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Spoilers for the end of the season

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    From's new Watch with Kristin chat:

    From Philip: Alias! I need scoop! This hiatus sucks! Please, please, please?! Or 24. I don't care...

    Lots of 24 coming up in this week's column. (I went to the premiere party Saturday night!) And for Alias--fantastic news. Reliable sources tell me that Michael Vartan is expected back for three episodes! (I'll pause while you backflip.) Of course, only time will tell if he's a flashback, a ghost or a long-lost evil twin, but I for one am thrilled whatever his form. Greg Grunberg is also returning, and I hear Weiss may not have been doing exactly what he told Sydney. And another series regular from seasons past will be making a surprise comeback very soon. Guesses?

    From macy: The surprise Alias return...Francie? Will?

    That's not who I'm talking about. It's someone a little more recent. However, I'm told that producers are hoping to get Merrin Dungey back in the fold before the finale. The problem is how, since her original characters, Francie and Allison, aka the Francinator, are deader than I would be if I told you how Vartan is coming back. No word yet on Will, and chances are it will be tricky to get Bradley Cooper, since he'll be doing a Broadway play with Julia Roberts starting in March, but fingers crossed--it has to happen!
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    Lol, I just read this from Kirsten too! (Just so you know, a list of characters to be eliminated is coming back, and I have NO IDEA if it has anything to do with the character elimination forums around here, but it its like a copy then sorryyy!!!). Ok, so if the returning character to the show is as major as she is making out, and its not Francie, Will, or Anna (I think that was on spoilerfix - that it's not going to be Anna), then it really has to be:
    Lauren, Nadia, Irina, or Sark.

    I've ruled out the possibility of it being Kendall (because he's shooting Lost - they couldn't even get him for the end of season 4 like they wanted), or people like Emily, or Dianne Dixon because their reapearences would not only make little impact to the show (espeacially in its build-up to the end), but would also demean past plot-lines a little.
    Irina, Sark, and Nadia have already been on the show this season. This means that, whilst they're all clearly open to a return, its not really so much of a surprise.

    So I think it's Lauren

    What do you think?
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