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Recycled Sets

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    [1]Jun 19, 2007
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    As much I love "Alias", there are a few sets that I just see over and over.

    The most recycled set (that I can remember) is a dark passageway with a big pipe running beside it. I believe it was in "The Telling" as well as in Season 4 when they are trying to infect the water supply. There are many more as well, but i cant remember them right now.

    The second would be the "White Stairs" which are in the beginning of "Facade" and also i remember Sark shooting Vaughn in a vest (i think season 2) and Sydney going to help him. Again, i think there are a few more times it was used.

    Any more anyone can think of?

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    [2]Jun 22, 2007
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    I think they reused several sets, although it's hard to tell them from memory, if you were to watch every episode in the space of a week or so you'd probably be able to pinpoint them though. There are an awful lot of nightclub sets. One really big one is usually whenever Sydney is escaping from a secret facility or something and when she's running through deserted maintenance corridors or something, a lot of them seem quite similar. Off the top of my head I think that there is one in "Parity" when Sydney is chasing Anna Espinosa which is quite similar to some of those Sydney and Vaughn use in one of "The Box" episodes as corridors just outside SD6, which also bear resemblance to the one Lauren escapes from when she blows up the CIA rotunda disguised as Sydney in "Resurrection".

    To be honest I don't really mind. It does detract from the reality of the show a little, but I suppose not every room or corridor in the world is completely unique anyway, some are bound to be similar. And with the number of quite similar types of place Sydney infiltrates- either science labs, hospitals, nightclubs, banks, terrorist HQs, hotels- there's bound to be some repetition. Overall I think the production team did quite a good job of keeping these locations interesting and new even though we might have seen them before, and it's not too often that you notice them being reused, or only after watching an episode a few times. And there are some one-off locations which are pretty stunning.

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    [3]Jun 30, 2007
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    If you listen to the audio commentary for 'So it Begins' from season 1 Ken Olin mentions that one set with a lift is used a lot in the show (he's not lying) - off the top of my head it's re-used in season 2 in the episode where three Russians die in the elevator but there are a LOT of other episodes where it's used. And yes the corridor which Sydney runs down when she's chasing Anna in Parity is used at least five times throughout the course of the show.
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