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Is anyone out there?!?!

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    Celestra9 wrote:
    Does anyone know of any good Alias websites? All those I've been referred to are no longer online. As for the show I'm on my 10th watching. I watch all 5 seasons at least three times a year. I'm half way through Season 4 at the moment. I totally agree with everyone about Syd and Nadia's reaction to Irina in S4. After EVERYTHING Jack has done for Syd she is still no naive when it comes to her mother and never listens to him. Nadia you can understand just a bit having never met her. But the level of trust the two of them have in her, after everything that's happened, is ridiculous. Jack is the best TV dad ever I thought they could have tried to have Weiss in the last couple of episodes, but at least he did make it into an episode of S5 after the initial opening episodes. And episode 100 was awesome with Will and Anna coming back. I actually think all 5 seasons are excellent. I know there are quite a few people who have bagged S3, S4 & S5, but I loved them because they added something different. I'm just sad that S5 never got its full run of 22 episodes.

    Fandalias is preety has videos,nice pics,you can listen to the theme song whenever you like.Oh...and it has all the latest news about the cast members...

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    I still love Alias. Only the other month I re-watched all of season 1
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    I missed out on Alias when it first aired. I thought there was no shows out there but Reality TV. I could kick myself now because there was a lot of non-reality shows that I missed. That's something that I will never do again! Alias was recommended on Netflix because I had seen 24. So, I said, why not? I was hooked after the second episode. I love all the seasons, but particularly, like season three the best. I loved the love triangle between Vaughn, Syd, and Lauren. The mystery of Syd's disappearance and subsequent memory loss. I wish every day that I could of discussed the show with other fans while it was airing. That must have been a blast!

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