Season 5 Episode 14

I See Dead People

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 10, 2006 on ABC

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  • The stage has been set...

    The stage has been set for the final episodes of the series. Only three episodes remain and everything is beginning to fall into place. However, this episode did take things a little while to devolop and because of that the entire epsiode was played at a slower pace then most Alias episodes.

    The other half of the chip being implanted into Vaughns skin confuses me to no end. With how many times we have seen him in the hospital its hard for me to imagine that with all of the x-rays they all happened to miss the chip inserted into his body.

    Once again Anna leaves Sydney a chance to escape. Instead of putting a bullet in between her eyes she leaves her wide open to jump out of the exploding truck. But that could be just being picky.

    The scenes with Arvin Sloane and Nadia were not that great. She basically just told us what kind of a person he is and how he is just like all the rest of the bad guys. There was really nothing that I took away from the scenes other then they were used as a filler for the episode.

    Vaughn and Sydney back together is good for the remaining episodes of the season. They have everything they need to take down Prophet Five now, so hopefully the writing picks up for the remaining episodes.
  • Great episode.

    In this episode Marshall reports to Jack that that a microchip, found in Eenee Rienne's body, is etched with the name 'Andre Micheaux'. Meanwhile Peyton tells Slone that Sydney is being sent to Nepal to meet with Vaughn who is still alive. Slone sends Anna who now looks likr Sydney to intercept. Marshall then dicovers the APO office is being bugged, Jack frantically tries to rfeach Sydney to earn her before it is too late. Overall this was a great episode it was very exciting and it sets up the final few episodes extremly well. This really was a fantastic season, i'm glad Vaughn is back he was away too long.
  • Great Episode and nice to see Syd and Vaughn back together.

    I loved this episode b/c of the Syd/Vaughn reunion. I thought Jennifer Garner did a fantastic job of playing herself and Anna impersonating Sydney. One of my favorite parts was when the fake Sydney is removing the chip from Vaughn's chest and he asks her about Isabelle. I love the part when she says, "But her chin is pointy like mine. It's cute." I also love when fake Sydney tells Vaughn that she always said that Sydney was too good for him. It shows Anna's respect for Sydney even though they are enemies. There was one error that kind of bugged me. When Fake Syd and Vaughn are sitting outside the jewelers trying to figure out their plan, Fake Syd asks Vaughn how he wants to handle it. And he responds "like we did in Cartegena." He later reveals that he and Syd never went to Cartegena. But in the Season 2 episode, "Countdown" where Dixon flips out and pretends to blow everyone up after his wife is killed, Syd and Vaughn are both on that mission which was in Cartegena. So Vaughn's little test for the Fake Sydney was wrong.
  • Here is another amazing episode changing the story line as they go on...

    Ok. The episode titled, "I See Dead People." Wasn't as amazing as previous episodes were, but for certain reasons, I loved it just as much. First of all, we all must take a moment to say goodbye to Renee. She was a good friend of APO's and it will never be the same without her, OK, now that that is over with....SLOANE IS SEEING NADIA'S GHOST that is a bit more creepy then the firt time he saw weird things when it concered the death of Emily the first time she died after he poisened her. Pretty creepy, BUT, I did like the little bit about the note he slipped Sark on the way out of the church at the end... SARKS BACK, I mean, he was for one episode, but you never know if he'll ever show up again...he did, and I believe he will play a pivitol role in the season finale.
  • Today we got to see the evil side of Jennifer Garner and boy did I have fun.

    Today we got to see the evil side of Jennifer Garner and boy did I have fun. It was nice getting to see new expressions from her that we've never seen before. I thought Jennifer Garner did a great job acting as Ana. Seeing her act cold and ruthless was strange and enticing at the same time. I thought the death of Ana felt a little bit too rushed though, but I guess they don’t have that much time to waste with the finale being only one episode away.

    Watching Ana act as Sydney kissing Vaughn was very creepy. I loved though how that by the end of the episode Vaughn had already figured out it wasn't Sydney. I just wonder why, if he knew all along it wasn’t her, did he go along with her? I guess he figured playing Ana’s game was the only way he would get more answers about Prophet 5. Vaughn has showed his willingness to do whatever it takes to get answers (working with a criminal on C.I.A.'s Most Wanted list for example).

    So Mia Maestro isn't completely out of the picture, which I suspected since I read in an interview she was coming back for about four episodes. I was a bit disappointed that she was still actually "dead" but the ghost thing was interesting. Nadia evidently was Sloane's unconscious speaking out and it did give good insight onto what Sloane was thinking. Sloane still obviously feels guilty for Nadia's death and he is also starting to suspect that after he outlives his usefulness to Prophet 5 they will get ride of him. Is that why Sloane is lying to them about what is really on the Rimbaldi page? Because he is “Prophet 5’s pawn”?

    The fight scene between Ana and Vaughn was enjoyable, (I bet Jennifer Garner and Michael Vartan never expected to have a fight scene against each other), and it was fun seeing Vaughn back in action although eventually if Sydney hadn't came to his rescue he would have been killed. The one thing that I do like from Ana's sudden death is that Sydney now will get to play her greatest alias yet: herself, well an evil version of herself.

    Overall it was another solid 'Alias' episode.

    Final Quotes and Notes

    -Julian Sark is back and apparently working with Sloane again on his Rimbaldi quest.

    -The room filled with everything about Prophet 5 was interesting. I wonder if they will find anything useful in there.

    -ASS asked Tom when the last time was he went to the movies. Could they be heading towards a romance? Not that I honestly care, but I'm sure some viewers would be interested in.

    -What was Sydney stuck in when the car was set on fire? It seemed like she kept looking down as if her feet were caught in something but the camera never showed us what she was looking at.

    -"I See Dead People" refers to both Nadia and Vaughn, who practically everybody in the cast still thought was dead.

    -Vaughn: “Just for the record, you’re a terrible kisser."

    Final Rating: 3 out of 4 stars.

    - Tim Bronx

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  • One of the more better written episodes the season, good to see some of the better older character back in action , but a lack of action and excitment ruined it all.

    It\'s great to see vaughn back and, to see most characters back in thier oringinal habits, but i found it oddly boering, I love Alias as much as the huge alias fan but compared to the seemily ausome action packed perview, it wasn\'t that great. I Know like 300 people are going to disagree with me but i just pary that the finally will be more excite maybe like the old days.
  • Finally the show goes back to being, oh, I don\'t know, WRITTEN instead of just implausibly thrown-together.

    Really. It\'s almost as if Alias is back. Not season 1 or 2 high-quality JJ Abrams-Alias, but Season 3 just-before-the-show-tanked Alias.

    My guess? Since the crew found out the show got canceled, all bets are off, they can finally mention Rambaldi, and get to tie off every loose end from 5 seasons prior. Better yet, they seem to have broken the \"do not open \'till show\'s canceled\" box and gotten out an Abrams plot outline for the series\' endgame. Sloane never never worked as a good guy (nor did the fact that he could switch sides, what is it...CIA, SD6, private terrorism, charity, private terrorism again, APO, private terrorism, APO, now Profit 5...times no harm, no foul) so the show\'s much more watchable with him in his proper place.

    Here\'s what I don\'t get: Anna Espinosa dies in this episode. The headshot goes way beyond what Francine\'s clone in season 2 could come back from even with Rambaldi\'s \"special\" medicine. But I had expected Anna as clone-Sidney to \"render the greatest power unto utter desolation\" or whatnot; in a clone of Sidney\'s body, Anna could fulfill Rambaldi\'s prophecy from page 47. Now how are they going to wrap things up?

    But for the first time all season, I\'m willing to give the writers the benefit of the doubt.
  • Best episode of the season!

    So far this is one of the best episodes of the season.

    Anna is Syndey's double, Vaughn's back, and Nadia's ghost is haunting Sloane. Amy Acker keeps getting better every episode with her role as Kelly Peyton. I loved her as Fred on Angel and I enjoy her role as Kelly Peyton.

    Sydeny arrives at the airport in Nepal is picked up by Anna's accomplice. Jack phones and informs her of that there was a security breach and the possible intercept. When Anna's accomplice suggests that they help a stranded stranger, Sydney elbows him and tries to grab the wheel. The stranger fires gunshots at them and the jeep veers off the road and into a ravine.

    Trapped under the car, Sydney watches as Anna takes the chip from her backpack. Anna says she's going to pay Vaughn a visit and sets the jeep on fire. Sydney escapes in time of course.

    Anna arrives in Vaughn's hideout and tells him about the chip. Vaughn points to a scar on his shoulder, and says his father told him was from a bike accident. He lets Anna open the scar and embedded is another chip with Renee's name on it. The put the chip together and they put it into a computer and a map of a Hamburg bunker comes up. They go to Hamburg together. They go to a jewelry store near the bunker. Vaughn suggests they do what they did in Cartagena and Anna says she'll follow his lead.

    Anna holds up the shop owner as Vaughn enters the bunker. As he he looking through all the stuff, Anna arrives and points a gun at Vaughn. She pulls the trigger but Vaughn had taken out the clip and they fight. As Anna is about to kill Vaughn, Sydney comes to the rescue and shoots Anna dead.

    Sydeny and Vaughn realize that files contain Vaughn's father's research on Prophet Five. Anna's phone rings and Sydney answers. Pretending to be Anna, she sets a meeting with Kelly. Before Sydney leaves, she embraces Vaughn and says goodbye once again. Sydeny, posing as Anna, posing as Sydeny, gets in the car with Kelly and tells her Sydeny is dead.She hands Kelly Renee's microchip.

  • A great episode, witch brings back even more familiar faces, whilst throwing in a few surprises along the way.

    I have to say that I’ve been extremely impressed with this series since its return following Garner’s pregnancy and this episode is no exception.

    The action was as fast paced as ever with Sydney flying to Nepal and Germany on the hunt for any leads on a micro-chip found in Renee’s body. Things are complicated when APO discover that Sloane has compromised their networks, which eventually leads Anna Espinosa (Sydney’s double) to the evidence first.

    Although the episode felt a little predictable at times, with Anna getting to Vaughn before Sydney and the other half of the evidence being implanted in Vaughn, it still managed to maintain the degree of suspense and intrigue, which is expected from Alias.

    It was great to see Sydney finally better her evil twin Anna and I’m hoping that she’s actually dead now, as I think her character has run its course. I think her death has made way for an even more intriguing villain, in the form of Julian Sark, who showed his face earlier in the series. His role in Rambaldi’s endgame is shrouded with mystery, since his agenda is unclear, though it is obvious that Sloane has recruited him and needs him for something.

    Also with Sydney becoming a double agent again, it really tips the scales in favour of APO for the first time this series. Maybe we’ll finally learn what Sloane is really up to?

    I also enjoyed the advancement of Rachel’s character. She was once again fazed by the goings on in her job and forced to question whether or not she could handle her work at APO. It is refreshing to see that the new additions to the cast this season are not simply “taking a back seat,” despite this being the shows final hurrah. They are all interesting characters and I can see more twists and turns surrounding them yet!!!

    A pretty decent episode I thought; a little predictable; yes, but still good enough to keep me watching. The remaining episodes have a lot to live up to and I’m sure the team won’t give us anything under par.
  • Good but predictable

    The computer chip thing was a little predictable. Sydney finally killing Anna was priceless. I actually screamed out yes! Sydney knowing Vaughn was still alive I did not see coming. Vaughn knowing it was Anna and not Sydney was great. I'm waiting for the episode where they kill Payton. She gets on my last nerve. Didn't like her on Angel don't like her on this show.
  • Great episode! Vaughn is back, and even better...

    First Vaughn is back, at last. Although by the way the episode ended we might not see a lot of Mr André Michaux in action, no matter, he is back, and now we are expecting some anwers. The bad thing about this Vaughn being back, and Sydney working as hard as before, is that there's been a great lack of focus on Rachel, who could've had a more central role.

    We see again the very suspicious activities of agent Grace, that I had completly forgotten, so there is something there.

    And the best of all: Sark is back. Not sure why, but Mr Sark is my favorite character of the series (followed by Jack, and then Sloane; I don't really like Syd very much). He has a really minor appearance, just one scene where he doesn't talk or do anything, but receiving a message from Sloane. Let's see what he has to do.
  • I smell an emmy for Jen Garner well she better get the emmy.

    Wow Jennifer is such a talented actress. Her portrayel of Anna Epsinosa was flawless picking up on the mannerisms of Gina Torres.

    This episode was packed full of wonderful classic Alias goodness.

    Sydspinosa finding Vaughn before the real Syd but not pulling off a very convincing Bristow impersonation.

    The funeral of Nadia and the intercutting of Renee's autopsy flowing to Syd's sad eulogy.

    The greatest thing of all EVIL Sloane YAY. Ron Rifikin is such a wonderful actor there will be no part that Ron plays in the future that can compare to his role on Alias.

    Marshall oh Marshall how we love ur quirky geekiness.

    The return of Sark if only for like 3 sec. plays huge into the final endgame since he's always pretty much been loyal to Sloane and Irina.

    Loved this episode and really looking forward to seeing how Alias will be wrapped up.
  • aaaaaaand she scores!!

    This episode is great. Impressive plot, has the action and we see the Syd we know!!! I must admit that at a point I was losing interest with this show, but now it's getting better and better. Loved how Sydney killed Anna, hehe and how Vaughn recognized his beloved one (which is rare in the real life) :p.. aaand what's with Nadia who keeps coming and going :s.. I pitty this character, she's like the scapegoat, one time she's live and kicking and another she's dead and another she's Dead-Woman-Walking! Sloane deserves to be put in the asylume. Sark is baaaack, this guy cracks me up!!!
    Great Installment, can't wait the rest!!
  • Overall, this episode continued with the spirited final arc for the series, though as usual, the compressed nature of the story does force certain logic problems along the way.

    “Alias” has been on the upswing ever since the network wisely stopped meddling after all but ruining the series through idiotic mandates on content, switching around the order of episodes, and cutting the number of episodes with little or no advance warning. The result, as discussed before, has been a need to keep the story moving forward, even if it takes some plot contrivance to pull it off.

    This episode isn’t as structured as the previous installment, but it does serve to keep the pacing brisk. Sloane reveals that he has his own game afoot, all designed (or so one would think) to keep his options open and restore control over the culmination of the Rambaldi endgame. His decision to keep the hidden message from Prophet 5 is hardly a shock, especially since they can’t seem to make progress without him.

    What is a little surprising is his decision to get Sark involved, which has some interesting implications. Sark has flexible loyalties, to be sure, but he also has a tendency to work with Irina towards her particular goals. “Maternal Instincts” demonstrated that Irina was not above using Prophet 5 to achieve her own endgame, and she is in possession of the all-important “Horizon”. That said, if Sloane knows this, and also has the hidden message from Page 47 decoded, why not cut Prophet 5 out of the picture and strike a deal with Irina?

    Even though the Sydney/Vaughn plot thread was fairly predictable, it does throw some assumptions and speculation out the window. So Anna will not be the one referenced in the Page 47 prophecy, since she’s now dead. Sydney, however, is taking her place within Prophet 5, which is a nice twist. Will Sloane recognize the difference? And if not, will she be forced to go along with Sloane’s gambit to discover what the Rambaldi endgame is, thus effectively slipping into a role that she would otherwise seek to avoid?

    Though the idea of having children implanted with those rather large computer chips doesn’t quite hold water (wouldn’t they have shown up in medical tests long before now?), it does provide another nice layer of symmetry. Vaughn and Rene were both pawns in the previous generation’s quest to control the Rambaldi legacy, just like Sydney and Nadia.

    Vaughn’s father was a member of the Magnific Order of Rambaldi, which is supposed to be protecting Rambaldi’s legacy across the centuries. Was Vaughn’s father working to derail Prophet 5 because they were seeking to pervert Rambaldi’s endgame to their own purposes? That would fit the overall mythology well enough, since most of the members of the Order (with the glaring exception of Anna) seemed to work against the goals of Sloane and Yelena Derevko.

    Presumably, the Order would then be happy to help in the efforts to stop Sloane and Irina, if they are allies again and the Order isn’t working with Irina in the first place. Sydney is now, for good or ill, in a position to fulfill prophecy. With only three episodes left, there’s not a lot of time for the truth to be revealed. That also includes this business with Tom and Rachel, who seem to be sidelined from the rest of the action. One can only hope that “The Cardinal” ties into the Rambaldi endgame sooner rather than later.

    It wasn’t a perfect episode, however. While most of the action and Vaughn’s return made sense within the context of the plot threads, it still required a bit of hand-waving. Once again, it seems odd that a computer chip of that size would go undetected for so long, especially given the medical tests required for entry into the CIA. It’s hard to believe that Sydney would survive that crash with relatively minor injuries. And it seems odd that Nadia’s death didn’t strike Sydney and Jack harder than it did. (And where was Weiss, for that matter?)

    The most annoying moment, however, had to be the fight between Anna and Vaughn. Vaughn is recovering (somehow) from being riddled with gunfire. Despite many months of recovery, he’s still barely comfortable in his own skin. Yet he fights toe to toe with Anna, who has fought Sydney for minutes at a time when Sydney was in her best condition. How the hell does that work? Even accounting for the possibility that Anna was thrown off by Sydney’s body type, it doesn’t make a bit of sense.

    It’s hard to imagine that the entire series can be wrapped up in three episodes, but at this point, the fans have to take what they can get. The producers (and JJ, for that matter) have all expressed their full support and pleasure with the end of the series, but what else are they going to say? It’s all too easy to believe that the network has irreversibly compromised the integrity of the story. Still, a definitive ending is better than leaving the series with a cliffhanger.
  • Wow I'm impressed...

    Alias has done a very nice turn to make the plot extremely exciting. From using a double Sydney to bringing back Vaughn and Sark to having Sydney go undercover. A great setup for the episodes next.

    I've really started to love Alias the way I did when the show first started. It's never been better.
  • A slow pace moving episode with unbeliveablity which is typical of Alias, however closes with a glimmer of hope that more excitment is on it's double crossing slogan style way.

    I recent became an Alias fan after season 2 and have been with these characters for a good portion of the last three years. I am since come to terms with the sense of logic of this cliff hanging of a show. This episode of Alias however pushes the line.

    Alias is ending its series in 2 episodes, this is time it should be coming forward with hard knocking events, kick butt story lines and relativity. Other than the \"special guest\" appearances, which have already been used up in prior post pregnancy episodes; this episode was far from exciting.

    A list of the unbelievable.
    - Vaughn has never had a scare on his chest until this episode.
    - When approached by Anna Espinosa Sidney was \"stuck\" in the overturned car and allowed Espinosa to easily steal the chip, however when Anna set the car on fire Sydney wiggled herself free in 10 secs flat.
    - You just found out that you have been doubled and the location of the most dearest person to you has just been compromised. Your archenemies is on her way to kill him YET, somehow you take your sweet time and arrive of course AFTER your finance has had a lengthy conversation, surgically removed an implanted chip, the information on the chip and kidnapped. WOW. What exactly was Sydney doing? Very unlike any person knowing their love one is in immediate danger.
    - How and why would Slogan and Sark still have a one time communication system in play?

    So what did we learn today? 40 mins to find out Vaughn\'s father had a bunker and that Slogan still knows Sark. Big wop.

    I hope this is really not how the series that I have been forced to love due to great storytelling and blurring the line between fantasy and reality. I sincerely hope I won’t be forced to dislike it because of its horrid conclusion.

    There is hope though! The conclusion, Sydney goes undercover on the mission of her life. Go figure, just as the series was coming to a close! It looks to be actually really cool; Sydney pretending to be Anna cloned to be herself. Will Slogan detect her from first sight? Will newly reintroduced Sark sleep with Sydney pretending to be Anna, cloned to be Sydney...because you know that's his thing. I don't know, but you can reassured I will be at my TV next week to find out, either me or tivo.
  • Sydney goes to Vaughn, who is still recovering, with a chip found in Renee. Anna Espinosa intercepts and goes instead of Sydney. Sydney kills Anna and goes undercover as Anna Espinosa. Plus, there is mole in the agency who is leaking info to Prophet five.

    This is one really execellent episode. I love that Anna is finally dead. The problem with the show Alias though is that no one is ever truly dead.

    Sloane should figure out what side he is on already and switch anymore. I lost count on how many times he's been good and bad. Not only that, why did he have to bring Sark into it? When he's involved, you just know there's gonna be trouble.

    I'm glad that Nadia was brought back for one last episode, even if she was getting Sloane to talk to himself. Plus, will Peyton ever get killed. Why didn't Jack check to make sure she was dead? That's where the good guy always make the mistake. They never check to see if the bad guy is dead.
  • Both Sydneys attend to Vaughn while Nadia haunts Sloane\'s thoughts.

    Two things. 1) No more double trouble and 2) Vaughn is back!! (for real this time!!!!) I was getting irritated in the first half of the epsiode because I hated seeing the Anna with Vaughn and it was driving me nuts that he wasn\'t figuring it out. I was half way surprised she didnt try to kill him when she was getting the second half of the chip out of his chest. Which, by the way, wouldn\'t they have noticed when he was in the hospital after being shot? I was so happy when Sydney shot her evil clone in the head and then multiple other places and rescued Vaughn. It was great to see Vartan back in action again, although I was slightly confused at how his character was strong enough for that physical of a fight with Anna after being out of action for so long. Though it was really painful to see Sydney go off and act as Anna. Both actors were superb in the scene and it tore my heart out. Here they just got to see each other again after how long(?)and here Syd has to go off pretending she is her dead clone. Talk about painful. At first when Nadia showed up at Sloane\'s side I was a little confused, and then I realized she had turned into his conscience. She is now telling him things he already knows but refuses to believe. However, My biggest question left from this episode was what note Sloane left for Sark at the church.
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