Season 5 Episode 14

I See Dead People

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 10, 2006 on ABC

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  • Today we got to see the evil side of Jennifer Garner and boy did I have fun.

    Today we got to see the evil side of Jennifer Garner and boy did I have fun. It was nice getting to see new expressions from her that we've never seen before. I thought Jennifer Garner did a great job acting as Ana. Seeing her act cold and ruthless was strange and enticing at the same time. I thought the death of Ana felt a little bit too rushed though, but I guess they don’t have that much time to waste with the finale being only one episode away.

    Watching Ana act as Sydney kissing Vaughn was very creepy. I loved though how that by the end of the episode Vaughn had already figured out it wasn't Sydney. I just wonder why, if he knew all along it wasn’t her, did he go along with her? I guess he figured playing Ana’s game was the only way he would get more answers about Prophet 5. Vaughn has showed his willingness to do whatever it takes to get answers (working with a criminal on C.I.A.'s Most Wanted list for example).

    So Mia Maestro isn't completely out of the picture, which I suspected since I read in an interview she was coming back for about four episodes. I was a bit disappointed that she was still actually "dead" but the ghost thing was interesting. Nadia evidently was Sloane's unconscious speaking out and it did give good insight onto what Sloane was thinking. Sloane still obviously feels guilty for Nadia's death and he is also starting to suspect that after he outlives his usefulness to Prophet 5 they will get ride of him. Is that why Sloane is lying to them about what is really on the Rimbaldi page? Because he is “Prophet 5’s pawn”?

    The fight scene between Ana and Vaughn was enjoyable, (I bet Jennifer Garner and Michael Vartan never expected to have a fight scene against each other), and it was fun seeing Vaughn back in action although eventually if Sydney hadn't came to his rescue he would have been killed. The one thing that I do like from Ana's sudden death is that Sydney now will get to play her greatest alias yet: herself, well an evil version of herself.

    Overall it was another solid 'Alias' episode.

    Final Quotes and Notes

    -Julian Sark is back and apparently working with Sloane again on his Rimbaldi quest.

    -The room filled with everything about Prophet 5 was interesting. I wonder if they will find anything useful in there.

    -ASS asked Tom when the last time was he went to the movies. Could they be heading towards a romance? Not that I honestly care, but I'm sure some viewers would be interested in.

    -What was Sydney stuck in when the car was set on fire? It seemed like she kept looking down as if her feet were caught in something but the camera never showed us what she was looking at.

    -"I See Dead People" refers to both Nadia and Vaughn, who practically everybody in the cast still thought was dead.

    -Vaughn: “Just for the record, you’re a terrible kisser."

    Final Rating: 3 out of 4 stars.

    - Tim Bronx

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