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Submission Guidelines & Forum Rules - Read First!!

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    Hi everyone

    I'm the editor for this show and I'd like to invite you all to contribute to this guide to make it one of the best on this site.
    But please, obtain the rules!
    You'll find them here.
    If you got any question, please send me a PM before you submit anything that I might have to reject.

    Important information:

    • When you submit something like a production code, please include a source so I can verify the information.

    • Make sure you submit to the correct section, especially when you submit Trivia, Allusions and Notes.

    • When you want to write a recap, please write me first, so I don't start with one as well

    So have fun. I'm looking forward to work with you.


    Since I'm responsible for this forum too, I will watch it. Please read the rules first before posting anything here.
    You can find the rules here: Link

    Again I wouldn't like to play sheriff or bad guy, but when you break the rules, I will take actions against you!

    So have fun on this guide and this forum.

    The editor for Alias
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    Forum Rules - Please Read Before Posting!

    First and foremost, if you're new to the website please go check out the NEW USERS FORUM to learn about the site.


    Censor Bypassing:
    If a word is picked up by the censor filer, don't try to bypass it in any way. That includes altering the word, using similar symbols or "almost censoring" with one * star. Censor bypassing is a serious matter and will be treated accordingly.

    Questions & Search Forums feature:
    Before asking your question, please use the Search forums box at the top of the forum and type in the episode name, character name, actor name, etc and it'll show you all threads about them. Try the episode titled threads first or the threads specifically designed for the actors/characters, and if you still cannot find anything related, go ahead and start a new thread.

    Episode Threads:
    Please keep any discussion regarding characters and/or storylines of episodes in the specific episode titled threads. There is one for most episodes and you can use the Search Forums feature as mentioned above, but if you cannot find one please use this format to create one. The title of the thread should be the episode number and the episode title. For example: Ep 1.01 - A Black & White Affair...

    On Topic/Off Topic:
    Please keep all threads on topic. Anything off topic will be deleted, especially if they're in a thread designed for one specific topic. Mostly anything not Charmed related just isn't appropriate for this forum. Discussion of and forum policy is off-topic on the Charmed discussion forum since they don’t concern this TV series, characters, storylines, etc. Feel free to discuss any appropriate off topic issues in the Off-Topic forum.

    No arguing! People are allowed to give their opinions and just cuz you don't agree doesn't mean they're wrong. Everything is speculation until it happens. A healthy debate and/or constructive well-thought out arguments/opinions about storylines/characters is allowed, but outright negativity isn't helpful, nor needed, in this forum, and if I feel a post is designed to stir up trouble, I will delete it. If you don't like the series in general, then don't waste anyone's time by posting here.

    New Spoiler Rules
    I know this show doesn't air any new episodes anymore. Still if you want to discuss major issues or even things you just discovered, you might want to use this awesome feature. It's really simple! If you have a spoiler, write it between these new BBCode tags:
    [spoiler] insert spoiler text here [/spoiler]

    That will give you this result:

    So everyone has to click on the link to read the spoiler - everyone can decide on their own.

    Games, Fan Fiction & Other Copyright Issues:
    There are currently two game topics, what I think is enough. Every new created one will be moves to's Fun & Games Forum.
    Also note that FanFic is considered to be off-topic and doesn't belong in a show forum. You can use the Forum mentioned above to present it or simply use your Blog.

    Note that providing links, especially to sources like eMule, BitTorrent and other P2P networks are strictly forbidden by the rules! We are lucky enough that this show is available legal on iTunes. What you do in your life outside of isn't of interest, so keep it to yourself.

    Here you can find a lot of useful information. Always visit them first! Since they are always on top, you can't miss them.

    If you have a problem with someone on the forum or want to ask why I deleted/locked your post, PM me by clicking on my user name and the button in my profle called "send PM". Do not post messages to me in this forum, they will be deleted. Also has a specifically designed system for reporting abuse, on the bottom of the post you can find a drop down menu that says Report Abuse to Moderator and this will be sent to the staff.

    Final words:
    If you see something that violates the ToS or the rules, just use the drop-down list under the post and report it to the Mods! When you're not sure, do so, they will decide if action needs to be taken.

    If you have any other problem here, send me a PM! If that doesn't work, try it at or or ask one of your friends to contact me. It will work.
    Also don't expect an answer in 5 minutes, give me some time - one day minimum.

    Special thanks:
    To Kristhetvgirl2 for letting me copy parts of her rules.
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