believe that this will continue into the future as the series nears its extended winter hiatus.
  • Almost absolutely nothing happened.

    Other than Nadia waking up for a short time nothing happened. The key card the two stole at the beginning revealed nothing more than we already knew. The professor was a surprise and kind of sad. Sydney made the comment he was from another life. It's sad she thinks that way about her life before Vaughn.
  • Wow! väldigt bra!

    Alias forsätter som vanligt att hålla en väldigt hög nivå på sin avsnitt. De nya karaktärerna är mycket intressanta och bra skrivna. Jennifer garner e bra som gravid och rachel e också bra. Det verkar som att många tycker att det är bra att alias flyttar tid och dag till onsdag 22.00.