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Is Alias a La Femme Nikita knock-off

Is Alias a La Femme Nikita knock-off?

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    Nikita4ever9000 hit the nail on the head a writer from LFN went to Alias so their is a relation. If you watch LFN then Alias their are so many rip offs. The first one that comes to mind is the CIA training children to be soldiers that idea was copied word for word LFN. I think everyone who says their is no rip off are die hard Alias fans. I like LFN first then Alias second. Other similarties female agent. Female agent who falls in love with her handler. Always going against orders. Wearing wigs and wild outfits on missions. The goofy tech guy. LFN had better briefing sequences with holographic 3d maps and what not. The people who did LFN now do 24 which I dont watch but it seems to be a whole spy format with torturing. People admit it J.J. was watching LFN reruns and thought well I will have a similiar show. Just like Lost is a twilight zone meets gilligans island (jk about that one).
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    And YOU hit the nail on the head yourself. Sort of.

    Nothing is completely original. Yes, Alias is about a female spy who doesn't always play by the rules. However, it's also about Sydney Bristow, who is her own character.
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    I really think some of you are grasping at straws.... Any show that is a contemporary of another within the same genre is going to have similarities (in this case, the spy genre), but that doesn't mean one just had to of ripped off the other.

    In Alias, there are references to Project Christmas--a dated CIA initiative which trained children to be sleeper agents. This was a recurring element in season one, because Sydney was one of the child subjects, Jack Bristow was head of the project, and Irina Derevko's betrayal hinged on stealing information about Project X-Mas to give to the KGB. It is only slightly mentioned thereon--in season two we learn that Allison Dorin, the person that was doubled to look like Francie, was part of the project. The project is irrelevant to seasons three and four, and it is never mentioned again (until possibly the series finale, but only to draw parallels between Sydney and Isabel).

    In LFN, I only remember something about Chernov brainwashing kids to execute terrorist attacks. Chernov's deal, and Project X-Mas, are not at all the same thing. And even if they were, the whole "trained as children" theme occurs in a lot of stuff, and it certainly didn't originate in LFN.

    Pointing out that both shows revolve around female agents is circumstantial at best. And LFN would not be the first series to include an "agent/handler" or "student/teacher" or "pupil/trainer" type romance. Beyond the espionage theme linking Sydney and Nikkita's occupations (including wearing wigs), the two characters are motivated by entirely different things. Not to mention that Section 1 operates on entirely different motives than the CIA or APO.

    Overall, the shows deal with different themes and exude completely different attitudes.

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