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Big Goof

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    [1]Nov 22, 2006
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    I just remembered this goof, but can't remember what episode it's from.
    Anyway if someone knows what ep it's from and wants to submit it, go ahead.

    It's either season 1 or 2, while SD-6 is still around.  Dixon/Syd and a couple others are looking in a siberia or really cold place for a music box.  Sark gets there just after Syd finds it and shoots the ground, making her fall into the water.

    Here's the goof, before syd entered the tunnel, dixon told her the water would freeze over in 4 seconds if she fell in.  So she falls in, the water freezes over.  Dixon helps her out.   Then Dixon and Syd are lying there next the where she fell in and the water is still moving (not freezing over), the scene lasts for longer than 4 seconds, so it should have.
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    [2]Nov 23, 2006
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    True, its been pointed out before. Its not really THAT big a goof.
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