Season 2 Episode 16


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 23, 2003 on ABC
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A mysterious Rambaldi device's powers are finally revealed and Sloane has its secrets. Meanwhile, Vaughn begs Dixon to aid the CIA in rescuing Sydney, Will is called upon to participate in a crucial CIA briefing session, and Sydney senses that Francie is keeping secrets.

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  • And you, my dear, will be driving me out of here

    Sloane is evil. Whooohooo. Very evil indeed.

    I adore the whole Rambaldi story. I have from the beginning. This season has been more about Sydney's family then about the missions, but Rambaldi is back again. And how! This man was a genius, the things he has created are just breathtaking. This bomb, obviously, wasn't a good thing though ( makes you wonder is he's evil *-) ) but it certainly was a smart creation. I wonder if this guy is still alive. Anything to give me more Rambaldi!

    I have to admit to I was looking forward to some Sydney and Vaughn kissage this episode, wich kinda distracted me from the episode. There really wasn't any, so I've decided to quit looking for it. I'm sure it'll come, but for now I should look more at the episode :)

    Sydney really, really, really wants to catch Sloane. And right she is. he's frickin' scary and the fact is that he actually cares about Sydney. That is really freaky. I loved the scene with Sydney in the spotlight. And her disgussion when Sloane kissed her. That's Hate.

    Dixon choose the CIA. I knew he cared too much for Sydney to let her die, and it seems that he has forgiven her for lying to him. I doubt his wife will though. ( she was kinda scary anyway ;) ) I hope she will let him be with his kids though.

    Double-Francie is weird. I still don't like the story, and what annoys me is that she's kinda smart. Bugger. I hope Sydney finds out soon about her. I kinda think it's a guy under the double thingie. Did you see the way he/she looked when Sydney was changing?

    I still love Marshall :) Weiss too!moreless
  • Syd(to Sloane):"The CIA has a hit list.35 people worldwide it's agents are allowed to kill on shoot.35 out of six billion.You are one of 'em.Which means,when I kill you,I won't even be breaking the law."moreless

    Another great episode which covers a lot of ground and has a great plot.

    So,Sloane managed to construct the Rambaldi device with the aim of Caplan.He made a short demonstration of it and I was stunned.What a freaky,original,awesome and horrific device was that?The scene where all those people in that church started to glow and the scene where Syd and Vaughn enter the church only to find the people's ashes is two I'll never forget.Anyway,back to Sloane.He's much more devious than I'd thought.At first,I thought that he was searching for money and allies.Yes,he needs money-and a lot of it.He already has the $100million in bearer bonds that he stole from SD-6 as part of the fake blackmail and now he has $40million from Kabir.I was wondering the same as Sark was.Why would he offer something so important for which he had been working for two years in exchange for a statuette?Because,that statuette contained another Rambaldi manuscript.Of course,it must be more important than the previous one,otherwise Sloane wouldn't sacrifice something like that.I'm looking forward to it.

    Dixon,finally made his decision and makes a heroic return to the show.I was sure he couldn't be able to let Syd die,because she's too important for him to leave her helpless.Now,he has forginen her,but he is probably going to lose his wife.

    On the subplot now,we had some new developments here.Syd and Vaughn finally discovered the bugs fake-Francie had placed.Ohh,I'm very excited and curious about this plot.She's very clever.She immidiately found out that they had discovered the bugs.She went on the offensive and she told Syd that she was acting weird.I'm very worried about Syd,yes she is going to find out about what's happening,but will it be too late?By the way,fake-Francie must be a man.Did you notice how she was looking at Syd while she was getting undressed?

    And if this episode's theme is heat,then Kendall is the episode's hothead.Here,he reaches a new level of loathsomeness as he chastises Syd for not dealing with Sloane more effectively,refuses to listen to her when she complains that the CIA is doing nothing to bring him in,and then has the nerve to tell her that the next time the CIA loses him it'll be her fault.Shut up,Kendall!Sometimes this character doesn't seem very realistic-someone in his position doesn't have the time to play petty little mind games.Please,Syd,do something.Throw a little punch to his face.Anyway,interestingly,Sloane is seen as the quintessential monster but here,he shows his affection for Syd and he even kisses her,in contrast with Kendall who when Syd's life is in danger at the end of the episode,he tells everyone to pull out and just leave her.He shows the same lack of concern for her that Sloane had shown for Marshall in "A Higher Echelon",which is strange considering that just one episode ago,he was the one who was blackmailing Syd to stay at the CIA.I don't like Kendall.Actually,I never did.I disliked him last year when he kept Syd into custody.

    I really enjoyed Will here.He's at last back in an important capacity.When he's not kissing Francie,he's proving to be an important asset to the CIA,and there's a delicious satisfaction in seeing him arrive at his first strategy meeting,looking scruffy and unkempt,and then show up the two Harvard graduates and their lame suggestions.And Marshall,everyone's been impatient with him,except for Syd who always tolerates him even when he says some inappropriate things.


    --There are 35 people in the world that the CIA operatives are authorized to kill on sight.Is this actually true?

    --Swiss banking laws mean that the CIA can't find out what Sloane stole(while they value discretion,you'd think that,as Sloane wasn't really a costumer,one of their staff was killed and the building was rigged with explosives,they'd try harder to help).

    --Sixty two people are killed(or possibly 61-Gizabi is listed as dead but survived).It's reported in the press as the result of a "doomsday weapon".Wow...

    --The episode has an enormous coincidence at the heart of it:Sark testing the weapon on Kabir's wife the exact moment Syd shows up to talk to her.

    --Did you notice?This is the first time Syd has been disguised as an older woman rather than a sexy younger one.

    --The product placement of the Ford Focus is downright shameful in this episode.

    --Irina wasn't in this episode.I think that the episodes she has participated in are fewer than the episodes she hasn't.And almost every time we see her,she is in the cell only talking,except for one time then with the Bristows.I want to see her in action.

    --Caplan was also not here.Is he alright?And what will happen to him?Is he going to help Sloane construct another Rambaldi device?

    --Syd had a nice hairlook here.

    --Dixon performed some nice moves,too.Back in action!

    --That device Rambaldi designed can only harm and make damage.Was he evil?


    People in the church suddenly burst into flames-the Rambaldi device in action...

    Sloane(to Syd):"If you knew what I have in here,if you knew what my plans are...This is bigger than SD-6,Sydney,than the CIA.Than you being deceived by me,than me being betrayed by you...If things were different..."

    Syd(to Sloane):"You jump,you die".

    Syd:"I love the Zamboni".

    Vaughn:"The Zamboni's your favourite part"?

    Syd:"No,coming home with you after the game is my favourite part...the Zamboni was a close second".

    Jack:"Then do it"!

    Marshall:"'Please',would be nice".

    Sloane:"I'm a man with no country...and few alliances".Here we learn more about him.He's been a collector and knows many things about other cultures.

    Syd:"You know how people are describing it,don't you?They're calling it a doomsday device.Saying it's the first sign of the coming Armageddon.Like the devil himself rose up to attack that church".

    --This episode's destination:Zurich,Switzerland,Kandahar,Afghanistan,Mexico City,Mexico

    --This episode's alias:Syd disguises herself as an elderly churchgoer with a veil,walking stick and string of pearls,as well as a mask(cool alias).In Kandahar she wears the Cold Suit.

    --Marshall's gadgets:a bug with his trademark Superman symbol he soldered into the circuity(it's an M,not an S).It operates using an MD-14 data adapter,which cloaks the signal,making it undetectable by bug-killers and is a burst transmitter,meaning it saves up data then transmits it in one go,rather than sending a continuous stream of data.For her mission to Kandahar,he gives Syd the Cold Suit,a form-fitting outfit that makes her invisible to infrared cameras.

    ***Special device***

    Rambaldi designed and constructed the components of a suitcase neutron bomb in the sixteenth century.It has a capacity of 100megawatts-it only needs 20per cent of that for the Mexico City attack.If the device is so much as a microtesla out,there will be disastrous consequences.It'a directional weapon that acts like a microwave-all living matter in the area burns up,but it doesn't affect wood or cloth.It raises people's body temperature by 2,000 degrees,burning them up into fine ash.Identification is impossible afterwards.It works through walls,concrete and steel.There's no defence.It knocks out computer circuitry and,could be used to down aircraft.


  • Review

    I think this episode could go down as the worst episode of Alias in season history, but I could be wrong. I just thought this episode was very poorly written from beginning to end.I liked a few things - like watching the Rambaldi artifact in action. It brought a little Science-Fiction into the show, but not really...if that made any sense at all. I still think Francies double needs to get more involved in the show, I liked her trick of using the plumber in this episode but I still think scenes with her and WIll are needed to help advance the storyline. Maybe the writers are hoping we assume they are "dating" behindthe scenes, but itwould be nice to see rather then have us sit here and question the relationship every episode. Overall, scenes were good but the overall plan wasn't very well thought out.moreless
  • This episode was probably the most boring of the season. I liked it, there were some cool moments, like the bomb, but still it could have been better.

    This episode was probably the most boring of the season. I liked it, there were some cool moments, like the bomb, but still it could have been better.

    Dixon's finally forgiven Sydney. I knew he would never leave her in danger. This time it was Dixon to the rescue. And he joined the CIA, I knew he would. Syd & Dixon make a great team. I can't wait to see them work together again.

    Evil Francie is really freaky. Syd should know better by now, if she feels that Francie is acting wierd then there's a reason, friend or no friend.

    And that kiss Sloan planted on syd's forehead, *shudder*. If there is anyone more evil than Irena (yes I still believe she's evil) then it's Sloan.

    And that bomb, awesome! And Syd's disguise as an old lady, Super Cool!!!moreless
Kevin Weisman

Kevin Weisman

Marshall J. Flinkman

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner

Sydney Anne Bristow

Merrin Dungey

Merrin Dungey

Francine 'Francie' Calfo

Carl Lumbly

Carl Lumbly

Marcus R. Dixon

Ron Rifkin

Ron Rifkin

Arvin Sloane

Michael Vartan

Michael Vartan

Michael C. Vaughn

David E. Kimball

David E. Kimball


Guest Star

Roy Werner

Roy Werner

Bomb Squad Leader

Guest Star

Eli Danker

Eli Danker


Guest Star

Terry O'Quinn

Terry O'Quinn

F.B.I. Special Officer Kendall

Recurring Role

Greg Grunberg

Greg Grunberg

Eric Weiss

Recurring Role

Yvonne Farrow

Yvonne Farrow

Diane Dixon

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Kendall and several others keep referring to the Swiss bank as "Amcorp" (and they pronounce the p), but as Sloane and Sydney leave the building you can see the name of the bank is "Amcor". Also, when Sydney is in Kabir's house and Vaughn is instructing her where to go, he tells her to run down a flight of stairs and turn right, but she turns left at the bottom, which is the only way to go, and says the wall has been sealed. If she was supposed to go right, wouldn't the other wall have been the one that's been sealed over?
      And of course no such bank ever existed in Switzerland.

    • Goof:
      When Sydney is in the bathtub, Vaughn comes in and hands her a glass of wine that's about half full. Camera switch to her... she takes the glass, that's now less than a quarter full, then hands it back to Vaughn. Camera switch back to Vaughn... he takes back the glass that's again about half full.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Marshall: (To Sydney) Kabir's security cameras- they work the same way. They read heat signatures, which is kind of a problem, because well you're incredibly hot.

    • Sark: (To Sloane) We agreed to combine our resources. You promised you'd show me incredible things... but a suit case neutron bomb designed in the 16th Century... Is that even a theoretical possibility?

    • Sark: (To Sloane) You talk of power and control. But when we create a completely powerful weapon, you leave it in the hands of a complete stranger.

    • Dixon: (to Sydney) I can't judge you for not telling me about SD-6.

    • Dixon: I'm out.
      Vaughn: Sydney's in trouble.
      Dixon: Respect my decision.
      Vaughn: I can't do that. Not when your decision may cost Sydney her life. You wouldn't tell Sydney how you infiltrated Kabir's so she found an alternate way in using what turned out to be faulty intel. She was captured and unless we find another confirmed access point, no one will be sent in to get her out.

    • Vaughn: You said everyone in the radius was affected, even people who were taking cover?
      Marshall: Yeah. Well, there's no defense against this kind of energy. It goes through walls, concrete, steel, everything.
      Kendall: There's no shield.
      Marshall: No. Sorry. Oh, um, I should probably also tell you that, um, this kind of energy knocks out computer circuitry. Which means if it's pointed at the sky, it could take down planes.

    • Weiss: We just had an Echelon intercept. Key words were picked up: "terrorist," "weapons of mass destruction." But you ready for this? "Rambaldi."
      Vaughn: Did you get coordinates?
      Weiss: Yeah. Yours. We don't know when it's happening, but you're not waiting for us to find out. Get out now!

    • Francie: You know, Sydney, you've been acting sort of weird lately.
      Sydney: Really? I thought you'd been acting weird. I thought maybe it was because of Will.
      Francie: You don't talk to me anymore.
      Sydney: I'm sorry, Francie. I just get so caught up in work.
      Francie: Don't forget. We used to be really good friends. You can talk to me.

    • Vaughn: Can it wait?
      Weiss: Apparently not, he wants Sydney too. Are you with her?
      Vaughn: Uh ... No. I haven't seen her.
      Weiss: You're in bed with her right now, aren't you?
      Vaughn: I'm trying: just find out what he wants.

    • Sydney: (to Sloane) The CIA has a hit list. Thirty-five people worldwide its agents are allowed to kill. Thirty-five out of six billion. You're one of them. Which means when I kill you, I won't even be breaking the law.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Marshall: You remember that movie Predator, when Schwarzenegger was being chased by the crab that could only see in thermal... (Sydney says no) ...It's a great movie. I mean, it's one of his better movies. You know Twins... (he mimes blah blah blah)

      Marshall talks to Sydney about the movie Predator, a 1987 classic action horror movie where a team of commandos, lead by Arnold, on a mission in a Central American jungle, find themselves hunted by an extra-terrestrial warrior. Marshall also talks about Twins, a comic movie released the next year (1988) with Arnold and Danny DeVito.