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    [1]Nov 19, 2006
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    Okay I am not sure If this has been done

    Season 1

    Season 2

    Season 3
    It was... Okay

    Season 4

    Do you agree with me?
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    [2]Nov 20, 2006
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    season 1 and 2
    Totally awesome

    Season 3 and 4
    Good but not great

    Season 5
    tried to return to classic ALIAS, but didn't really have the time to do so, but still a good season.
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    [3]Nov 20, 2006
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    Season 1: Fantastic
    Season 2: Just as fantastic, if not better
    Season 3: Almost as good as seasons 1 & 2
    Season 4: Average. Standalone episodes just didnt do it for me. It got better in the second half though
    Season 5: Good! But not enough time to be fantastic!
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    [4]Nov 21, 2006
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    Season 1 - Great, cute and explosive (a fantastic combination!)

    Season 2 - Darker, more emotional and almost film-quality.

    Season 3 - When watched seperately, fantastic, when watched all together over a couple of weeks, bloody amazing.

    Season 4 - Pretty much the opposite; absolutely great when watching seperately but not so great when watched together. Second half the episodes were like mini-films again, but not like they were in Season 2.

    Season 5 - Eventually (!) every little bit as good as Alias was when it started. Finished everything well with just enough room to let the imagination tell the rest

    I know about 99% will probably dissagree with that but that really is my opinion of the show!
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    [5]Nov 21, 2006
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    Season One - Utterly groundbreaking. So good with continuity.

    Season Two - Once again, faultless television. Probably some of the best in history.

    Season Three - Interestingly different; breaking the mould a bit. Some strange ideas but very good.

    Season Four - Without much footing for the first ten episodes, but after that, really very good. Shocking (in the positive sense).

    Season Five - (unfairly cut short) First 5 or 6 episodes are just above good, just. The rest I feel is gripping, bar maybe a few instances. But after the 4 month hiatus, it rocked.

    Edited on 11/21/2006 1:47pm
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    [6]Dec 25, 2006
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    After finally getting the complete fifth season - if you could call it that, there REALLY should have been 22 episodes, not 17, but I digress - I think my opinions on the seasons varies from my original perception after the series concluded in May.

    Season One will remain utterly fantastic and well written, with a great amount of Rambaldi/Non-Rambaldi mix of storytelling. Plus, the continuity was great and the Rambaldi mystery was well layered and developed alongside so many other mysteries and secrets about her father, her mother and Sloane. Plus, the sexual tension building between Vaughn and Sydney was incredible.

    Season Two takes it all to new heights! Defintely felt that this season took the best aspects of season one and added to it to create a wonderfully dark and well developed season with a lot of action, adventure, cliffhangers and emotional weight, combined with shocking twists and turns that culminated in a fantastic season finale - possible the best Alias has to offer.

    Season Three was the season where I felt a little disconnected from the series. Though it quickly passed as the season continued to build upon itself and grow into its role in the Alias-verse. With this season, it was definitely better the second time around when watched on DVD.

    Season Four definitely was the most disappointing season for me. There were some great things about it, no doubt, but overall, the season just doesn't pull together and hold up against thte other seasons of the series. The standalone episodes really did nothing for the series, and there was a lack of serious threat or long term agenda until n early towards the end. Elena was enjoyable, but was not a great villian. After the Alliance, and then the Covenant, Elena just wasn't as threatening as she should have been. Granted, she was behind the Covenant all along apparently, but alas, I didn't buy that story too well. Plus, I feel that they copped out on the proper resolution to the season three finale. One benefit was having Lena Olin back, and the string of episodes towards the end that dealt with that were great. And I enjoyed Nadia too. Plus, the season four cliffhanger was fantastic!

    Season Five will remain probably one of my favorite seasons. Oddly, when I first watched it I thought it was horrible and very un-Alias. But I had also not seen season four at that point (since during season four my work was hectic and I had to watch it while season five had begun). In comparison to season four, I can see how season five was trying to get Alias back on track. It was sad to lose Vaughn, but it was a strong move to give Sydney the proper emotional investment and motive for fearing and wanting to take down Prophet Five. It reminded me of the old days when SD6 was around and Syd's life was complex. It brought back an emotional weight that had been missing for some time - upping the stakes a little and making Prophet Five a worthy villian. And the twists and turns, having Lena Olin back, and some other old favorites, and the pace was fantastic, especially from the Horizon onward. The only ting was getting to know the new characters was problematic. Though on the second view (after getting to like them towards the end of the season on the first run) it was more bearable and I actually enjoyed their inclusion into the series, especially Rachel. While I Was disappointed in the way it ended, as I felt more could have been done to properly pay off the Rambaldi storyline, the season holds up well as great Alias quality storytelling. Overall, a great series with a few bumps here and there. However, it was still above class for any other television series that was airing at the time on network television, so these little faults and bumps can easily be overlooked.
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    [7]Dec 30, 2006
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    Fantastic insights, before_the_dawn!

    I particularly agree with what you say about season 5 - I was originally sceptical about Jen's pregnancy affecting the show, but on repeated viewing I can see how compelling it actually made the show, adding more emotion, like you said.
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    [8]Jan 3, 2007
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    Season one - An exceptional first season.  Great cliffhangers, fast-paced plots, and I probably wouldn't have changed anything about it.

    Season Two - Fantastic.  Alias grew even better.  Lena Olin was a great addition to the cast, and I loved the twisted spy family relationship.  Also features some of the best episodes in Alias history, including Phase One and The Telling.

    Season Three - I wasn't a fan of it when it first premiered, but after rewatching it on dvd I grew to love it a lot more.  It was darker then all the Alias seasons, and it was also the most emotional.  I was a little disappointed of where the writers took Lauren, and in the season finale, but nevertheless an enjoyable season.

    Season Four - my least favorite season.  I did not like all the individual episodes, and I wasn't a big fan of the Ellena arc.  She was my least favorite derefkvo sister, and I wish we could have gotten more of Katya or Irina instead.

    Season five - I really do love this season now vieweing it again on dvd.  I don't really like the new characters, and think they detract screen time from the characters we know and love, but during my second vieweing I warmed up to them more.  The second half of the season is the best Alias has ever been, and I only wished they could have gotten the full 22 episode order so everything wouldn't have felt so rushed.
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    [9]Jan 4, 2007
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    as far as I remember

    1: Season 4
    2: Season 3
    3: Season 2
    4: Season 5
    5: Season 1
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    [10]Jan 5, 2007
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    Season 1: Really good
    Season 2: Fantastic
    Season 3: just under really good
    Season 4: Good
    Season 5: Smelly
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    [11]Jan 10, 2007
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    I'd rank them...

    5. Season 4
    4. Season 3
    3. Season 2
    2. Season 5
    1. Season 1 (Best season, in my opinion).

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