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When do you think alias started going down hill?

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    [61]Dec 22, 2008
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    To reiterate what everyone else has been saying seasons 1-2 were FANASTIC. seriously even better than lost at times.

    Season 3 was good in different ways. Lauren as a one time addition was great. However Vaughn became insufferable and boring as a result, a different guy from what he used to be. His charecter really went downhill from then.

    Season 4's stand alone episodes were a waste of time in my opinion. I thought Nadia was a meh charecter until her backstory was explained. That one episode was pretty beneficial to her charecter developement. But I did not like the "end of the world/zombie" plot in Russia and besides, zombified Nadia should of died in the finale, not spend half the next season in a coma... Also the fight which explained the symbol should of dragged on for at least 5-10 minutes. The Faux-Francie/Syd fight was longer and more epic than that and the nadia/syd fight was plain disappointing.

    I don't understand what purpose Dixon served after season 3. He should of died an heroic, sacrificial death sometime before season 5 (perhaps Tom could of came in in season 4). And I was pretty fed up with no one thanking Marshall ever (even after he saved Sydney from the coffin in "Tuesday") or treating him like a normal person especially Vaughn (who reached new levels of arrogance/intolerablility in season 4).

    Season 4 went downhill and so did Season 5. I don't think any enjoyed having the plot lines being recycled continously like having Sark/Irina/Sloane escape at their own convience, Sloane being evil/then good/then evil/then good/then evil, Irina and Syd being cloned, etc.

    but the last 6 or 7 episodes were GOLD (except the series finale). however the way Alias ended was too mild and lukewarm. The murky explanation of Rambaldi/the Horizon was not sastifying. Rachel/Tom's ending was beautifully done (I really hate how they recycled that plot in LOST ) Tom's witty comments made the season more enjoyable and I didn't think he was a bad charecter at all.

    I really would of liked the writers to have explained Peyton's backstory more including her true motive for being a villian. I guess we're supposed to assume all villians are in it for money/power. Rene and her were both snubbed, they both could of received some sort of a fb episode. Hated that in the middle episodes they sort of abandoned fully explaining Rene/Dr. Decanstis and why the fake Rene's dad was in the box in the first place.

    If I could rewrite the series finale, I would tie up Jack/Sloane's ending with the missiles. Instead of taking the predictable route of Vaughn/APO stopping the missiles, the writers should have written it so Vaughn couldn't enter the code in time so Marshall has to divert the missiles. Through radio communication, Jack and Marshall could have one last scene (who didn't find their scenes hilarious?) where Jack instructs marshall to send the missiles to his location in Mongolia. Then Jack and Sloane have that talk and the missiles hit.

    Peyton should of escaped, then runs into Rachel who is unable to stop her. For Irina and Sydney, I hated how Irina ended up selfish and even willing to kill Sydney. I think the only way Irina could of redeemed herself was if she did get off the glass, then Peyton appears and shoots a bullet at sydney, but Irina pushes her out of the way, and takes the bullet, then dies. Sydney/Peyton fight then Peyton falls through the glass.

    Along with the chinese torturer guy and will/danny making reappearances, I really think that would of been a very sastifying finale.

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    For me, it went downhill in season 3:
    Irina's absence obviously created a huge issue because she really NEEDED to be a part of the storyline- they kept mentioning her working with Jack during Sydney's missing 2 years, etc. Having Nadia in the show (I liked her) required Irina and would've been great having the Jack/Irina/Sloane issue right there when it was exposed. And Katya was not a decent replacement.

    Bringing back Alison Doren was a good idea, but they completely wasted her. After setting her up big time in The Nemesis, we never saw her again except briefly in Remnants, where Will just easily killed her with a knife, when she'd been shot like 100 times and lived. And we never heard about that "Rambaldi formula" that saved her life ever again.

    And then the ending. CLEARLY they set something up and then completely changed their minds before season 4 started. I thought that, given the little bits we were shown, that something really interesting was going to happen in season 4. Nadia and Syd part of an ongoing project? Jack in charge of the project? It seemed like a good story, much better than "oh, Jack killed Irina".

    That's why season 4 wasn't as good as it could've been. The stand-alones shouldn't have happened and they shouldn't have retconned the season 3 ending.
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    Good points, JeoyzPizza, but don't you think that they changed the ending to season 3 to prevent it from sliding further downhill?

    Alias will always be my favourite show (or in the top three, at least!), but I'm more than willing to admit its faults. Season 3 was a rough patch in the road, and this was partly due to the absence of any normal, healthy relationships outside of Sydney's job with the CIA, to distract from all the madness. In seasons 1 and 2, Sydney had her friends, Vaughn, and her father. In season 3, two out of three were wiped from the slate, and Sydney was forced to find companionship not in her house or out at the crazy golf course or in restaurants, but in the Rotunda, CIA headquarters, where Jack and Weiss and Marshall work. By taking away these links to the real world, Alias was forced to focus more on the missions than ever before, with varied success.

    If Sydney lost Jack as the father she depended on and could confide in, or if he were revealed to be her antagonist in any major way, I think the world of Alias would have been shaken to the point of no return. Ultimately, there'd be no reason whatsoever for Sydney to stay with the agency (especially if whatever Jack was doing was sanctioned by the CIA), and it would take away the most important central relationship of the show.

    Whereas with the ending discussed in season 4, Sydney and Jack have more or less resolved their problems by the end of episode 2.
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    I can agree with that, but I wish it wasn't such a DRASTIC change of direction from what they'd set up. When I go back and watch the show, it's always a letdown for me to see the fight between Syd and Lauren where Lauren reveals all this information:

    -"Did you think they really couldn't find you when you went missing, or that you found out what happened to you by chance?"

    -"Or that you and your sister both just happen to be agents?"

    -"And if your mother's really been helping you all this time, then how come you've never seen her?"

    The last one could allude to the fact that Jack "killed" her/Yelena captured her, but the rest had such potential! I get that Jack was Syd's last link to a life outside the agency, and as far as that goes, they never should've let Will go. Or Sydney could've made another friend somehow.

    Another thing that never felt right was Jack's IM sessions with Irina. I think it was Irina the first time, but when Jack was asking her about the Passenger and she signed off immediately, was that Yelena (or someone) posing as Irina? I never understood the timeline when Jack "killed" her.
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    For me, the show was never the same after they wrote out Will and Francie, who made Sydney human and relatable. And to top it off, at the same time, they lost Irina, who was vital to the show. Before, I said it started going downhill with the Superbowl episode, but it went downhill for good with the start of Season 3. I was no longer as invested in the show. However, I did watch until the end, and I appreciate how they had Irina, Will, Francie, Nadia and Vaughn return for the final episodes.
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    [66]Apr 17, 2009
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    Season 4 is when it started going downhill for me. Even season 3 was pretty great. Unfortunately just about every idiot on the allalias forum (and others) moaned and carried on about it. So season 4 we got simplistic plots and standalone episodes, so that the average idiot could understand it. Season 5 didn't improve much, but the finale was good.
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    I'd say after season 2 though season 3 was good occasionally.
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    I'd have to say the end of Season 3. Up until that point there was potential to do some pretty great stuff, but it was such a let down. I didn't mind Lauren at all but I feel that they could have done so much more with The Covenant. I heard that the papers Sydney found at the safe box weren't supposed to be related to Irina's death and that JJ changed that due to ABC. If he had stick to his plan, maybe things would have been better?

    Then again, I'm not a fan of Season 4. APO was just so... bright. At that point the show changed completely and I hated when they went sci-fi on stuff. It was all watchable and they did get some of the classic Alias feel by Season 5, but after Ressurection things were never the same. I guess I just miss the SD-6 glory days.

    Does that make sense at all?

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    I'd say probably around Season 3.
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    Ok, well in my opinion from about halfway through season 3 till before the end of season 4 Alias was kinda sucky. Although I loved Syd and Vaughn together and Weiss being a more major character a lot of the episodes and storylines just weren't that great (especially after season 1 & 2). Season 5 was better but the new characters and Vaugn being DEAD for like half of it didn't really help

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    Before I started visiting forums, I didn't see anything was wrong with season 3, so even today, I consider it to be a great season. Yes, season 1 and 2 were absolutely mind-blowing, and season 4 and 5 were ok. They weren't that bad so I could be disappointed. Why? Because I never saw Alias as a story meant to be told in several seasons. Or, I did see it during the first two seasons, but later on, it became obvious they didn't have some great goal (opposed to Lost) for the end. So, I watched it for pure pleasure, and I don't think it's a sin. In the end, The Telling remains one of the greatest TV episodes of all time and if I compare it to Lost, few episodes could match it.
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    I definitely agree with the first poster. To me the ultimate demise of Alias can be summed up in one word...NADIA! This character was just completely unnecessary as far as I was concerned. Her presence pulled away from Sydney, the original main character who America fell in love with. Not only was Nadia unnecessary, but I just found her personality extremely annoying. She was also cast horribly, and the actress who played her was not believable to me in any way, shape, or form as Sydney's sister or Sloane and Irina's daughter. I even thought several times throughout the season that if she were a different and more endearing actress I might be able to sympathize with her a little better. But when a character is so unbelievably whiny, idiotic, and just downright annoying as she was it just gets so hard to really care about the story lines at all, because all I was doing was waiting for her to get off the screen. It seemed as if the show had completely turned from a story about Sydney and the major characters we'd grown to love into a story about Sloane and his daughter and this was just too much. I have never been happier that a character was killed then with the death of her character...that said, I was one of those die-hard fans who stayed with the show until the end. It was never really about Alias "going downhill" so much as it was about the heart of the show being lost...the heart of the show was lost for me towards the end of season 3...with Lauren and alla the things that happened, because it just turned everyone into lying, deceiving individuals in ways that they hadn't been before and it just made the show seem less about good vs evil and more of just a convoluted mess full of "how much shock and awe can we cram in here before it goes off the air...?" It just felt like J.J. Abrams didn't care as much any more about delivering a quality show to the fans, and that is what really saddens me...

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    I think the show went downhill around season 3. But when i watch Alias the middle of the season is always boring for me and it was just really bad for season 3. But i really liked season 4. I liked the addition of Nadia and the development of Sloane.
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    s1 and s2 was perfect.........s3 went down alittle but i stiil loved it ..when it got to s4 i really wasnt into the show my answer is after s3 is when alias went downhill

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    Page_47 wrote:
    BeastBoy87 wrote:
    I had no idea that show ever went down hill. Season one and two is where Alias was fresh and young. Season 3 is where the show started maturing, in my opinion. It dealt with the love triangle, sorta, among Vaughn, Sydney and Lauren. In Season 4 and 5 is where the show lived it's glory days. Then again, that's my opinion. 

    YES. Just YES.

    Lol, that is pretty much EXACTLY how I feel too.

    same here
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    After the big cliffhanger with Sydney and her roommate fight, and ending up in Hong Kong.
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